The Keto diet is all the rage right now, and for good reason! This low carb, high fat plan has shed hundreds of pounds for many. But to those who are new to the diet, it can be a bit overwhelming unloading all your diet staples and just starting from scratch. Well, this recipe is one you should definitely add to your keto cookbook! It’s easy to make, super tasty, and a great way to introduce yourself to the Keto lifestyle.

In our modern world, it is not easy to find a decent meal that gives you all the nutritional benefits without being unhealthy. Keto Tuna Plate with Eggs and Spinach – Recipe, is a light and healthy lunch time option. It is low in macros, and is a great alternative to most tuna plate meals.

Ketogenic diets are a popular diet choice among many people today. These diets are high in fat with a low carbohydrate content. Studies have shown that these diets may help with weight loss and health. Additionally, many people have turned to the keto diet for weight loss for a variety of reasons. The keto diet is a low carbohydrate, high fat diet.. Read more about keto microwave meal recipes and let us know what you think.


Tuna platter on a keto diet



On a platter, real food. Tuna. Eggs. Avocado with spinach. Mayonnaise with lemon juice Because a low-carb supper doesn’t have to be difficult.

mBeginner 5 + 10



  1. Start by preparing the eggs. Carefully lower them into the boiling water and cook for 4-8 minutes, depending on whether you like soft or firm cooked potatoes.

  2. When the eggs are done, place them in ice cold water for 1-2 minutes to make the shell easier to remove.

  3. On a dish, arrange the eggs, spinach, tuna, and avocado. Serve with a generous dollop of mayonnaise and a slice of lemon, if desired. Salt & pepper to taste.


When the fridge and freezer are both empty, canned tuna is a go-to cupboard staple. Choose a high-quality brand that is packed in olive oil rather than soybean oil and is MSC certified if possible.

Being a member of the ketogenic diet has lots of benefits, but while you’re making progress, it’s important to remember to stay on track! Keto tuna plate is quick, easy, and delicious, and will keep you satisfied when you’re trying to lose weight.. Read more about keto seafood recipes and let us know what you think.

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