YouTube is the best video hosting platform to date. In addition to the ubiquitous cat videos on the platform, you can also find unboxing videos on new technology, casino game reviews on games like Gates of Olympus Slot, music videos by the most popular artists, and even cooking tutorials!

Watching YouTube cooking channels is one of the many ways we can learn different food recipes, in a more entertaining and comfortable way. Several cooking channels can be found on YouTube, each with their own style of cooking. Additionally, these channels can range from healthy cooking channels, to vegan, and even specific cuisine food channels.

The genre of healthy cooking on YouTube seems to be gaining momentum as of late, with several YouTubers taking their skills and healthy recipes to their channels. These channels educate, as well as entertain viewers. They make cooking fun and engaging to them. Here are 5 of them!

Clean & Delicious

Dani Spies is the founder and host of the ‘Clean & Delicious’ YouTube channel. She is primarily a food blogger whose aim is to share healthy, simple recipes to her 1.86m subscribers. Additionally, she is a holistic weight loss coach. She combines her recipes and her approach to weight loss, in order to deliver a whole lifestyle to her viewers. Currently, she produces a weekly show on YouTube, where she takes you through her recipes and talks about all aspects of wellness.

Mind Over Munch

Alyssia Sheikh’s inspiration for ‘Mind Over Munch’ YouTube channel came from her desire to help people on their journey to healthy living, and always wanting more. In the past, Alyssia felt that she couldn’t lose weight, but her discovery of mindfulness improved her relationship with food & health. In fact, she even went on to completing an M.A. in Mindfulness Studies. By doing this, she started to understand the connection between the mind and the body.

She started to produce a weekly YouTube show to help others change their relationship with food. Over time, the channel grew into a large community, and the rest is history!

Amrita Raichand: Chef & Beyond

Amrita Raichand is a celebrity chef and Indian actor with over 13,000 subscribers to her ‘Amrita Raichand: Chef & Beyond’ YouTube channel. She passionately believes that healthy food doesn’t necessarily need to be boring. Her videos range from her favourite dishes, and the secrets behind them, to traditional Indian sweets which many want to learn about. She also shows us how to make innovative vegetarian and vegan dishes.

The Happy Pear

The Irish twins, Steve and Dave, started ‘The Happy Pear’ back in 2004. They started with a tiny shop, but it has certainly grown over time. They specialize in vegan food and believe in healthy, sustainable eating. Their YouTube channel has over 515k subscribers. Each week, they upload a new recipe of healthy and filling food that will please even the pickiest eaters.

Hebbars Kitchen

The ‘Hebbars Kitchen’ YouTube channel was started in 2016 by Archana Hebbar. Archana specialises in Indian veg recipes. She felt it would be interesting for others to see how food was cooked in her region. Therefore, she started to produce easy-to-follow videos, that focused on the steps taken to produce each of these meals. The channel has become an enormous success, with over 6.44 million subscribers.


There is an excellent selection of healthy food channels on YouTube to suit your tastes. Other notables are ‘A Wildflower Life – Healthy Food & Lifestyle’ channel, and ‘TheSeriousFitness’ channel. All these channels provide us with new recipes to learn in an easy and fun way. So, what are you waiting for? Choose a couple of the recipes you like best from these YouTubers and try to replicate them in your kitchens at home. You might be surprised by the results!


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