To kick off the Hot Ones game show, three fiery sauces were born. Scorpion Hot Sauce Eye is considered the 2nd hottest of the trio. But I think it’s the most delicious of all.

Constrictor is right there in the fire and usually contains only Carolina Reaper peppers and a few drops of vinegar. It’s very hot outside.

Brain Burner was surprisingly spicy for the game show’s starting sauce. It was pretty good with the scotch and harvesters.

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Art Label
A quick word about the artwork – I love this drawing by tattoo artist Matthew Henning (@henbohenning). This particular drawing of the one-eyed scorpion reminds me of a Zelda pattern whose eye needs to be properly poked.

The eye of the scorpion is filled, you guessed it, with scorpion pepper. Although there are many varieties of scorpion pepper, I strongly suspect that Trinidad pepper was used. He was the holder of a former world record for hot peppers.

Either way, this hot sauce is an aggressive attack on the palate, an intense heat. But by the time you need to appreciate the taste (for the heat), you may be pleasantly surprised.

The heat: 5/5 – A real explosion, an effort of several hours.

The taste: 3.5/5 – Strong citrus and fruit flavor, delicious!

Value : 2/5 – An important, expensive but reliable source of heat.

Overall rating : 3/5 – Spooky chili sauce.

Scorpion’s eye magazine and perfume

The smell alone would scare many away from the scorpion’s eye. A strange burning sensation rises in my nostrils. For those of you who know about superphotos, it smells bad.

We have a theory that scorpion pepper is the cruelest pepper in the world. This is only based on our personal experience, but scorpion-based hot sauces are always the most unpleasant to eat….


  • Super pungent pepper flavour
  • fruity and citrus
  • Vinegar Bite

How to use it…

  • Throw it with the Asian noodles
  • Add a pinch to soups and stews to increase the heat.

Ingredient list for Eye of Scorpio.

Don’t be fooled by a simple list of ingredients. This sauce is really delicious. The acidity of the vinegar combines with the delicious taste of scorpion and pepper to a delicious combination. Add a little garlic for good measure.

This sauce almost reminds me of a yuzu-like hot sauce like Mellow Habanero or something similar. It’s much spicier, but the flavor can certainly add to the variety of cooking.

If I could take the heat a little better, that sauce might be gone by now. But unfortunately I can’t.

Scorpion Eye Scoville

While the official heat level has not yet been announced, we do know that the sauce is made primarily with scorpion peppers. We have raw scorpion peppers with proven flavor that are some of the strongest on the market.

In short, the Scorpion Hot Sauce Eye is about 1,000,000 SHU on the Scoville scale, although no official value has been announced. The scorpion pepper has already been called the hottest chili pepper in the world, and this sauce makes it clear to us why.

When it comes to natural sauces, Eye of the Scorpion is by far one of the hottest we’ve tried. Scorpion peppers also have one of the best flavors among superfoods, making this sauce a fruity and delicious surprise.

Scorpion eye

The hot scorpion sauce is thick enough not to spill. It holds its shape on the spoon, but is thin enough to pour safely.

The color of this hot sauce is a worrying deep crimson. It is filled with seeds and bits of pepper, and there are spots of scorpion powder floating in the liquid around the edges.

Overall, this sauce was impressive in more ways than just the spices. It tastes really good and the heat is a challenge. Get a bottle on Heatonista:

Have you tried the Eye of the Scorpion hot sauce? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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