The endless pizza fight continues with the goal to reach people with Domino who really don’t want to eat Chicken Taco specialty pizza. We’ll see if it’s really good.

Domino describes the chicken taco pizza as… :

with American cheese, taco herbs, grilled chicken, fresh onions, green peppers, tomato slices, provolone cheese and cheddar cheese

When I think of ordering a burger or country tacos, I usually don’t think of dominoes. But Domino’s goes all the way and tries to touch your friend who doesn’t want to accept the group’s longing for pizza by offering him new autographed cakes for the taco and cheeseburger lover of our lives.

Personally, I have loved chicken pie since childhood and my love for tacos knows no limits, which is why the chicken pie option came straight to me.

One of the things that immediately struck me when describing the pizza was the lack of sauce. It seems that Domino’s have more confidence in tacos and tomato slices to hold the line. I know other tacopizza’s where I like to rely on tacosauce, so it’s an interesting choice.

Although you can get special pizzas from Dominoes in many ways, we decided to get a Gold Standard Carryout Any 2 and More for $5.99 and other items and mark them on a special pizza for $3.00 free. Still, $8.99 for a brand pizza, no matter what size, is a matter for me.

When you open the cake, you can see that it contains a lot of puff pastry cheese, with a randomly spread fajita-themed filling. You can always count on the fact that the use of the garnish by an employee of a fast-food chain will be at best a tour de force.

The pizza was surprisingly good. Although the above mentioned taco herbs do not seem to be very present, a bouquet of chicken, green peppers, onions and diced tomatoes is prepared for a perfect combination. He really felt like he had a full chicken pancake with no skin.

There shouldn’t have been sauce, but it looked like there was white cream sauce on the bottom layer. It’s hard to say if this particular Domino became unfair and started adding white sauce (the Domino has Ranch, Alfredo and Garlic Parmesan variants), but the mysterious sauce certainly seemed to complete the flavour profile.

In my opinion, this pizza should instead be called Chicken Fajita, because the peppers, the onions and the chicken in the fajita room are screaming louder. That hasn’t detracted from his great taste and nutrition. If something was missing, a little spice, because it is a rather sweet taste for pseudo-Mexican pies. I think this particular pizza herb is almost forgotten or little used.

This pizza was certainly tasty enough to order again, and for me it had even more potential if the taco herbs were dusted off more. Although this Fajita pizza is by no means a taco, it is a very firm brand pizza from Domino’s. PS: Try Domino’s Parmesan Bread Twists, they were incredibly divine.

Chicken Taco Domino Pizza: 7/10

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