With what’s left of the Taco Bell quick menu, the Grand Stacker is the last promotional item we’re looking at.

On the website of Taco Bell the Grand Steaker is described in this way:

With its meticulous layering, laying stones is an exercise in patience, diligence and stability. Same goes for the Grand Steaker. What do you mean? Well, you’ve waited your whole life for this moment. It’s part of the patience. As soon as you take that first double bite of beef*, you’re sure to find inner peace. That’s Zen. And don’t forget that the Grand Stacker is served with a melted cheese and nacho cheese sauce. That’s the definition of stability if we’ve heard it before.

Based on the pictures and the description of the top, including words like care and patience, I had many doubts whether this object comes close to the given visual aspect. But that’s why you’re gonna check it out.

Last year, Taco Bell sliced and diced his menu, claiming that the environment and the availability of disposable ingredients for disposable products had created an inefficient business model. As a result, many unhappy and loyal customers of Bell lost their favourite dishes and their once glorious menu, which contained different menu values and apparently 30 different combination dishes, which seemed rather pathetic.

As an example of what you can expect from Taco Bell in the future, take the Grand Steaker. This promotional item contains 4 ingredients, all of which are a variety of super basic Mexican restaurant fast food. Beef (twice as much as normal tacos), nacho cheese, their grated cheese and tortilla burrito – everything must be carefully arranged to make a visual impression, and then grilled into some form or other. The sad thing is that the visual stack is the only thing that distinguishes it from all the other burritos you can get from the menu.

You must then accept that once you open your Big Stacker bag, you will have this unfortunate origami experience. This is a sad thing when it seems that nobody is trained to pass paving tiles as a promotional item. Of course, it won’t change the taste, but it’s still a strong point.

Despite the chaotic childbirth I endured this pile with a little hot sauce and ate as well as I could. The inner cocoon was just melted, lava like beef slime and lots of cheese. It all tasted very good. But if you only work with beef and cheese, there is little to distinguish. A special sauce based on sour cream or even a few crispy tortillas would add at least a small amount of flavour. But who knows if these ingredients are still allowed because of their complexity.

The Taco Bell Grand Stacker shows what you can expect from the once gigantic creativity of the fast food industry. A basic advertising point that relies on an employee’s whim to perform a trick that inevitably leads nowhere.

Taco Bell Grande Steaker: 2/10

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