If you are new to pepper cultivation, you may not be aware of the enormous number of varieties. The jalapenos you’re used to finding in the grocery store are not the only ones! One of the strangest types of chilli is the jalapeno pepper.

The farmer’s jalapeño, also called potato jalapeño, is a variety of Capsicum annum pepper. It is known for its extreme cork, which makes the pepper look like melon.

Jalapeno Farm

They are big enough for peppers, some are more than 10 cm long! These beautiful peppers will make your garden a little more unique.

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About Farmer Halapenos

Scoville thermal units: ~3,000 SHU
diameter: 1 – 1.5 inch long
: 3 – 4 inch
color : Green – red Species
: Buy Capsicum Annum seeds: Refine the fire

The jalapeño pepper of the farm is one of the many jalapeños. For example, the University of New Mexico is known for its orange, yellow and brown jalapenos.

If you like strange and bizarre plants in your garden, a farm jalapeño will certainly meet this description. The pepper is also quite large, with some pods that are more than 10 cm long and 10 cm wide.

The plants are medium sized but very fertile and produce dozens of peppers in ideal conditions. Fruits are usually long, so it is advisable to make a bottom cut to prevent the pods from penetrating the soil.

What are the white spots on the pepper?

Many types of peppers, including standard jalapenos, develop a cap on the skin of the pepper. This is the result of the scars and scars on the skin of the pepper, leading to stretch marks.

Farm Jalapeno Hatch on jalapeno pepper.

This effect has no effect on taste and is even desirable for some manufacturers (including us). The farmer’s pepper is almost completely hidden to make it look chic.

This is how the pepper looks white when it ripens. However, when the sweet pepper is cut, green or bright red flesh appears just below the surface.

Jalapeno Farmer’s Scoville (Heat) Scale

The boerenjalapeno’s are not too sharp, but they do have a certain warmth. They are located directly at the lower end of a normal jalapeno pepper.

Simply put, the Scoville jalapeño pepper is valued at about 3000 SHU. So the pepper resembles the jalapeño pepper often found in supermarkets.

Jalapeño pepper flavour

Don’t be fooled by your unusual appearance! These peppers are just as tasty, if not more, than an ordinary pepper.

If you like the taste of chili, you will also love the chili farmers market. The aroma is very familiar, with an earthy, slightly sweet and addictive taste.

Peppers are also quite large, making them ideal for making stuffed peppers. The walls are thick and juicy, ideal for salsa fries or marinated jalapeno peppers.

Jalapeno peppers seeds

Maybe you should do a little research to find a reliable source of seeds, as the supply of rare paprika seeds is constantly changing.

Look at these seed suppliers:

Details :

Jalapeño pepper

Kelvin's sketch


One of the original s! When Calvin is not gardening or studying pepper and botany, he can travel to new places or make music.

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