Rainbow cheesecake is quite a popular dessert that is made by folding different colored cheesecakes into one single cheesecake. This dessert can be either a hybrid of cheesecake and layered cake or a layered cake, a cheesecake, and different layer of cream cheese.

You may have heard of cheesecake, but did you know there are many other types of cheesecake? Ever wonder why cheesecake is called “cheesecake”, and when did it start being called that name? Well, whatever you thought, it’s time to learn something new about cheesecake.

This rainbow cheesecake looks spectacular, but you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to make! This is a quick dessert recipe that will not only be delicious, but presentable. The cheesecake is inspired by the beautiful colors of the rainbow, and the texture is soft and creamy. And while it looks fancy, you don’t need any special ingredients. Use chocolate chip cookies and butter for the base, cream cheese, sugar, eggs and vanilla for the filling. Got a birthday coming up? Then you should definitely add this cake to your recipe list! This rainbow cake will be a hit if you’re having a unicorn-themed party.

How to make rainbow cheesecake

To make the base of this rainbow cheesecake, combine chopped chocolate chip cookies with melted butter. This crumb is then poured into a springform pan and placed in the fridge to cool and set.

Meanwhile, prepare the filling by whisking together the ingredients for the filling. Divide the filling evenly among several bowls and color each one with a different dye. Fill the pie pan with the filling, alternating the different colours. When all the filling is in, cook until tender.


– To make a no-bake version, you can use sour candies. Mix the melted gelatin with the cream cheese, condensed milk, whipped cream and white chocolate. Divide this filling and continue the recipe by adding different colors.

– To make the layers even, pour the colored filling into the center of the cake.

– Prepare the rainbow cheese cupcakes by pouring the filling into miniature springforms.

– Make a Rice Krispies cereal crust for rainbow cheesecake as an alternative to chocolate chip cookies. Mix just ½ lump of butter, 10 bul marshmallows (melted) and 6 cups of rice cereal.

– Make a vegan rainbow cheesecake in a few easy steps. Mix the ground almonds with the dates (softened) to make the crust. For the filling, mix 2 cups soaked raw cashews, ¾ cup coconut cream, 1/3 cup coconut oil.

Line the bottom of the baking sheet with foil and place in a deep baking dish. Cover with about half the boiling water and cook for 1 hour and 30 minutes. Let them cool off completely. With a knife dipped in hot water, go down the sides of the cake. Remove from the pan and cut into slices.


The rainbow cheesecake can be served with servings of whipped cream. You can also serve it with a fruit sauce.

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