From the beginning, when it was only a sharp stick that kept the meat fresh over an open fire, the dishes evolved as long as people ate hot food. It is interesting to see what has changed in the modern kitchen in terms of the pots and pans we use and what is still the same.  Somehow someone who cooked 100 years ago recognises the devices that transfer heat to food and cook with it. Of course, the heat supply systems, from microwaves to induction to sub video signals, have changed radically.

We just want to look at the courts, the development of new technologies and the companies that bring them into our country.  Some of them will be known to a centuries-old chef, others will be new on the market. Our experience shows that you can count on all of them to provide you with a product that suits you and adds value to your kitchen.

This is a list of ten leading manufacturers on the current market, offering a wide range of products at different prices. This is not an evaluation list, although we have given them a price rating of one to five dollar signs as a reference. We look at the history of the brand, the quality of their deliveries and the unique aspects of their lines.

Fully dressed

LLC All Layers Metal Designers $$$$-$$$$$.

The company’s roots go back to the late 1960s in Pennsylvania, when it worked with the American Mint on the metal-bound coins we use today, as opposed to the individual metal coins of the past. The owner literally made himself a frying pan, and in 1971 they were sold to Bloomingdale’s. They now have a global distribution network, still produce in the United States and are part of the Groupe SEB based in France.

All-Clad has maintained its freshness by working with great chefs such as Emeril and Thomas Keller on product development. The lines have a beautiful stainless steel copper plate on top and durable anodized aluminum with a high quality non-stick coating. The prices will push them to a more exclusive level, but their products offer a strength and consistency that, if handled properly, will literally last for a generation.

Le Cruzet

Le Creuset $$$$-$$$$$

In 1925 these people started to produce very dense cast iron dishes and according to legend the first products had a certain flame colour, embodying their name, which in translation means a crucible. Seventy years later, they have diversified into different materials. Their ceramic products are of high quality and use metallurgical skills to produce solid stainless steel products. The Le Creuset teapot was our absolute favorite in the test against 13 other teapots from the Pfeif.

But it is the enamelled cast iron that has made them icons and it is their most famous product line on the market. A variety of colors and patterns is also his trademark. Especially the Dutch ovens, rotisseries and breweries of Le Creuset are unique and functional, with dimensions that correspond to the volume needed to prepare certain dishes.


Apartment $-$$$$

You can’t think of cast iron plates, not to mention Lodge. Since 1896 they take pots and pans outside in Tennessee. Many people have objects from the lodge given to them by their parents and grandparents, their quality is so good. Some are made of cast iron. Correctly treated, it’s practically indestructible.

They are enlarged in enamelled cast iron, which preserves the quality of the lodge in the lodge. But their classic design in frying pans, etc., plus new elements such as woks or servers, everything is simple and functional. The prices of uncoated cast iron products are very close together and are now delivered fully dried and ready for use.


Calf shop $-$$$$

For twenty years Calphalon (then aluminium cookware) was only available for the commercial kitchen world. Eventually, their anodised aluminium products were sold to consumers in shops in the 1980s and in 1992 the name was changed to Calphalon. Testing in restaurant kitchens has established the brand as an extremely durable and efficient kitchenware, which is still the hallmark of many professionals. Calfalon 12″ The non-stick frying pan is our favourite pan for making omelettes, as evidenced by our omelette cooking test, the results of which are available here.

Their offer is complemented by more affordable products that bring sustainability to the active home kitchen. Simplicity and consistency determine their products. Its use is a useful tool to achieve a certain goal, and that is what it does.

WearEver logo for kitchenware

Wear resistance $

Maybe we’ve all had or used the WearEver thing. It’s the perfect starter kit for college or a new couple. What is interesting about history is that Alcoa had already made its own at the end of the 19th century. The company has used this technology to commercialize products from its recently patented aluminum manufacturing process. In this line of tableware it all started with the use of aluminium in the kitchen.

Today, they are known as a cheap, passable and, thanks to the price comparison, certainly effective product. Your enthusiastic cook will want to be bigger in the spectrum, but students and newcomers will have useful things to do to get started.

Ceramic logo

Coloured products $-$$$$

You should love a society so deeply rooted and put coffee on our table. From 1899 they became interested in kitchen appliances for the first time, which is slightly different from our current understanding of the term. They even received praise for their secret government projects during the Second World War.

For a modern kitchen there are many product lines with middle class kitchen appliances that are diverse enough to find the product that meets your needs. And yet they offer a limited lifetime warranty on many of their products.

Cuisinart logo

Kitchen $-$$$$$

Another innovator, Cuisinart, introduced a kitchen combination to the American market in the 1970s that supported icons such as Julia Childs and James Beard. Since then, they have expanded their range and offer products in all categories of the kitchen sector.

Their selection of crockery covers the entire spectrum from stainless steel to aluminium and copper, and covers all bases. They also offer a wide range of products, from frying pans and rotisseries to storage pots and accessories. They handled the expansion well and, judging by their feedback, have maintained a high quality that meets expectations.


ANALON $$-$$$$

Anaalon’s roots go back to the Second World War, although the original Meyer Manufacturing company was founded in the 1950s. Since the transition to crockery in the seventies, she has concentrated on the non-stick ceramic interior design for the crockery. Like most manufacturers, they offer untreated frying pans with a metal interior for cooking hotter dishes, as well as cast-iron products with an enamel coating.

It is a company that has built up a solid reputation over the years. Your products have beautiful design elements, including recessed rivets that make it easy to clean the inside of the pot. Like many products pushed into higher price brackets, they offer a long life for a good return on our dollar.


Tefal $-$$$$

Tefal is the French brand most commonly associated with non-stick cooking utensils for everyday use and has been around for over 60 years.  In the United States we know their products as T-fal, because the original name resembles Teflon too much. Make no mistake, it’s because DuPont insisted on changing the name because it looks like Teflon. This frying pan was at the top of our list of the best non-stick pans. This brand not only produces dishes, but also laundry care products. Their dishes are quite common and available in many shops.

This is another company whose products are perfect for a novice chef or less common chefs. Their kits contain pots with basic shapes and sizes, as well as easy maintenance and reasonable durability. The cost comparison is for you, with a reasonable product at a very reasonable price.

Viking cookware logo

Vikings $$$$-$$$$$

People known to have introduced commercial ranges and appliances to the domestic market have worked with Clipper Corporation to offer a range of kitchen appliances that represents the same quality as those for which they were known. They are best known for their efficient and highly tolerant multilayer thermal transfer products, using up to five layers in different parts of their line.

Their design is classic and has its roots in the canteen kitchen. They offer a limited range of cast iron, unique with its enamelled interior, which requires no spice and is easier to maintain. You are a reliable manufacturer offering reliable product quality.

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