Making strawberry jam is easier than most people think, especially if you have a high-quality canning set up. This recipe is delicious on cheesecake, is easy to make, requires only one can of strawberries, and can be made in a few hours.

Pick up any jar of strawberry jam and you’ll first notice the floral aroma and the red and white color. Then, as you open the jar, you’ll first notice the beautiful jewel-like gem-like glisten of the jam. After that, as you dig into the jar, you’ll first notice the color and flavor, but as you taste the jam, you’ll suddenly realize it’s the best jam you’ve ever had! The flavor and look of strawberry jam is like no other, but can be easily replicated at home using a simple jam recipe. The recipe below features a homemade Strawberry Jam recipe – one that doesn’t require an expensive mixer or a special stove. The results are a delicious and richly colored jam perfect for dunk

If you’re looking for a delicious and easy strawberry jam recipe, look no further. Our recipe is a simple mixture of a few ingredients that will transform a bowl of strawberries into a sweet, pungent jam that is sure to fill your kitchen with a wonderful aroma.


If you have an abundance of strawberries, making homemade strawberry jam is a great way to use them up. This is a simple method that yields a bright crimson jam with much more flavor than store-bought jam.

The fundamentals of jam making

Sterilize the jars by washing them with hot, soapy water and then heating them in the oven to destroy any bacteria.

Prepare the strawberries by hulling them and then slicing them in half with a paring knife. Using a potato masher or a fork, mash them up.

Bring all of the ingredients to a low simmer, stirring periodically, until the sugar has melted.

Cook for approximately 10 minutes, or until the mixture starts to thicken.

Canning: Pour the jam into jars while still hot and seal before storing.

Recipe for strawberry jam

1629752658_830_Strawberry-Jam-Recipe-%E2%80%93-Homemade-Small-BatchToast is ready to be slathered with spreadable jam.


  • strawberries, 2 pounds
  • 1 teaspoon of lemon juice
  • one lemon’s zest
  • 2 lbs. sugar
  • 2 tbsp pectin powder


  1. Set aside after cleaning and sterilizing the jars. For instructions on how to sterilize jars, see the section below.
  2. Strawberries should be washed in cold water and placed on a cutting board. Remove the stem with a paring knife, then cut each berry in half.
  3. Use a fork or a masher to smash the berries in a large heavy-bottomed pot.
  4. Toss the berries with lemon juice, lemon zest, sugar, and pectin. Cook, stirring periodically, over medium heat until the liquid starts to simmer.
  5. Raise the heat until the mixture comes to a full boil. Continually stir for 10 minutes, or until the jam thickens.
  6. Carefully pour the jam into the jars, seal them, and set them aside to cool to room temperature before storing.

1629752659_679_Strawberry-Jam-Recipe-%E2%80%93-Homemade-Small-BatchMaking jam is a straightforward procedure.

How can you know when the jam is over?

There are two ways for determining if jam is ready. They both function well, but a thermometer is a quick and easy method to find out.

Thermometer test: Check the temperature of the jam using a candy thermometer. The temperature must reach 220°F (104°C) in order for the pectin and sugar to form a gel.

If you don’t have a thermometer, put a small plate in the freezer before starting the jam making process. Remove the plate and put a tiny dollop of jam onto it when you believe the jam is done. Place back in the freezer for 60 seconds before removing. When you run your finger through the jam, it should wrinkle. Otherwise, continue to cook in 5-minute intervals and test.

Regardless of the test you choose, the jam will most likely seem runnier in the pot than it should be. However, it should be completely built up after 24 hours in the jar (thicken).

1629752659_413_Strawberry-Jam-Recipe-%E2%80%93-Homemade-Small-BatchBefore jarring, test the jam to make sure it’s set.

Tips for making better strawberry jam

  • Leave a space at the top of the jar if you’re planning to freeze your jam to allow for expansion.
  • As making jam, use a big pot since it will rise when it boils. Cast iron pan should also be avoided since it will contaminate the taste of the jam.
  • Lemon juice may be used to counteract the sweetness of the berries and sugar. It also acts as a preservative and aids in the setting of the jam.
  • If the jam is still too runny the next day, return it to the pot and reduce it until it reaches the desired consistency. Re-sterilize the jars if necessary.

1629752660_537_Strawberry-Jam-Recipe-%E2%80%93-Homemade-Small-BatchBefore boiling the berries, remove all of the stems.

How do you keep homemade jam fresh?

When properly sealed in sterilized jars, jam may be kept in the pantry for up to 12 months. Otherwise, keep jam refrigerated for up to one month in a sealed container. The quality of freezer jam lasts for 6 months before it begins to deteriorate.

1629752660_43_Strawberry-Jam-Recipe-%E2%80%93-Homemade-Small-BatchWhen properly packed, jam lasts around a year.

Strawberry jam’s best uses

  • homemade strawberry ice cream with ribbon jam
  • adorn a crostata with sweet delicacies
  • drizzle over cheesecakes and other desserts
  • sandwiched between buttered brioche slices
  • Combine plain yogurt and fresh fruit in a mixing bowl.
  • usage as a pancake and waffle topping
  • Biscuits, doughnuts, muffins, and cupcakes should all be filled.
  • friends and relatives with beautiful labels and present jars

Questions that are often asked

What exactly is pectin?

Pectin, a naturally occurring starch, is used in a lot of jam recipes. When sugar and acid are added, it thickens, which is precisely what jam producers desire. Pectin is present in all fruits, although the quantity varies. Apples, lemons, and grapefruit have a lot of pectin, while strawberries have a lot of pectin.

Is it possible to create strawberry jam without using pectin?

You’ll need pectin if you want to create strawberry jam that has the same thickness as store-bought jam. If you want a runnier preserve, feel free to leave it out of our recipe.

1629752661_324_Strawberry-Jam-Recipe-%E2%80%93-Homemade-Small-BatchWhen the berries are at their cheapest, make jam.

What may I use in place of pectin?

For every cup of berries, half a spoonful of chia seeds or cornstarch is the best choice. Otherwise, turn down the heat and let the jam simmer for a bit longer; this will decrease the yield.

What is the best way to sterilize jars?

Fill a sink with hot, soapy water and wash all of the jars and lids to properly sterilize them for jamming. After rinsing with new water, put the damp jars on a baking sheet upside down. It is not necessary to dry them.

Transfer the jars and lids to the oven, which has been prepared to 320°F (160°C). After 10-15 minutes of heating, the jars will be ready to use.

1629752661_224_Strawberry-Jam-Recipe-%E2%80%93-Homemade-Small-BatchTo eliminate any undesirable germs, sterilize the jars.

Is it possible to make jam using frozen strawberries?

Strawberry jam may be made using frozen strawberries. They tend to contain more water, requiring a longer overall cooking time.

Is it possible to make this jam using different fruits?

It’s absolutely acceptable to use other fruits in lieu of part or all of the strawberries. Keep bear mind that their pectin and sweetness levels vary. For example, grapefruit has a lot more natural pectin than oranges, so you won’t need to use a store-bought jam setting. Because grapefruit is sour, a little more sugar wouldn’t harm.

Check out our easy apricot jam recipe if you like apricots.

Can I make jam using bottled lemon juice instead of fresh?

When compared to bottled lemon juice, fresh lemon juice has a better flavor. Fresh lemons, on the other hand, have a wide range of acidity. When creating jam, it’s preferable to use bottled lemon juice for more consistent results.

Is sugar required for jam to set?

Because sugar aids in the setting of jam, strive for an equal weight of fruit and sugar in your recipes. It’s feasible to create a low-sugar version by lowering the sugar content, but your jam will eventually fail to set.

Best apricot jam alternatives is very interesting reading.

Strawberry jam that is lumpy vs. strawberry jam that is smooth

Although mashing and boiling the fruit will assist to break up the fruit, there will still be some large pieces. These pieces are popular on toast among certain individuals. If you want a smoother jelly, you may use a stick blender to make it. We like to do this before the jam reaches a hazardous temperature when splash burns are a possibility.

1629752662_758_Strawberry-Jam-Recipe-%E2%80%93-Homemade-Small-BatchTo be safe, don’t process jam while it’s boiling.

To sum it up

Making strawberry jam in small batches is a wonderful way to use up any leftover strawberries. You’ll receive a fruity spread with more taste than store-bought goods.

If you plan on making a lot of jam, a thermometer is a good investment. They’re a very inexpensive piece of equipment that eliminates the need to freeze plates. It’s a more precise way of seeing whether the jam is ready.

I’m a sucker for a good jam recipe. I’ve written a lot of them over the years and I’ve got quite a few I use and enjoy. There’s nothing like jam, right? It’s easy, it’s delicious, and it lasts forever in the fridge. When I discovered how good strawberry jam tastes, I couldn’t help myself. I like to make it in the summertime and I’ve always wanted to make it in the small batch style. It’s easy, and it’s fun!. Read more about small batch strawberry jam with honey and let us know what you think.

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