Crystal Hot Sauce has been in the news recently, in a positive way. The company’s owner, Elisa Chan Bouey, has been on ABC’s hit show, The Taste, and she was featured on a segment called, “Finding the Perfect Pairing” that aired on September 9th. The segment featured Elisa and her Crystal Hot Sauce, as well as their Award Winning chili con carne, and the results were amazing. Crystal Hot Sauce is a revered chili pepper sauce in the Philippines, and the company has been around for 100 years.

If you’re searching for the best Crystal Hot Sauce, you’ve come to the right place. We have a large variety of Crystal Hot Sauce from the popular brands that everyone knows, to the up and coming brands that need to be recognized as the best Crystal Hot Sauce. We have reviews of the top Crystal Hot Sauce brands, so you know that you are getting the best Crystal Hot Sauce. If you’re looking for Crystal Hot Sauce, you need to check out the Crystal Hot Sauce we have.

Crystal Hot Sauce Review – Crystal Hot Sauce is one of the hottest sauces made in the US today. It is made from fresh Louisiana Hot Sauce, which is the same sauce that is used to make Crystal Hot Sauce. The Crystal Hot Sauce is a blend of fresh Louisiana Hot Sauce and Ghost Chili, which is one of the hottest chilis in the world. Crystal Hot Sauce is a blend of two of the hottest chilis in the world. Crystal Hot Sauce is one of the strongest hot sauces on the market today.. Read more about where is crystal hot sauce made and let us know what you think.Crystal Hot Sauce is a New Orleans staple, but there’s a good reason why this Louisiana-style hot sauce is so popular (and available everywhere) around the world. It is full of flavor and gives a very tasty heat. But to what extent are these two concepts aligned? Can Crystal Hot Sauce be used in the same way as other Louisiana hot sauces? Let’s take a sip from the bottle and find out.


Crystal Hot Sauce (for the price of a 3 pack)


Crystal Hot Sauce is the perfect base for the table. Its mild to moderate pungency is very pleasant to eat, and its flavor is well balanced between peppery and vinegary notes.

Heat level : Low-medium (2,000 to 4,000 SHU)

For :

  • Balanced taste and warmth
  • More muted vinegar hue than the competition
  • Super convenient

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Like most Louisiana-style hot sauces, Crystal is very simple in its ingredients: aged red cayenne pepper, distilled vinegar and salt.

Does this sound familiar? The ingredients are similar to those of the original red sauce Tabasco (alcohol vinegar, red pepper and salt), with the main difference being the type of chilli used (see below). Crystal Hot Sauce is dominated by peppers, while Tabasco is dominated by brandy vinegar. This is important to note when comparing Crystal’s flavor profile to that of its competitors.

Crystal Hot Sauce offers more pure chili flavor (spicy and peppery) right on top compared to Tabasco and other competing Louisiana style hot sauces. The vinegar flavor is still present, but is more muted than the spicier tabasco flavor. It divides the attention with the pepper puree in all the right directions.

Salt also plays an important role in Crystal’s flavor profile, as in most other Louisiana-style hot sauces. But Crystal has a bigger game than many of its competitors. It contains 135 mg of sodium per teaspoon (6% of the daily requirement). Compare that to the 35 mg of sodium in Tabasco (1% of daily dose) – that’s a big difference. Of course, these are usually seasoning sauces, so using a full teaspoon is not always the norm. But if you’re watching your sodium intake, keep it in mind with Crystal Hot Sauce. Hot sauce contains a lot of salt, so you probably won’t need to use table salt when you use it.

Although Crystal Hot Sauce only contains three ingredients, the flavor seems more vibrant than that list of ingredients. The balance is precisely spiced, which gives it more flavor. There’s a surprising depth here thanks to the fact that the paprika puree and vinegar are equal flavor partners.

Crystal hot sauce in a spoon

Heat balance

Crystal Hot Sauce uses aged cayenne pepper as its main ingredient. Mature red cayenne peppers have a heat profile similar to that of Tabasco Original Red: 30,000 to 50,000 Scoville Heat Units (SHU). Not surprisingly, the heat profile of Crystal (2,000 to 4,000 HUS) is similar to that of O.G. Tabasco (2,500 to 5,000 HUS).

Although it is a little surprising that it is a little lower, considering that cayenne is at the top of the ingredient list. This usually means less heat dilution. I know there is disagreement on this point – both hot sauces give low to medium heat to the meal. If you want to compare it to fresh peppers, it is equivalent to fresh jalapeño peppers (2,500 to 8,000 SHU).

The spiciness of Crystal Hot Sauce doesn’t last long. Although it doesn’t linger or develop on its own for more than a minute, it reaches an uncomfortable level. The heat hits the front of the tongue and lips, but does not reach the back of the throat. It’s the kind of hot sauce that heat lovers can enjoy.

In terms of balanced heat – with the chili puree taking center stage – Crystal Hot Sauce is much more balanced than many of its Louisiana-style competitors. The heat is not hidden behind the tree – it is the center of it.


It’s no surprise that Crystal Hot Sauce is one of the most versatile hot sauces on the market. Its edible pungency and balanced flavor make it a delight on just about anything. I’ve tried it on eggs, pizza and steak – all delicious. It provides just the right amount of cayenne pepper and salt that I like when I eat steak or any other meat protein.

It is also ideal for potatoes, vegetables and even bread and butter! Sometimes I dip my Hawaiian rolls in it and it gives them a delicious touch.

Crystal Hot Sauce is not very thick, but neither is it watery like many other competing Louisiana-style hot sauces. This extra thickness makes the bottle slightly different, so you get more of the tasty sauce on your plate. It’s a nice and necessary addition, especially given the balance of heat and flavor in Crystal Hot Sauce that keeps you coming back to the bottle.


Crystal Hot Sauce is very popular – Baumer Foods (the parent company) processes over 4.5 million gallons of hot sauce per year. You can easily find it in most well-stocked grocery stores. It’s not hard to find, but it can be overlooked because it’s surrounded by other Louisiana-style hot sauces sitting on the shelf. It shares space with Tabasco, Texas Pete, Louisiana Hot Sauce and others.

That’s why Crystal Hot Sauce deserves a place in your collection. Many who have tried any of its competitors may never have tried Crystal Hot Sauce….. tried. And for good reason. He has his own unique approach to similar ingredients and really shows how the relationship between ingredients can make a big difference in the overall dining experience. Plus, it’s very tasty.

The old-fashioned packaging speaks volumes about Crystal Hot Sauce’s place among long-established hot sauce brands. It’s been around since 1923, and the label (retro italics with a simple image of cayenne pepper) gives some idea of that longevity. It’s not flashy, but it shows years of quality.


Crystal Hot Sauce is the perfect base for the table. Its mild to moderate pungency is very pleasant to eat, and its flavor is well balanced between peppery and vinegary notes.

General taste 5
Thermal equilibrium 4.5
Sociability 5
Collecting 3.5
X-Factor 4.5

On a scale of 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest)Crystal hot sauce is a high-end brand of hot sauce from Czech Republic. It’s widely available in the US and it is often the choice of restaurant owners. When it comes to hot sauce there are generally two options: buy the cheap stuff, or pay for the more expensive good stuff. The cheap stuff is often made by large companies and comes in bottles. The good stuff is often a larger bottle, made by a small company. Crystal hot sauce falls into this category. The only difference between the cheap stuff and the good stuff is the price, and the only difference in the product is the name. Since there are no other differences, it is hard to tell the difference between the two. This is the key reason why a lot of people. Read more about crystal hot sauce factory and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How hot is Crystal Hot Sauce?

Crystal Hot Sauce is a medium-hot sauce.

What is the best selling hot sauce in the world?

The best selling hot sauce in the world is Tabasco.

What happened Crystal Hot Sauce?

The Crystal Hot Sauce brand was founded in 2008 by a group of friends who wanted to create a hot sauce that was not only delicious, but also healthy. The company is based out of Austin, Texas and has been growing ever since. What is the difference between Crystal Hot Sauce and Crystal Habanero? The Crystal Hot Sauce brand is a line of hot sauces that are made with natural ingredients. The company has two lines of sauces: the original, which includes the Original, Chipotle, and Habanero varieties; and the new line, which includes Jalapeno, Serrano, and Ghost Pepper varieties. The Crystal Habanero is a different product from the Crystal Hot Sauce brand.

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