Our culinary staff has another common theme today: Instant pot:

Q. Is it normal for steam to escape from the edges of the lid during cooking?

A. Although it is not uncommon for some steam to escape from the edge of the boiler when it is heated for the first time, it may happen that steam escapes after the boiler has been pressurised, or that the boiler has simply not been pressurised at all. Read the best answers from our culinary experts below!

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1. The instant-pot can be pressurized for up to 30 minutes.

During the closing period you will see steam escaping under the edges of the lid or through the black pressure valve on top of the lid. It’s perfectly normal! Factors that influence the closing time include the degree of filling of the pot and the cold of the ingredients.

Cheeseburger with bacon in the pot at Sloppy Joe’sCheeseburger with bacon in the pot at Sloppy Joe’sCheeseburger with bacon in the pot at Sloppy Joe’s

2. Is the pressure valve mounted on the seal?

Some Instant-Pot models automatically adjust the pressure valve to close properly, while others require manual adjustment. If you forget to set the pressure valve on the seal, you will still see steam coming out of the pressure valve and possibly under the edges of the lid.

Valves with continuous pot Manually operated valves (left) must be mounted on the seal. The automatic valves (right) are sealed.

3. Is this an O-ring for a diaphragm tank?

If steam escapes after the pot has been pressurized, or if the pot has simply not been pressurized at all, and you are sure that the pressure valve is mounted on the gasket, this probably means that your gasket is missing or badly sealed.

If your pan is already under pressure and you only have a few minutes left, let the food cook. Once the program is complete, follow the instructions below. If the cooking process takes longer than 5 to 10 minutes, release the pressure, follow the instructions below and continue the cycle from the point where it was interrupted.

Learn more about instant pans and how to prepare our favorite recipes in our new Instant Pan Master Class. [Read more]

Is the seal present?

First check that the silicone gasket is in the edge of the jar. Labeling the lid without changing the seal is a rite of passage for most pressure cooks. So if this happens to you, consider it a sign of honor!

Instant Homemade Citizens Wizard Instant Homemade Citizens Wizard

Is the O-ring positioned correctly?

Second, make sure that the O-ring is evenly distributed under the wire around the lid. An irregularly mounted ring can create a partial seal allowing the pair to escape from the edges of the lid. This can also happen when the pot is under pressure. If you continue to have the same problem, you may need a new ring or try to use an unmarked ring that just doesn’t work properly.

http://d3p2lrg3p1t4y4.cloudfront.net/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/Rings-300x225.jpeg Before sealing, the ring must be placed completely on the wire.

Can I continue cooking after closing the pot?

Actually, the answer is yes, if you catch it early. After replacing or reloading the gasket, rinse the inside of the lid with cold water to facilitate the return under pressure and to reload the lid faster. Resume the cycle of fire from where you left it. And always use a high quality food thermometer to make sure you have reached a safe temperature before serving.

Sealing ring for tank gasket and drilling instructions

If you didn’t recognize this problem before, you may have boiled a lot of liquid in your pan. If you’re cooking soup, this is probably not a problem, but if you’re cooking a relatively low-calorie meal, you’ll need to replace this liquid before you can start cooking again to prevent burns. Check your pot and add ½ – 1 cup of extra liquid before closing the pot, make sure you scrape off any slabs that have accumulated on the bottom of the pot.

And that’s it! Now you can go back and enjoy the fantastic food in the pot.

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