Grammolate sauce and Chimichuri sauce are two of the most famous green sauces, both based on parsley. How similar are they? Are they interchangeable? We will answer these and other questions in this issue of Showdown.

What is the difference between grammar and chichuri sauce?

The big difference between Chimicurri sauce and Grammolata is the amount of ingredients. Chimichurri sauce generally contains more ingredients than gramolates, which are usually limited to three. The traditional version of chimichurri contains vinegar and oil, while most grams of malt recipes do not contain added liquid, but some do contain olive oil. You won’t find any chili flakes added to the Grammolate either.

Thanks to the different ingredients, these two green sauces have different taste profiles. The aroma of the grammar is dominated by the citrus aroma of lemon peel, but the herbal aroma and slight bitterness of parsley play an important complementary role. Garlic forms a warm and spicy base.


Khimichuri sauce

In comparison, a traditional chemicurri will be more assertive and acidic because it contains vinegar or lemon juice. Even if it contains lemon or lime juice, the chemicure will not contain as much lemony aromatic element as the gramolata. Because red peppers are often found in chemical stables, they can be very hot.

Because there is no fat in the grammar and there is a chimeric curry, you will usually notice a small but noticeable difference in calories.

Gremologists and chemists have different origins. Grammolate comes from Italy; Chihurri is Argentinean in origin, but is also used in other parts of South America.

If your recipe is required, can you use a different recipe?

Gramolat can be used in limited quantities as a substitute for chimichuri sauce. Although it does not offer the acidity that chimichurri sauce would, it can still be used as a tip for grilled meats and seafood. Because it’s not acid, it won’t be as effective as a marinade. The classic version also contains no chemicuri fat, which makes it less effective for frying meat. You can try to prepare one of the recipes with olive oil or add olive oil in the classic version.

Because it does not contain as much moisture as chemicuri, gramolate may be less suitable for seasoning dry dishes. The grammolate is generally not sharp, so it does not provide the heat that Chimichurri can provide.

Chichuri sauce can be used instead of grammy until the dish is affected by high acidity or high humidity. You may also need a chichuri sauce that is not spicy because the grammar is usually sweeter than it is.

When should I use Grammolate and when should I use Chimicurry Sauce?

Traditionally, Grammolate is only used as a finishing sauce. They serve it with the beloved Milanese ossobucco (braised lamb shanks) to revive its deep and intense flavor. Less traditional, it can be used as a complement to other meat, especially poultry and fish. It is also excellent for seasoning sandwiches.

The acidity of chimichuri makes it useful as a marinade next to fragrant herbs. The fact that it contains vinegar means that it can help to squeeze the hard parts into the beef. It is traditionally used as a seasoning for grilled beef, especially beef steaks and organic meat. However, it is often used to accompany other meat, especially chicken and pork.

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