Good omelet lessons on an incredible scale. It’s such a skilful performance that you can only see it at breakfast, and the only eggs you have to eat are those from the hotel buffet (or cooked in no time, but they are the most boring). It is not about the ingredients, but about the technique of making an omelette, and the most important element of this technique is the omelette pan. You have to spend a fortune to do that?

See the results of our tests.

There are many things in the world that are classified as omelettes, especially because they are so tasty and universal. The basic concept is that of beaten eggs, which are cooked in a frying pan and preserved whole (the curd is broken and an omelette is obtained). Now the omelettes go all the way. Some toppings are quite normal, although the classic French omelette is only made with eggs on eggs. Normally the omelette is baked on the stove and folded around the filling to get a clear view of the inside and outside, but the frittata is baked in the oven and stays open. In most cases omelettes are spicy, except that Japanese Tamagoyaki are often sweet.

Special thanks to Peter Crane, who taught us the art of making American omelettes.

This paragraph may go on for a long time, but I think the point is clear: The omelettes are varied. In this article we will focus on the classic American omelette, which I define as beaten whole eggs, cooked on a stove in small amounts of butter and placed around a spicy topping. We also have pans of 8 and 10 inches in sight, so we are looking for a reasonable omelet for someone who uses two or three eggs. Giant omelettes have their own problems.

Come on, come with me to see the results.

Omelet pans

Different types of omelet pans

Do you really need a special frying pan to make omelettes?

It depends on how you define the specific frying pan. Their main omelet is an 8-inch non-stick frying pan with slightly sloping sides. Such a pan can do a lot of work in the kitchen, but it makes sense to use it only for omelettes (or at least eggs). To make a good omelet, you need a careful and aggressive frying pan that doesn’t stick. Any problems with the pan will cause important parts of your omelet to get stuck in the pan, so you should make sure you have a non-stick coating. The omelette pan may only be made from eggs and may only contain soft food – no metal.

Nothing lasts forever, especially non-stick pans.

Your cast iron and stainless steel pots and pans will last a lifetime if you take good care of them, but even the best non-stick tools will lose their shine in a few years. As soon as the release agents begin to disappear, they become super-sticky, which is a kiss of death for the eggs. My family thinks that the new frying pan starts as an egg pan, then turns into a new small frying pan, and finally into a camping frying pan.

Omelet pan

One of the questions we really wanted to answer with this test kitchen is whether a pot that is cheaper than your omelette is enough. The new coatings they now make are incredibly non-sticky and very cheap, suggesting that they make great omelet jars, but we wondered if they would last long enough to be worth it. Three eight-month-old frying pans can be a little cheaper than a two-year-old one, and you don’t have to worry so much about damage. If someone picks up your 100 All-Clad-dollars, that’s a big problem. If someone crosses your 18-dollar copperhead, there’s a new one waiting for you at the supermarket.


The most classic way to prepare omelettes is to put them in a steel or cast iron pot with a lot of butter so that not everything sticks. Delicious, but it requires careful seasoning and a lot of care. Since the end of the 1950s, companies have been regularly using frying pans and using Teflon to make them non-adhesive. Pots of better quality start with the best support and get a bigger and better non-stick coating.


The idea of a non-stick coating on frying pans doesn’t stop with Teflon. Manufacturers have introduced new coatings over the past decade, often on relatively inexpensive stoves. We often see copper, ceramic-coated frying pans. Due to its extremely high thermal conductivity, copper is a classic material for high-quality restaurant pots and pans. Copper pans change temperature very quickly, which cooks keep because they can work with a very hot oven and regulate the temperature of the pan by moving it further and further away from the heat. Genuine copper products are recognizable by their incredible price.

The cheap pots and pans you see in the supermarket use a ceramic coating on an aluminium pan and copper paint for advertising. They are presented as extremely non-sticky and easy to clean – let’s see what happens.

In recent years we have seen how stone spotted frying pans and the so-called non-stick surface of the stone have developed. What’s that? It’s hard to say. The manufacturers don’t speak directly, but it seems to be a combination of something very similar, but not quite Teflon, perhaps more of a ceramic layer, and certainly with a brand version to show the line in the market. Let’s see how it goes in the test kitchen.
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Specialised omelette jars

We have added some special pots to try them out.

Japanese omelette

Foldable container

One of them is a Japanese rectangular pan of the Tamagoyaki type. This is the production of Japanese omelette rolls, in which several layers of omelette are layered to form a large roll, which is then formed and cut.

The other is the foldable pan, which claims that it is easy to make American omelettes by boiling the eggs on both halves of the pan and then turning the hinge, which is closed, to put the omelette around the filling. Then, just like in a hotel in a Belgian waffle shop, we go back to finish the omelette on both sides. We’ll both try to see what we think. Read more, or watch the video by clicking here.



Objectives of omelet preparation

The goal of our omelette test is to find a pan from which good omelettes can be prepared within a reasonable time. We are looking for an easy to use pan that makes a good omelette, both directly from the can and after it has been scraped off during our torture test.


Omelets cooked after scraping from pans 1 Omelets cooked after scraping from pans

  1. After washing each pot, we made an omelet in each of them, paying attention to the ease of use and the quality of the final product.
  2. Then we washed the pots and scraped them all fifty times with a metal cap, changing direction every ten scratches.
  3. We washed the pans again and searched for visible damage, then made an omelette and noticed some differences.
  4. After another wash we scraped the pots eighty times with a chain scraper: twenty circles in each direction and twenty horizontal and vertical scratches.
  5. It is followed by a different wash and damage check, than another omelette.

I don’t want to hastily criticise, but for a good assessment he hasn’t separated the field enough. We added an extra test: cooking eggs without butter. This gave a very clear picture of the degree of non-stick protection that remained in the jars after the blows.


In the middle bowl, whisk 3 large eggs, 1 tablespoon of whole milk and a large pinch of salt. Heat the omelette pan over medium heat to a high temperature (about 350°) and add 1 teaspoon of butter. When the foam has collapsed, pour the egg mixture into the pan.

Let the eggs boil for about 10 seconds, then use the spatula on one of the edges to push the eggs towards the middle, tilting the pan towards that edge. Drop the lightly boiled egg on the part of the pan where the spatula has been opened, then release the spatula and return the pan to the neutral position. Repeat this process at 90° intervals until only a light raw egg remains on the omelette.

Fill half of the omelette closest to the handle with the filler. Slide the omelette into the pan to loosen it (release with the shoulder blade if there is a sticky stain) and then let it slide to the other side of the pan. Give him a little kick on his own to put the top half on the bottom half. Turn back the handle and bring the frying pan to the plate. Take the cooked omelette out of the pot and put it on the plate.


  • This is a quick recipe, so prepare everything you need, including the plate. It takes about 90 seconds from the moment the eggs hit the pan until the omelette is on the plate.
  • Do not exaggerate with the filling – do not expect more than 2 to 3 tablespoons per omelet. Make sure the toppings are ready to use and can be cooked as needed. Heat the cheese in thin slices so that it melts quickly.
  • Our test kitchen omelet is the Omelette aux Fines Herbes, filled with approximately ½ teaspoon of finely ground tarragon and 1 teaspoon of ground onions.
  • To prepare this amount of ingredients, mix them in a large bowl and half a bucket in a glass of ½.

Best omelet boilers [Rating and evaluation]

1. Calphalon Selection – ★CC8

Calf salon Choose frying pan

Buying in the Amazon

Calphalon Select comes with two pots, one 8 inch and one 10 inch. We tried it with an 8-inch frying pan. This is a traditional non-stick frying pan made of anodised aluminium. All three omelettes were light and easy to prepare, although the surface was slightly damaged after the treatment of the coat of mail. The last test with the low-fat fried egg showed that the non-stick surface had broken down so much that the egg was firmly attached.

Frying pan stove

Despite the degradation of the non-stick coating, it was one of the best pots in the region. It is light and easy to use and also has a very nice handle. Remarkably, although it has a nominal size of eight centimetres, it has a relatively small cooking surface due to its very soft tilting edges. It is good for omelet management, but not the best for other applications.

2. Copper Cook – ★★★★

Koch's pan

Buying in the Amazon

We’ve already met the Copper Chef’s products on this site, but this is the perfect opportunity for them to shine. A copper cook is always extremely unscrupulous, but the quality of the harvest may leave something to be desired. The frying pan exceeded all expectations, with three excellent omelettes and no visible damage after scraping. The low-fat fried egg was the best pot in the batter.

Copper Egg Chef's Dish

The ceramic coating here shows that it can be extremely effective in the right hand. The frying pan is light and easy to manoeuvre, with a comfortable handle that seems to be easy to hold. Moreover, the price is very good, making it an easy choice for our best purchase.

3. All-Clad Essentials – ★

sweet frying pan

Buying in the Amazon

Don’t worry – you don’t need a second mortgage for All-Clad Essentials. This is a relatively new line of All-Clad, and you can get a set of 8 and 10 pans for $50 or $100 for 10 and 12. It’s not the Cadillac experience that’s best, but there’s a lot to be said for affordability. All three omelettes are well baked, although the shape of the edge is a little too sharp to fold easily. The fat-free fried egg unfolded almost perfectly, with a pleasantly light finish.

Fried eggs Greaseproof
Anything sweet is heavy and the shape of the rim is not conducive to making large omelettes. But the biggest problem is the pen, which is simply uncomfortable. Everything else in this pan is great, and although I don’t necessarily want it to be my omelette pan, as a daily pan I am very happy with it.

4. Technology – Cool!

Frying pan technician

Buying in the Amazon

Techef is a rectangular pan for cooking Japanese Tamagoyaki, a very fresh omelette in which several thin layers of omelette are rolled into a thick, cut roll. The final product is slightly sweet and has an overall pleasant creamy texture. Or at least, if an experienced person does. Armed with the expert preparation of two YouTube videos, I tried it and came up with something one-sided and a little too much with the outer layers, but it was delicious. The frying pan is extremely non-sticky, but the walls are a bit thin, so you really need to control the heat. If you want to try something different, this is a great tool.

5. Spare steel – ★ C8

Gotham Steel Frying Pan

Buying in the Amazon

Gotham Steel was the first of the ceramic-coated copper pots we tried in this raid. It started very well, with an aggressive non-stick coating that makes a good omelet. After an attack with a spatula he rolled, but sustained visible damage to the hauberk. That didn’t stop us from making an excellent third omelet and then a fried egg with no acceptable fat.

Gotham Steel
The Gotham Steel pot was impressive with its non-stick coating, even after our abuse, but it has an extremely horrible handle. It is thin and uncomfortable and seems to be designed to be stuck in the palm of your hand when you try to lift it. This pan is also one of the most expensive on the list, and although it’s not that bad, it’s not worth it.

6. T-Fal – ★


Buying in the Amazon

The T-Fal is another traditional non-stick frying pan. His trick is a color change point in the middle that indicates when the pot is hot enough. It’s hot, isn’t it? Hot enough for what? There’s not much information about it, so you’d better ignore it. The first omelette was a bit difficult, with a few fractures on the edges. Surprisingly, after being beaten with a spatula (probably by the practice of cooking another eight omelettes in between), it has improved. The third omelette, after a layer of post, was also very light. T-Fal successfully passed the latest test of fat-free fried eggs.

T-shaped stove

Although the non-stick quality and durability were good enough, the shape of this pot was uncomfortable for omelettes. It is very slightly curved and the sides roll too fast, causing the eggs to move badly. The pen is comfortable, but it’s a problem that waits its time. On the outside of the pan house is a small piece of metal that is screwed to a plastic handle. It’s only a matter of time before it gets out of hand or breaks down.

7. Limestone – ★

Panorama from earth to stone

Buying in the Amazon

The first of the pots in our province, Stone Earth, didn’t make much of an impression at first. It is significantly heavier than other types of pans in the dough and therefore slower to heat. The scrambled eggs had a small problem with edge breakage in each test. The spatula has also removed part of the food, although the chain mail no longer seems to be damaged. The fried egg turned out to be pretty good, but it’s a bit sticky.

Panorama from earth to stone

The big problem in Stone Earth was not so much the problem of strength (which was about average), but the shape of the pot. Where omelette pots must be slightly curved so that the spatula and the movement of the pot can work the edges of the omelette, the clay has a very sharp edge that is difficult to avoid. It’s also a bit expensive and not worth it.

8. Rock – ★

A disastrous frying pan

Buying in the Amazon

The Rock offered great opportunities for Sean Connery’s dubious impressions, but no great omelettes. It’s a stone frying pan, like the earth of stone, and it acted like this. It is heavier than the other stoves in this series, and it took longer to heat them. The omelettes got stuck on the edges and wanted to burst. The bottom of the frying pan was visibly damaged by the mail, and the egg cooked without fat was clamped too tightly to turn it over.

A disastrous frying pan

The rock had a slightly softer shape than the Stone Earth and the grip was quite comfortable. He’s got a great virtue: A rock is cheap. You can get it for about the same price as a Blu-ray movie, but you will enjoy watching Sean Connery.

9. NordicWare – No!

NordicWare deep fryer

Buying in the Amazon

NordicWare is an interesting concept. You get a frying pan divided into two halves with a loop in between. The idea is to put half of the egg mixture in each half, put the toppings on one side (or both, I think), if the egg is strong enough to support them, then fold the pot to throw the sides together like a big egg roll, and then throw it on a plate without folding. You can also bring more fillers if you don’t have to make a clean fold.

In practice, it’s not very good. With semi-circular cameras it is difficult to insert a spatula, so there is not much to do with the eggs, especially in the corners. When it’s time to turn, take a small hinged handle directly above the burner – which isn’t fun – and move it quickly so everything stays inside. From there it’s a bit manoeuvrable with hot handles to turn everything around and finish on both sides, just like dropping a finished omelette on a plate.

Quince handle

The end product lends itself to an overfull omelet, but that’s not surprising. Because you cannot look into a closed pan, it is easily digestible. The metal is also very thin, so it reacts to small changes in temperature. Initially the non-stick worked well, but when it starts to fade, it almost completely stops working. The new NordicWare is fun, but not recommended, especially if the price is twice as high as for other pans.

10. Tick – ★ ☆

Bookmark the biscuit tin with a bookmark

Buying in the Amazon

Cooksmark is another copper and ceramic coated frying pan that looks exactly like Gotham Steel, except for the ugly handle. The resemblance is strange, but unfortunately the quality is not. The first omelette came out well, but the surface began to peel when it was attacked with a spatula, then it peeled even more with hauberk, making it easy to see scars on the surface. The second and third omelettes were cooked normally, and although the fried egg was a bit sticky, it was released without too much effort.

This pot is a second-class scythe from Gotham steel, with a much lower resistance and an equally poor grip. It’s not even that cheap.


Omelet jars

Click on the button above to watch the video with our test kitchen omelet.

A good omelette pan should not cost an arm or a leg. You can make a notch in the quality scale and still get a good omelette, and you should have a reasonable life expectancy with a cheap frying pan, provided you treat it well. Only use soft dishes, do not use scouring pads and place the dishes inside before putting something on them (or hang something up to prevent the problem).

Copper stove

Our best buy for omelet jars is Copper Chef. It’s cheap, it works, and hitting it with a knife and a gasoline scraper isn’t even out of phase.

Buying in the Amazon

Koch's pan
Election of Calfalon

If you prefer a more traditional route, choose the Kalfalon Choice. You get two good pans for a reasonable price, with which you can cook well.

Buying in the Amazon

Calf salon Choose frying pan
All switchgear

If you want the best little omelet pan as a puzzle piece, All-Clad Essentials is the best all-purpose pan in the range.

Buying in the Amazon

sweet frying pan

I mean, make omelettes. Once you have mastered the technique, it will be easy and impressive and you can prepare an excellent breakfast for one or hundreds of people. The right frying pan makes it easy.

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