Mamidipandu perugu pachadi, an andhra-style mango and sweet yogurt chutney tempered with Indian spices, is a dish in itself on a hot summer day.

mamidipandu perugu pachadi

Mamidipandu perugu pachadi is a ripe mango chutney with Andhra style yogurt that is perfect for beating the heat. One of the coolest yogurt recipes when the summer heat is at its peak. Growing mangoes in the backyard allowed us to have a good harvest this year and we were able to harvest some mangoes for Ugadi, Telugu at the beginning of the new year. We tasted sweet mangoes, Suvarnareh varieties, in different varieties and one of them was a sweet mango chutney in the Andhra style. It’s a combination of lip-smacking and good taste. Not only is it refreshing, delicious, moisturizing, filling and easy to prepare, it is also rich in calcium, with probiotic effects, full of fiber and antioxidants.

One of my fondest childhood memories is tasting creamy, curdled rice pudding with ripe, sweet mango. In many Telugu houses, the midday meal in summer consists of your rice with a generous portion of sweet, ripe mango. One of the best combinations of dishes is perugu annam or dadojanam (rice pudding or tair sadam) with mamidipandu (ripe mango or aam). Try it if you haven’t already.

sweet mango pachadi with andhra

This mango and yogurt chutney is a little different from the mango raita of northern India. The raita version has no spice tempering, while the andhra version requires the tempering of red chillies and curry leaves. Your palate will overflow with the flavors of mamidipanda perugu pachadi. The soft, silky, textured and grated yogurt is infused with a moderate red chili and the sweet taste of ripe mango. It’s hard to resist chutney, which can be served as a dip, condiment or side dish. I could eat a plate of this pachadi as a meal in itself.

The natural sweetness of mango is enough, and you don’t need any additional sweetener. If the mangoes are ripe, you don’t need the extra sweetness. You can add a little honey if the mangoes are a little tart. It takes you less than 10 minutes to prepare a big bowl of Andhra-style mango chutney for your family who will love this refreshing, creamy and nutritious pachadi. The gluten-free, vegan and healthy pachadi is perfect for the heat of late summer.

ripe mango yoghurt chutney

There are many variations of pachadi from Andhra and South India on my blog, and I hope to add more pachadi recipes this month, especially with raw mangoes. Over the next few weeks, many recipes featuring raw and ripe mangoes will be featured on the blog. Tomorrow I will post a mango recipe in North Indian style.

How to make a mamidipanda perugu pachadi

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