What happens when you combine two popular peppers with completely different flavors? That’s what the Serrabanero aardvark’s secret green sauce does. It combines moderately hot Serrabanero peppers and extra hot habaneros into a beautiful tomato-based green sauce – and a fancy name. But how does it work? Are the flavors of the pepper still there? And what is the balance between the heat and the flavor? We’ll take Serrabanero for a tour and give you all the details.


Let’s delve into the list of ingredients, especially since they are so commonly characterized in the name of the Serrabanero hot sauce. List: green tomato, water, onion, serrano pepper, grilled tomato, garlic, apple cider vinegar, green habanero, sugar, cilantro, salt, basil, organic distilled white vinegar, organic mustard, concentrated lime juice, cultured dextrose, spices, organic herbs, natural lime and turmeric flavor.

When you pour serrabanero, you see fresh ingredients. It has a very nice green color, and greens play an important role in the list of ingredients for this sauce.

Green tomatoes and grilled tomatoes play a big role. Then there is basil, cilantro and lime juice. But most interesting are the habanero green peppers. Habanero peppers are usually used ripe, when they are at their peak of fruit and heat. Here they are harvested and used young. This means they are less sweet and less hot toward the end. So the flavor of the Serrano pepper is a little more present here than the fruitiness of the habaneros, and the sauce is not as spicy.

You taste the green tomatoes from the first bite, and they have a very nice acidic finish. The tomato layer goes well with this flavor, which makes for a really mellow start. Then we get garlic and sugar, and both dominate the rest of the flavor. The sugar is nice and adds a very slight sweetness, as do the fresh pepper flavors that are in the middle, and the bits of fresh garlic add heat.

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After a few bites, we definitely notice the cilantro and the small hint of lime that is present. I find that this sauce really shines when fresh lime is added. Take wedges of fresh lime and combine them with this sauce and you will be in heaven. And that brings up an interesting aspect of the Serrabanero flavor. Although there are two vinegars in this sauce, it is not too spicy. In fact, for me, it would taste a little spicier.

With this particular sauce, it’s a little harder to parse out the spices and other ingredients in the flavor profile. They all blend into the overall flavor, and you get a glimpse of each of them in different bites and flavors. Some of you may try lime or turmeric, while I will try garlic and onion. In the end, it’s a sauce that tastes good, but I wish it were a little warmer.

Heat balance

You see this habanero and think Aardvark Serrabanero’s secret sauce would be spicier. Far from it. It is a mild to medium spice that is very enjoyable. Secret Aardvark does not take the spiciness of the habanero to the extreme, even in its popular spicy habanero sauce. So it is not surprising that the spiciness of the serrabanero is quite mild.

Serrano peppers are medium heat peppers (10,000 to 23,000 heat units) and habaneros, as mentioned, are 100,000 to 350,000. And because they use green habits here, they usually have a softer finish. Both peppers are fresh in the sauce, but are not at the top of the ingredient list. This will definitely take away from the heat of the green tomatoes and water. For the serrabanero, you should think of a number between 1,000 and 3,000 SHU, putting it near Sriracha (or less).

The sting disappears after about a minute, and the kick goes to the back. It’s not too surprising, and with time, it builds a bit. In fact, the sharpness is more of a kick you get from lots of black pepper than the heat that makes you run for milk. And since habanero is part of the name, there could have been a little more of it here.


With a lower temperature and a milder flavor, the secret aardvark Serrabanero is perfectly usable. It’s delicious on eggs and chicken. I also love a good green sauce on sandwiches and Serrabanero doesn’t disappoint as a sort of ketchup condiment. With a special sauce, it becomes something that tastes “fresh from the deli.”

Serrabanero also does well with nachos and pizza. I even added some ramen to it and it was a worthy addition! It’s the kind of sauce you can use as an everyday condiment instead of a “one shot is enough” hot sauce. Until then, it’s thicker and stays where you put it. And the packaging is a squeeze bottle with a good nozzle. That’s a good clue to getting close to the serrabanero.


I love the “Secret Aardvark” logo with the aardvark sticking its nose into the hot sauce bottle to get the last drop of it. That’s what you want to do with the Secret Aardvark hot sauce line. It’s a fun and memorable brand mascot that, with the odd name Serrabanero, makes this sauce stand out among collectors.

In addition, pressurized cylinder packaging seems to be something that is only meant to be used in large quantities. Your hands involuntarily reach for this type of bottle when there is a choice of hot sauces. Strange. The utilitarian aspect of their bottle choices only adds to the collectible value. But one wonders how long the secret aardvark would last under your hot sauce. If you’re like me, you tend to use them quickly.

The score

Aardvark’s Secret Serrabanero Hot Sauce combines two popular peppers, serrano and habaneros, in a delicious and creamy tomato-based green sauce. However, the heat may be too mild for some who are looking for more heat.

General taste 4
Heat balance 3
User-friendly 4.5
Collectability 4
X-Factor 4

On a scale of 1 (lowest value) to 5 (highest value).

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