Gringo Bandito The original hot sauce has always been an absolute must for me. It is a fine but creamy red sauce, perfect for Mexican cuisine and it is always served with a song at home. What did you say? What do you say? You have to play later while you eat it, don’t you? After all, this sauce was made by Dexter Holland from the descendants of the celebrity. So this sauce is delicious and has a fresh base, but what does it have to do with thermal balance and daily use? Let’s dig in.


The Gringo Bandito Original has several peppers and quite a surprise herb in its list of ingredients: Water, white vinegar, fresh red pepper, yellow peppers, habanera pepper, onion, dried peppers, salt, garlic, ahiot, spices, thickener (xanthan gum)

Vinegar is indeed a first taste, but shortly afterwards this mixture of paprika appears. They give a light, peppery and fruity taste, which – together with the onions and garlic – resembles a smooth salsa.

But perhaps the most fascinating ingredient on the list is the ahiot. It has a rich red colour when used in small quantities, but when used more aggressively it has a delicious taste of hazelnut, earth and black pepper. There is certainly a hint of earth and pepper that gives the sauce a nice depth.

In terms of sodium: 25 mg, or 1% of the daily dose, which is where the hot sauce is. We wouldn’t say it’s low in sodium, but nowhere is it as rich as with lots of hot sauce.

Gringo Bandito Original hot sauce on a spoon

Heat balance

Let’s get this out first. Gringo Bandito The original hot sauce is not a hot sauce. Yes, he uses Fresno pepper (2,500 to 10,000 Scoville heat units) and gabaneros (100,000 to 350,000 heat units), but he doesn’t come close to these heights. Gringo Bandito original packaging 820 Scoville heating elements in total. Here we go. In the world of hot sauces it is about a low spicy potential, but in the world of fresh peppers it is comparable to the consumption of peppers (from 1000 to 1500 SHU).

Nevertheless, this is an average value of 820. He’s building it. And that was postponed. It won’t work, but over time you’ll feel it. You can taste the first bite, but it seems to be nothing more than a slightly spicy tickle to start with. After a few bites you start to feel it in the back of your throat. It’s too bad for me, if it’s not the kind that makes me stop. It’s just like that heat that keeps the spicy sauce on the food tasty.

One thing to keep in mind is that this heat is low enough to begin with and that it is a very mild eating experience if you mix it with sour cream or another base. No more than a hot flush.

Ease of use

The Gringo Bandito uses them in their marketing: It is a universal hot sauce in Mexican style that is suitable for all kinds of Mexican dishes. So good with tacos and burritos. Killer on pizza, wings and hamburgers. And it’s versatile enough to just sit on the counter next to salt and pepper and get used to everyday life. Really, you’ll want to try!

Gringo Bandito comes with a lock, but honestly, you’re going to shake this bad guy violently (probably to the sound of your favorite Offspring song?), because you want more than just a hint of that classic red.

Collection capacity

Dexter Holland/Newcomer? The Gringo Bandito Original is of course a collector’s item among your hot sauce collections. The label’s pretty cool, too. If you didn’t know people like Dexter Holland, you’d probably think this cartoon character is just a cool gringo bandito. But it’s definitely the sonic version of Dexter with the bandito side, which makes it much more fun. It also contains the Mexican flag and its colors on the label, making it look like an authentic Tex-Mex.


The original Gringo Bandito hot sauce has no great impact on the hot shelf, but with such a taste it shouldn’t be. It is a delicious Mexican spicy sauce that fits perfectly with the traditional Tex-Mex. (Amazon)

General Taste 4.5
Heat balance 3.5
Usability 4.5
Possibility of registration 4
X Factor 4

On a scale of 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest).

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