A single chili can produce hundreds of individual buds in a year. Some are fertilized and turn into peppers, while others fall off the plant. In this article we will look at why the pepper blossoms fall and why this happens.

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Growth phases of paprika plants

Let’s start with an overview of the growth phases of paprika plants. First of all, the seeds in the seedlings will germinate. They need 16 to 18 hours of bright light a day. The seedlings grow quickly and are transplanted into large pots until they are in the sun.

As soon as the sweet pepper plants have reached an adult size, they have to start producing flowers to start fruiting. The flowering phase is the final stage of paprika growth.

Picking peppercorns

If your paprika plants produce flowers that are too young, we advise you to pick them. The best way to prevent premature flowering is to lift the container with the plants on time.

To learn more about the transplanting of peppers, click here.

Pepper blossoms

Water regularly and keep the soil fertile until the plants are in their final outdoor location. Stop picking the flowers after the peppers have been outside for the last 2 to 4 weeks.

Why are the pepper blossoms falling?

There are several possible causes for the excessive fall of the pepper blossom. Here we look at some of the most common reasons why paprika blossoms fall.

Pay attention: The fall of the flower is natural. Paprika plants produce more flowers than necessary to be more attractive to pollinators. This ensures that at least some flowers are fertilized.

  • High fever. One of the most common causes of pepper drop is the high temperature. Although peppers can tolerate very high temperatures (over 100°F), they thrive in a moderately warm climate.

The result is that the heat wave puts pressure on the plants, which often lose their flowers and leaves and use more water.

  • Overwatering. Another mistake paprika growers often make is over-watering. Too much water is one of the biggest threats to a healthy pepper plant. This can lead to several problems, one of which is a flower fall.

Peppers even need to be watered throughout their life cycle. You can make your job easier by keeping your soil alive with organic matter (compost, fish manure, manure, alfalfa pellets, etc.).

To find out more about watering pepper plants, click here.

  • Wrong request. In order for the paprika flower to grow into a paprika fruit, it must be fertilized. This means that a pollen grain has to be included in the pestle.

Normally bees and other pollinating insects do this work naturally. However, if you grow indoors or in a remote location outdoors, the pollination rate can be low.

Try to shake the plants during flowering to stimulate the release of pollen from the flowers. A small fan indoors can help, as can manually brushing the flowers every day.

  • Excess nitrogen. Nitrogen is an essential nutrient for the growth of all plants. However, too much can cause the plants to stop picking fruit and produce more leaves. On the contrary, peppers need more phosphorus to produce healthy buds and fruit.

We therefore recommend reducing the amount of fertiliser during the flowering period or switching to a low nitrogen mixture.

Try Seabird Guano or Fox Farm’s Tiger Bloom for better fertility at this stage.

  • Phosphorus deficiency. On the other hand, peppers that do not contain enough phosphorus may have difficulty producing pods. The fertilizers recommended above should help to correct this possible deficiency.

If none of the above problems seem to be dropping your peppers, think about what could burden your plants. How windy is it? Too much rain? Too little? Were the plants well hardened when they were brought out? Any one of these tribes could be the culprit.

Keeping peppers happy

In general, you should keep your pepper plants in good condition to avoid major problems. This includes not only dripping flowers, but also leaf yellowing, leaf curls, diseases and pests, etc.

To learn more about growing peppers, click here to avoid many of these common problems.

Here are some of our best tips to keep peppers in the right mood.

  • Enrich the soil. Add compost, manure or other organic matter every year if you have crushed soil. This keeps the soil healthy with good bacteria, resulting in better water retention, better nutrient absorption and better overall plant health for your peppers. Organic fertilizers are suitable for pot plants.
  • Even the water. Never too much water and let the water drain from the root system of the peppers. Soaked pepper plants really drown and cause a lot of problems.
  • Choose ripe fruit. Every time your pepper plants produce a ripe pod, you harvest it. This will encourage the plants to continue producing until the end of the season.
  • Watch out for parasites. Pests such as aphids can destroy paprika plants. Keep an eye on pests and try to prevent them by growing plants that attract useful insects to your garden.
  • Prune down to prevent illness. Keep the lower branches cut off to prevent the soil from sticking to the plants in case of water or rain. The soil can contain contagious diseases that can damage your plants. Soil stabilisation and pruning are good methods to prevent this.

More information can be found here:

We hope this article will help you understand why the flowers fall into your paprika plants. It is quite normal that the paprika buds fall off a little, but good care will help you to get a better harvest. Good luck!

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