Pizza Hut is trying to emulate the latest viral pizza style with its Detroit Style Pizza.

Pizza Hut describes its Detroit-style pizza as follows:

We introduce our new Detroit-style pizza, a deep topping and cheese on a crispy caramelized crust, topped with a premium tomato sauce.

I’d love to try a real Detroit-style pizza, but chances are I’ll be heading to Michigan soon, so try the Pizza Hut variety. This type of pizza has been in the news a lot lately, so let’s try to understand why it’s different from the typical pan pizza.

A deep rectangular dish, the dough is framed at the bottom and then surrounded by cheese to the edges of the crust. While baking, the cheese and crust turn into caramel and get a nice crispy crust. The sauce is intentionally added later to avoid a roughness factor in the crust. Toppings are placed on top, then the pizza is baked. Once removed, the hot sauce is traditionally added to the pizza in two rows.

Now it’s time to determine if Pizza Hut follows its own description and fits the traditional Detroit style. We ordered the Double Pepperoni variety, with traditional slices of pepperoni and crispy cubes of pepperoni as garnish. Pizza Hut also offers double cheeses, deli meats and the Supremo variety, which can be customized to some extent. In our area, 8 pieces of pie cost $10.99 or $12.99, depending on the variety.

I know from colleagues who have already tried this pie that there must be a special box this pizza comes in, but it seems my local hat has decided to cut costs and stop ordering these boxes.

After opening the lid, it also looks like my local hat didn’t get the memo that if you want sauce on top, you should also use one of those cute white plastic doohickeys as a separator, because that pie looked like a dream place.

I could tell right away that this pizzeria wasn’t using the right sauce either, because the new tomato sauce was supposed to be thick and lumpy, but the sauce was so thin that it created a CSI splatter effect that was hard to get out.

Although only a few pieces were very soggy, the ones that could be saved were definitely crispy, and although the layer of cheese on the crust didn’t seem quite uniform, there were traces of a dark, crispy cheese crust.

While there were no diced pieces of pepperoni, there were clearly two different sized pepperoni, one of which remained flat and the other curled up and formed pools of tasty fat.

The bite of the cake was clearly distinguishable by the absence of sauce under the cheese. It almost created a cheese bread effect, where the sauce was just the top and not the included ingredient. While the above sauce is not at all typical of your Hatka style, on reflection I really think it was a breadstick marinara because it was so sweet and liquidy.

It was actually quite tasty, as I am a fan of the sweeter sauce, I just noticed that it was definitely not the right recipe. The square pieces of pizza were really falling apart, and the crispy cheese crust was the signature of the pie. The pizza was pretty good and, while it’s probably not on the full menu, we definitely preferred it to The Shack’s usual pan pizza.

I’m sure most Detroit faithful would find this a travesty of authentic style, and my local Pizza Shack definitely ruined the sauce, but it was still a very tasty pizza. While it’s still there, I highly recommend you try this Motor City Muncher.

Detroit Hut Pizza Style 7.5/10

frequently asked questions

Pizza Hut, Detroit style?

What’s the Detroit Pizza Hut? The Detroit Style Pizza is a rectangular pizza with a crispy crust and cheese, topped to the brim with toppings and cheese and topped with a premium tomato sauce.

What are the characteristics of the Detroit Style Pizza?

The pizza Detroit, a descendant of the Sicilian pizza, can be traced back to one man: Gus Guerra. … The characteristics of the pizza – soft, airy square crust, crispy exterior, caramelised cheese on the edge of the pizza – are all due to the flat-bottomed pizza bases in which the pizza is baked.

What is the difference between pizza from Chicago and Detroit?

Chicago’s round frozen pizza looks like a frozen pizza and doesn’t have a super-thick crust. … The traditional Detroit pizza is square in shape. It has a thick, airy crust, like a Sicilian pizza. It is cooked in an oil-soaked steel pan and comes out crisp and light, according to Mr. Slice.

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