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It’s not a party until the pumpkin pie is served, is it? Is there anything better than this thick pudding-flavoured pumpkin that fills a soft, buttered pie crust? Get a sweater!

I don’t know about you, but my room still contains an obscene amount of fresh whipped cream. Did I say dirty? I think I meant it appropriately. Look at all those orange rooms of friendliness, waiting for a fluffy white cloud to rest on!

You want to know something funny? When I was a kid, I hated all that cake. It’s weird, isn’t it? What can I say? I thought the cake crust was disgusting.

In fact, I hated all my grandmother Sisson’s pumpkin pie, EXCEPT the pumpkin pie, which I would put in half a can of Reddi-Whip and eat by scraping the pumpkin pie off the crust. Yeah, I just left the crust at the bottom of the plate.

Needless to say, my taste has changed and I look like a good pie crust. I even perfected my own recipes for crunchy cakes for years, and now I have two – my Go-Tos.

Let them try! This is my butter crust and my favorite, the buttermilk of cake dough.

Now, let’s get back to the issue at hand: How to make pumpkin pie from scratch. You might be tempted to jump in the car and stand in the holiday queue to make the connection to Costco. Resist! Once you have tasted this recipe, no cake from the supermarket, not even a Costco Pumpkin Pie, can be measured.

Don’t worry, this recipe is very simple! This is the best pumpkin pie recipe, and I’ll guide you through it step by step.

What you like about this recipe

  • It’s a recipe for EASY pumpkin pie. Who doesn’t?
  • This pumpkin pie is not too sweet. It is filled with a perfect amount of pumpkin herbs, without added sugar.
  • The classic taste of pumpkin pie. This pumpkin pie recipe is the perfect holiday classic.

Recipes Note

This pumpkin pie recipe is a family recipe. I’ve been making this recipe as long as I can remember. Show the love to your friends and share it with them!

The numberis required.

  • Canned pumpkin puree: Be careful not to buy any pumpkin pie stuffing! You can also use pumpkin decorations for Halloween to make fresh pumpkin puree.
  • Steamed milk: I’ve always used condensed milk, but you can replace any other milk here.
  • Eggs: 2 large eggs
  • Brown sugar
  • Oh, my darling: It was my grandmother Sisson’s secret ingredient. It gives the pumpkin pie a rich sweetness you will love. ♡
  • Pumpkin and herb pie: Of course I have a recipe for a pumpkin pie and herb mix! Get a recipe for my homemade pumpkin pie with herbs. Believe me, it’s more than just a cake.

Step-by-step instructions

Step 1: Make a homemade cake crust.

You can buy ready-made crusts, but why? Homemade cake dough is so easy to prepare in your kitchen. If I can do it, so can you!

The homemade pumpkin pie deserves a homemade pumpkin crust! Look how beautiful it is. Bring out some yummy pie plates. You’re so stylish.

Step 2: Fill the pumpkin pie.

Start by mixing the pumpkin puree with sugar, salt and pumpkin pie spices. You need a 15 ounce can of pumpkin puree.

If you’re very ambitious: To make pumpkin puree, cut the pumpkin in half and fry it flat side down on 400℉ until it hangs in the middle. Let it cool down.

Take the pumpkin out and mix it in a blender or Vitamix. To get rid of the excess moisture, you have to postpone the wort for a few hours. Of course this step takes a while, but the taste is incredible.

Then mix the honey, then the eggs. I’ve noticed that honey is easier to pour if you warm it up a little.

Pay attention: In this picture I make a double stack. Don’t worry if you only have two eggs.

Step 3: Fill the pumpkin pie with warm milk.

Heat the milk and add it to the pumpkin mixture.

My mother always puts the pumpkin mixture directly into the pot, but I usually use a large bowl. I’ve noticed that it doesn’t matter, as long as you get good hot milk and make sure it all comes together.

Step 4 – Pumpkin pie pouring into cake batter

There is no need to pre-bake this crust for the cake. Just pour the pumpkin pie filling into a homemade cake batter or cake batter bought in the shop.

Step 5: Make pumpkin pie!

Preheat the oven at 450℉. At this high temperature, the cake is kept for 10 minutes.

Lower the temperature in 10 minutes on 350℉. Cook another 35-40 minutes. If you find that the edges brown too quickly, cover them with aluminium foil.

Sprinkle with whipped cream (a little more… and a little more… perfect!), icing sugar and sprinkle with herbs from my pumpkin pie recipe. Enjoy your meal!

Frequently asked questions and expert advice

Can you make pumpkin pie without milk?

Yeah, check out my vegetarian pumpkin pie recipe. The filling does not contain any dairy products. You can replace coconut milk with condensed milk.

What can I do with the rest of the pumpkin pie?

I prefer to make my squirrel squash bites without cooking or a healthy pumpkin pie. Problem with leftover pumpkin pie. You can also make a pumpkin pie and fill it with cream cheese.

Can we freeze the pumpkin pie?

You can freeze a ready-made pumpkin pie by packing it in a plastic bag. Make sure the whole cake is well covered with a few layers of polyethylene foil to prevent burning in the freezer.
Freeze for three months. Heat the cake on prepared baking trays.

What can I replace with condensed milk in pumpkin pie?

You can replace cream or half-and-half (or a combination of both) with condensed milk.
You can also use any type of milk (milk or milk without milk). Almond and coconut milk are excellent substitutes. Add 1 tablespoon of cornstarch to the sugar mixture so that the filling of the pumpkin pie is thick enough.

The pumpkin pie is served with a generous amount of whipped cream!

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Classic Pumpkin Pie

Laura Reigel

It’s not a party until pumpkin pie is served! Am I right? I don’t know about you, but my room still contains an obscene amount of fresh whipped cream. Thick, boiled pumpkin weed, filled with a greasy, moist cake crust. Get a sweater!

Cooking time 30 minutes

Cooking time 45 minutes

Total duration 1 hour 15 minutes


The American kitchen

Part 8

Calories 493 kcal


Buttermilk Corn cake

  • Put the flour, sugar and salt in a kitchen mixer equipped with a metal knife. Repeat pulse.
  • Add cold diced butter to the bowl. Pulse until the mixture starts to melt.
  • Turn on the machine and add buttermilk while working. Continue until the mixture comes together to form a ball.
  • Reset all scattered parts and press them together.
  • Wrap the polyethylene foil and let it cool overnight (or at least for a few hours).
  • Roll out the cake dough, place it in the cake tin and put the moulded crust in the fridge while you prepare the filling for the pumpkin pie.

Pumpkin pie Filling

  • Preheat the oven at 450℉.
  • Mix the sugar, salt and spices in the middle bowl.
  • Mix the pumpkin puree with the honey.
  • Heat the evaporated milk in a large pan over medium heat and bring to the boil.
  • Take hot milk from the heat and add it to the pumpkin mixture and beat it into the mixture.
  • Add the eggs one after the other to the pumpkin stuffing. Stir until you put them together.
  • Pour the filling into the cake crust.
  • For the pumpkin pie, bake for 10 minutes at 450°F.
  • Reduce the heat on 325℉ and cook another 35 to 40 minutes.
  • Take the cake out of the oven and let it cool down for about 10 minutes.
  • Put the pumpkin pie in the fridge.


This recipe can also be used to make a large 15 cm cake.
After cutting the edges of a pie or cake, you need to do an extra test. You can use this extra dough to make decorations for your cakes or to bake crispy cookies. I love cinnamon and sugar on mine!


Calories: 493 kcalU Carbohydrates: 39gProtein: 6gFat: 36gSaturated fat: 22gKholisterol: 150mgSodium: 1040mgFibre: 2gSugar: 34gCalcium: 177mgIron: 1.6mg

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