Do you like Bayan spicy mustard sauces? The lantern of pirate pepper sauce should be on your sauce menu. But is the Pirate Lantern X a winner, or do its smell, warmth and ease of use work on the board? Arrr…. There’s only one way to find out. Let’s tear up this spicy delicacy and discover the treasure it contains.


The Pirate Lantern is a spicy bajan-like sauce, and like many other Barbadian sauces, it uses a mustard base. This and vinegar – one-two punch (made from water) in the list of ingredients: Vinegar, water, mustard (vinegar, mustard seeds, mustard bran, salt, turmeric, spices), onions, salt, chilli, rum, horseradish, spices.

It is of course the vinegar for the sauce, which is a slight blow, but that is what the Combo does, with spices and spiciness (between mustard and chili), which form the central point. A mix of herbs (including mustard and turmeric) then adds an exotic and spicy touch in several layers.

Lantern of pirate pepper sauce on a spoon.

But Lantern Pirates’ Lantern is a fine, slightly watery sauce that tames the mustard bite and really lets the taste of onions, pepperoni, rum and horseradish shine through.

And let’s talk about that rum. It really is an important distinguishing feature. The addition of rum gives the Lantern of the Pirates a delicious sweetness. It suits all subtropical Barbadian styles, which is very important when you bring this spicy sauce on the table.

It also contains a good amount of salt with 45 mg per teaspoon, or 2% of your daily requirement. It’s a decent amount, but it works. It is not pretentious and frankly has a balanced and consistent taste that brings out very different flavours.

Heat balance

In the Pirate Lantern Pepper Sauce is pepperoni on the list of ingredients, but it is no secret that it is Scotch to Hood. Scottish balaclavas have a big hit – from 100,000 to 350,000 heat units (SHU) – just like their closest cousin, the Habanero.

But the pirate lantern doesn’t come close to those heights. Quite mild, which is not surprising when you see that the second half of the list of ingredients mentions hot peppers (and they call it a pepper sauce, not a hot sauce. No heat range is specified for the Pirate Lantern. But you don’t get near him because of his heat, as it is.

The thermal balance almost works because the sauce is quite thin, but I can’t help but think it can be hotter. This sauce pours into the perfume, and it feels like a little more heat would increase the overall aromatic profile even more. It is a herb that provides a pleasant warmth, but never reaches the back of the head and never sticks. In short: It’s not a sauce you can even experience a little hot.

Ease of use

The use of spicy mustard sauces can be difficult. But where they work, they really work. And the pirate lantern is no exception.

This sauce is great with anything you normally make with mustard on it. This sauce surprises with sausages, pretzels and hot dogs, sandwiches and popcorn. Yeah, I said popcorn. I’m one of those weird people who makes all that hot sauce on the popcorn thing. He gave a delicious kick to the teeth.

Note that this sauce is not as thick as mustard, so you should be careful when pouring. This could come out pretty soon. It’s easy to pour. Until now I have preferred to put this sauce aside and dip it instead of pouring it over my food and running the risk of getting my plate wet.

For mustard lovers, it will certainly accompany the sauce, but even if you don’t like mustard, don’t stray too far from the sauce, because the profile of the vinegar mixed with the spices makes it a pleasant product.

I also strongly recommend shaking this bottle for at least thirty seconds, otherwise you can just pour a very watery, yellow liquid without all the good stuff.

Collection capacity

The color of this sauce is very beautiful, yellow, almost like the light of the… Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. a pirate lantern. The packaging, the design and the sauce go well together. The name is unique, but when I hear the word pirate, something very wild comes to mind. Back to this heat.


Pirate Pepper Sauce Lantern is a delicious Baja style mustard sauce with a unique rum addition to the flavor list. It’s spicy, tastes good and is a little sweet. It’s sweet, but maybe by accident. It feels like the heat balances the taste a bit more. (Amazon)

General Taste 3.5
Heat balance 3.5
Usability 4
Possibility of registration 4
X Factor 4

On a scale of 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest).

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