If you know your monkeys (and who doesn’t, I say), you may have made a Panama-style howler monkey hot sauce. Primate monkeys – a species indigenous to Central America. But enough about the Nat Geo story. The Howler Monkey Hot Sauce (the original mix) has a real Caribbean flute and is very pleasant with a light to medium bite. But how good is this heat and taste grid and how versatile is it? Let’s dive into a bottle of Revenger Monkey and see how much this Panamanian sauce costs.


If you like hot sauces with vinegar, like Louisiana-style hot sauce (Tabasco is the most popular), the original Monkey Howler is the hot sauce to consider. The vinegar also has a vinegary touch, as the list of ingredients suggests: distilled vinegar, red whiskey bonnet pepper, garlic, onion, mustard (distilled vinegar, number one mustard seed, salt, turmeric and allspice), cumin, black pepper and turmeric.

As soon as you open a bottle of Howler Monkey hot sauce, you smell vinegar. But unlike Louisiana-style hot sauces, where vinegar is followed by the smell of mashed peppers, Howler Monkey follows with the aroma of fresh garlic, onion and mustard. These scotch shells will stay on until you get a drop of Monkey Howler on your tongue.

On the first bite, the Scotch Bonnets finally reveal themselves as part of the overall flavor profile. This sauce really shows off their bright, fruity side. This is followed by a touch of warmth (more on this later).

With bits of fresh garlic and onion and perfectly seasoned mustard, Howler Monkey is like a Louisiana-style hot sauce with a deeper flavor. It’s like a Louisiana-Caribbean mashup, and rightfully so. This is an all-natural sauce (no artificial ingredients) that brings the perfect amount of flavor, sweetness and spiciness to the table. Not too much, not too little. Just enough to complement the dish without overpowering it.

The howler monkey is also decent in terms of total sodium per serving. At 70 mg per teaspoon, it’s not low in sodium, but it’s a pretty light vinegar sauce in comparison.

Howler Monkey Original Hot Sauce on a Spoon

Heat balance

Scotch chili in the hood is equivalent to habaneros in terms of total heat – 100,000 to 350,000 heat units (SHU). So the pepper itself has a certain spiciness, but it is softened nicely by the Howler Hot Monkey Sauce. The brand does not list Scoville heat units, but some say 600 SHU and others are more spicy (1000 to 3000 SHU). I would put it in the upper range of mild to low-medium heat. It’s somewhere between Tabasco Green Sauce (600 to 1200 SCHU) and Sriracha (1000 to 2500 SCHU). For my money, the heat is less than with Tabasco (2,500 to 5,000 SHU), another vinegar-based sauce.

The spiciness increases, but doesn’t last. It disappears in a minute and leaves a pleasant warmth behind. And sometimes the Monkey-Huler tastes better than the heat indicated in Scoville. Because this sauce contains fresh ingredients, it tends to settle in the bottle. This can lead to inconsistent heat (and taste) experiences. Some bite quite softly, others are rather mediocre. For more consistent heat and flavor, shake the senora this bottle and watch the fresh ingredients swirl around.

In terms of balance, the flavor profile of this sauce could definitely be spicier. But Monkey Howler won’t let you down, as it also offers a spicier version of this hot sauce.


Howler’s Monkey Sauce is a pretty versatile sauce that goes well with chicken, beef, seafood (try it on shrimp!) and anything that needs a little spicy vinegar. It’s also great with eggs, pizza, and every time I used it to top a bowl of soup, it was delicious.

This sauce is very thin and watery, so it drains quickly. The hole in the top of the bottle is a little big for a pouring spout to pour this fine sauce into. You can usually find this type of water sauce in a shaker bottle, which means you can take the drops in one go. I think Monkey Howler knew you would take the tablespoon and not the drop, because of the delicious taste.


I love the image of the howler monkey on the label – a nice nod to the sauce’s Panamanian roots. Howler Monkey is also a cool name for a brand of hot sauce. It may seem harsh, but there’s a lot to love about these monkeys and this sauce. The label is a real eye-catcher with its bright colours and the image of a howler monkey.

The brand also offers care packages for the US military to spice up their lives. They also support K9 for the Warriors, so in retrospect it’s really part of the Monkey Howler story. If you’re looking for a hot sauce that serves a purpose, there’s a lot to love here.


Howler Monkey Original Panamanian-style hot sauce that combines delicious heat with fresh mustard and spices. If you want to give your Louisiana-style hot sauce a little more flavor, here’s a hot sauce you have to try! (Amazon)

General taste 4.5
Thermal equilibrium 4
Sociability 4
Collectable 4.5
X-Factor 4

On a scale of 1 (lowest value) to 5 (highest value).

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