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Mimelet is a semi-hard French cheese made from cow’s milk. Bright orange color with a taste of hazelnut, spices and earth with fruity and caramelized tones. This cheese is excellent for grating and melts deliciously on gratins, pies and pastas.

Like Casu Marzu, Mimolette has become famous for his unique way of ageing. Microscopic mites are encouraged to feast on the skin to increase ventilation and improve the earthy taste of the cheese. The criteria also create attractive patterns on the skin that help distinguish this variety from many other products on the market.

The use of ticks in the production process leads to allergic problems, which has led some countries, such as the United States, to ban access to the market. If you can’t get this cheese, you need an alternative. We have compiled a list of suitable mimolette substitutes so that you can continue to live without the original ingredient.

What can I use instead of the Mimolette?

To replace the mimolette in the kitchen, we recommend Edam, Gouda or mild Cheddar as the best choice. They will not imitate the original cheese perfectly, but they all have the same flavour profile and can be used in recipes in the same way. Parmesan cheese, Fontina, Emmental and Appenzeller will also be on display.

Alternative computer graphics in lower case 1. Edam

Edam is a semi-hard Dutch cheese made from goat’s or cow’s milk. It has a slight nutty flavour that increases with age and a creamy texture that begins to become firm, but hardens and dries during the ripening process. If you need to replace the Mimolette, Edam is the recommended choice – it has similar properties and is easy to find in a grocery store.

Although the two cheeses are produced in virtually identical ways, the milk used for each product is different. Cows have a unique diet in each region, resulting in subtle variations in taste. However, most people will not notice the difference.
Edam can be combined with fruit such as pears, cherries, apples or apricots. It is also ideal for slicing and as an accompaniment to sandwiches or crackers. When cooking, use Edam in soups and sauces as an excellent processed cheese.

Did you know about this? The mimolette is also called Frans Edam.

2. Gouda

Gouda is a semi-hard cow’s cheese from the Netherlands, comparable to Mimolette. The taste is sweet and nutty, with a creamy texture and an aftertaste that can vary from mild to spicy depending on age. As this cheese matures, salt crystals develop, giving it a loose texture.

Use Gouda on crispy bread melted in sauces or grated over macaroni and cheese and baked until golden brown.

Although the characteristics of this cheese may vary from brand to brand, it is generally fried and slightly lighter than the Mimolette.

3. Mild Cheddar

The taste and texture of cheddar varieties can vary greatly depending on the crops used, age and a number of other factors. When ripe, it offers a spicy flavour with a spicy aroma. We propose to look for a young, non-aged product that is gentle on the taste and mimics the characteristics of the Mimolette.

You might consider using American cheese, a kind of cheddar, which also gets an orange tint when an annatto is added. This is a good option for melting food and gives a similar result. Don’t forget, however, that American cheese doesn’t have the same quality as Mimolette cheese. This is a great option if you cook for children and people who don’t like luxury ingredients.

Two blocks of cheddar on plateau Cheddar is an excellent processed cheese.

Whatever type of cheddar you choose, you can use it in the same way as a mimolette in the kitchen. Particularly well grated on a rösti grater on cooked dishes and after cooking it turns into a delicious brown and crispy layer.
Tip: If you’ve ever thought of making your own cheese, take a look at our illustrated thuischeddar guide.

4. Parmesan cheese

Old Parmesan cheese has the same hard and granular consistency as mimolette, but its taste and aroma are more pronounced. If you want some more cheese, we recommend Parmesan cheese as an excellent option. Better known as grated cheese, it complements the taste of risotto, pasta, vegetables and soups.

For those who like tasty cheeses, Fontina or Cotija can also be considered a useful substitute.

5. Emmentaler

Emmentaler is a semi-hard Swiss cheese made from cow’s milk and filled with holes the size of an olive. It has a sweet and nutty taste with a creamy and sweet texture and a pronounced aroma. We already mentioned this type of cheese in our article about the reasons for the smell of cheese. Check it out if you want to know what other guys are on the list.

If you want fondue cheese, this is a delicious option that melts into a silky texture. Emmental is also comfortable on a cheese platter and is an excellent substitute for mimolette.

6. Appenzeller

Although Appenzeller is one of the most popular cheeses in Switzerland, it is less well known in the US and many other countries outside Europe. It has a fruity and nutty taste that is sweet in its youth. We advise you to avoid outdated food if you don’t like spicy, sharp cheeses.

Use the Appenzeller instead of the Mimolette as a processed cheese, cut into a sandwich or served on a plate with dessert fruit.

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Frequently asked questions

Why is the mimolette orange?

The cheese acquires its characteristic orange colour thanks to the natural anatogen obtained from the seeds of the Achiot tree. It is an ingredient widely used in many cheeses around the world.

Why is the mimolet banned in some countries?

Some countries regard cheese as a health hazard because small mites can affect the skin as it ages. This is what creates the unique wave surface.

When was the Mimolet manufactured?

Mimelet was born in France in 1675 during the Franco-Dutch war. Since the ban on Dutch cheese in France, local farmers in the northern region have made their version.


If there is no Mimolette in the fridge, Edam, Gouda or mild cheddar are an excellent substitute. They are all universal cheeses with excellent melting properties, but at home they are simply cut or served on a cheese platter with fruit, wine or beer. Don’t forget that Mimolette has a unique manufacturing process that uses small creatures to aerate the shell. The result is a unique taste that will never be a perfect imitation of another cheese.

What do you want to use the Replacement Mimolette for? Please let us know in the comments below.

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