The burger is made with all grass-fed beef, rye bread, lettuce, tomato, pickles and onions, and it is topped with mayo, mustard, and ketchup. All of Gordon Ramsay’s signature elements are there, just without the bread and bun.

The meat and potatoes of the British food chain, the famous Burger is something that many of us have grown up with. It’s where British food culture was born, and it’s a staple of any pub menu. A signature dish for the chef and owner of all three of Gordon Ramsay’s restaurants, this burger is a lower carb, low-fat meal that could be a great option for the Keto diet.

Gordon Ramsay’s Famous Burger Has Been Keto-fied | At the recent launch of his new restaurant in London, Gordon Ramsay announced that the menu would only be available to those that followed a keto diet.

Welcome to the world of gourmet burgers in the comfort of your own home!

In case you didn’t know, Gordon Ramsay has a burger restaurant named Gordon Ramsay Burger at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, and the menu is excellent, as you would expect. The menu’s burger variety alone will make your mouth swim and your stomach growl.

Fortunately, Gordon Ramsay generously released a video of himself cooking the renowned Gordon Ramsay burger on YouTube, and others have also shared the recipe. The video is well worth your time because Gordon Ramsay’s burger will forever alter the way you think about BBQ!

Gordon Ramsay’s hamburger technique is a game-changer!

The only thing you’ll need to create this keto burger is a keto bread instead of a brioche bun, or a lettuce wrap. In any case, you’ll adore our copy!

Half a pound of spare ribs, half a pound of brisket, and a pound of ground beef are called for in Gordon Ramsay’s official burger recipe. To keep things easy and affordable for this keto-friendly version, use two pounds of 80/20 ground beef – 80/20 offers greater taste at the cost of a higher fat content.

Another key to a great Gordon Ramsay burger is to brush it with butter while it’s cooking! Who would do such a thing? This is something Gordon Ramsay does, and the oil adds a lot of flavour, so don’t miss it!

Other delicious cheeseburger variants include Monterey Jack cheese instead of cheddar, chopped fried onions, and a mayonnaise and Dijon mustard combination instead of ketchup. Gordon Ramsay makes his burgers with a hint of egg, then chills them overnight to maintain their form when cooked.

  • To create the ideal Gordon Ramsay burger’ follow these guidelines.
  • Ask your butcher or butcher’s helper to shred the short ribs and brisket and mix them in with the ground beef if you want to stick to the original recipe. It’s a wonderful collection of items. However, 80/20 ground beef is also delicious!
  • It’s best to let the chops cool before grilling so they don’t lose their form. Refrigerate them for at least 24 hours or overnight before grilling. If you’re pressed for time, keep them refrigerated for as long as possible. It’s worth noting that the chilling time isn’t included in the overall cooking time.
  • When the burgers are done, brush them with butter. This is essential for taste and provides the burger a wonderful crispy c oating on the exterior.
  • Season with salt and pepper to taste.
  • Make sure the cheese is Monterey Jack. It has a distinct flavour and melting technique from cheddar, elevating your burger to gourmet level.
  • To economise on carbohydrates, lettuce may be used for keto bread. : 4 SERIES’


Gordon Ramsay’s Keto Burger

TIME TO PREPARE: 20 MINUTES 15 MINUTES’FOR COOKING’35 MINUTES’TOTAL TIME’When you learn this oil-frying technique for the best burger patties’ you’ll never cook burgers the old-fashioned way again!

  • 2 pound beef (ground) 80/20
  • a half-egg, gently beaten
  • a half-cup (from May)
  • 3 t blsp mustard (Dijon)
  • Grease with 1/2 stick melted butter
  • 4 buns for’keto burgers
  • 1 big white onion, slice d into half-inch pieces
  • 4 Monterey Jack cheese slices (you may need to buy a block and slice it yourself)
  • 1 medium tomato, sliced into 1 cm thick slices
  • lettuce (one head)
  • salt (two tablespoons)
  • a half teaspoon of pepper
  • 1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil 1 Combine the minced meat and half of the beaten egg in a large mixing bowl. Then, using the egg and meat mixture, make four thick tortillas. Refrigerate the chops for at least 12 hours or up to 24 hours.


2’After the chops have cooled, remove them from the refrigerator. Season the top and bottom of the chops liberally with salt and pepper, then flip them over to coat the sides as well. Lightly brush the chops with olive oil. Allow 10 minutes for the chops to come to room temperature before grilling.

3’In a small bowl, combine mayonnaise and Dijon mustard; put aside until burgers are cooked and ready to assemble.

4’Preheat the grill to high and fry the burgers on’it.

5 Place the hamburger steaks on the grill’s hottest section. Above all, don’t move the chops while they’re cooking.

6’Place the onion rings on the grill as soon as the chops are done. Cook the chops and onions for 4-5 minutes before flipping them. Cook the chops for approximately 4-5 minutes on each side in a hot skillet. Place the buns on the grill to brown’while the chops and onions are being flipped.

7 Immediately after turning the chops, brush them with melted butter, and then again after 2 minutes. The patties should be dipped twice.

8’While the chops are still on the grill, season them with salt and pepper after greasing the m a second time.

9 Top the chops with Monterey Jack cheese and return to the grill for another minute or so, until the cheese has melted. Remove the onions and rolls from the grill at this point.

10’Make the sandwiches while the cheese melts’On both sides of the buns, spread a spoonful of mayonnaise-donjoba sauce. The lettuce slice is then folded in half and placed on the bottom buns. Season the lettuce with salt & pepper and a piece of tomato. Toss the tomatoes with approximately a teaspoon of mayonnaise-donjon sauce. The cooked chops and onions are now ready’to go into the buns.

11 Remove the chops from the grill after the cheese has melted and put them on the prepared buns. Top with a couple grilled onion circles, then the top bun.

The Keto Bar’s nutritional information is as follows: 949 calories | 78.5 grammes of fat | 20.8 grammes of total carbohydrates | 17 grammes of fibre | 2.1 grammes of sugar | 0.1 grammes of alcohol | 44.9 grammes of protein | 3.7 grammes of net carbohydrates 4 burgers’per batch, 1 burger each serving .899 calories per serving | 78.5 grammes of fat | 3.8 grammes of total carbohydrates | 1 gramme of fibre | 2.1 grammes of sugar | 44.9 grammes of protein | 2.8 grammes of net carbs Presented to you by

This burger will completely transform the way you cook!

You’ll never be the same after eating a Gordon Ramsay burger. The flavour of caramelised onions, melted and creamy Monterey Jack cheese, and Dijon mayonnaise on a burger will alter your mind about burgers. You’ll never want a regular cheeseburger again.

Jen, one of my assistants, tested this’dish and remarked, “Get the napkins ready!” This delicious half-pound burger is restaurant-worthy! The Monterey Jack cheese melts well, and it’s delicious. The flavour is amplified by the addition of caramelised onions. Onions that have been grilled have a sweet, smokey taste. They’re simple to prepare and wonderful to eat! It was a huge hit in my home, and we’re going to make it a regular part of our meal plan.

For your next grilling adventure, try these keto filled burgers!

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