ChocZero Keto Tropical Syrups are not your usual syrups. They are made with 100% cacao powder and contain zero carbs. This is a great product to use during a ketogenic lifestyle, so you can enjoy your favorite fruity drinks without fear of putting on weight! Their flavors include: white chocolate raspberry, white chocolate orange, pineapple, mango, and strawberry.

ChocZero is a brand new line of non-sugar low carb syrups that are perfect for keto diets, weight loss, or diabetic management. ChocZero syrups are made with real fruit, which gives you a delicious fruity taste without the carbs. They are perfect for diabetics, keto dieters, and those that are looking to lose weight.

Not ready to give up on summer yet?

As I cling to the last days of summer, I recently purchased a 3-pack of ChocZero Summer Keto Tropical syrups and wanted to share with you my thoughts on these much talked about keto syrups. Let’s just say: ChocZero knows what he’s doing!

I often use ChocZero maple syrup and their baking chips, and now I’ve fallen in love with their tropical syrups, they are just incomparable. I love that all three fruit syrups have just the right amount of flavor that literally takes you to the beach.

I always turn to ChocZero when I’m looking for keto friendly flavored syrups, and they haven’t disappointed me yet! The texture of the syrup is nice and thick, which I can’t say about many other sugar-free syrups, and it really feels like you’re tasting a real syrup with sugar. The taste is sweet, but not overpowered by the strange aftertaste you find with other sugar-free products.

The tropical summer set features banana, mango and peach.

Interested in buying?! Hurry to ChocZero and order your pack of tropical summer syrups today! I don’t know how long this seasonal package will be in stock.

Need inspiration for recipes with these syrups?

To start, I paired the mango syrup with a glass of unsweetened iced tea for a refreshingly fruity sweet tea (can’t you see I’m still waiting for summer?!). It’s a real ray of sunshine in a glass that makes me think I’m sitting on the beach enjoying the sun.

I even added a little mango syrup to my keto margarita and it was great. And it’s sugar free, so I can enjoy it without guilt!

Another sweet idea is to incorporate banana syrup into one of our keto banana recipes, like. B. in our amazing banana cheesecake pudding. Of course, all of these require the use of banana extract, which is slightly stronger than these syrups, so you may have to play around with the measurements. Even if you just sprinkle it over ice cream, it’s the perfect way to use that fruity flavor!

But what I suggest you try as soon as possible is not a dessert at all, but my peach pork chops that appeared on the site a few days ago.

The sweet and savory glaze, which uses ChocZero peach syrup, is one of my proudest keto creations. I’m already adding this recipe to next week’s menu for my family!

Buy these syrups while they are available!

All in all, ChocZero did it again! And we look forward to continuing to enjoy it, even with the arrival of cooler weather. These sweet summer syrups are delicious enough to enjoy all year round!

Snack attack? Discover also the chocolate delights of ChocZero!

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