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Vegetable shredders offer an attractive opportunity to cut and shred large pieces of product with a minimum of effort and random work. We’ve brought eleven of the most popular choppers, planers, portable kitchen combinations and all-in-one systems to see which save you time and effort in your kitchen. Click here to see the winners and losers.

Vega-Omatic Humor Line Day This type of kitchen appliance was the highlight of my life. But did they deserve it? It’s easy to be snobbish about knives (it’s fun too), but a good cook uses the right tools to get the job done. It is not difficult to cut strawberries with a garden knife, but when you gain a few kilos, the strawberry body is the best choice. When I make a batch of salsa, I use the cook’s knife. When I make a nickel for a big party, I use a kitchen mix.

The big question is which category of vegetable mills belongs to.

Are they a valuable addition to your toolbox if they are cleverly taken along for the right job, or are they suitable for carnival sets and night-time commercials? We put together a large pile of the most popular models and tested them all day to find answers.

Vegetarian mill type

This is a very popular area, and many manufacturers have IDEAS on how to make cooking vegetables easier. For this study we looked at three styles, but there are others.


Vegetarian mandolin shredder for the kitchen

This is the most classic kind of vegetable slices. The top is attached to a shelf that is adjustable in table height from the front. The vegetables are planted on the overflow table with a knife that makes a precise cut in the ground, just like the rest of the vegetarian vegetables on the overflow table. You can adjust the thickness of the cuts by changing the height of the table and also change the shape of the cut by replacing it with another knife. Add extra vertical sheets and the slices become strips.

Mandolins (the e button is optional, VAT) are widely used in professional kitchens where they make perfectly smooth slices for presentation and subsequent cooking. For example, if you want to make chips, they have to be very consistent if you want to cook them evenly.

You might think all those knives near your hands could be dangerous, and you’d be right! An article in the New York Times states that in 2011, 21,699 people with cutting machines and grinders were sent to emergencies, citing Nan Strait, executive producer of Top Chef: You have to be careful with the mandolins… It must be one of the most dangerous household appliances. He’s cutting your hand off now. In order to be able to use one of these gloves safely, you will need a protective glove and/or a cut-resistant glove that is included in the delivery.

Portable machinery for the food industry

Portable food processors

A large electric stove makes it possible to cut vegetables, but it is not cheap. Several manufacturers have tried to produce a smaller, low-tech version that does not require a large pile of money. They all have a bowl with some horrible multi-bladed thing on a rotating shaft. You put the food in a bowl, put the lid on it and use some kind of mechanism to turn the knives. We’ve got knees, a springy pump like a salad spinner and a drawstring like a baby toy. We also have a mini electric version of a standard kitchen combination at a reasonable price.

Network connections

Dixer kitchen net

If there’s a familiar name for this sort of thing, I haven’t found it. These objects have a grid of sheets on a plate placed above the pot. The hinged pressure plate is connected at one end. You place the food on the knives and then press the free end, so that the food can be collected by the knife grid. Most of the models we have tried have different grid sizes for different cuts.

Directions for the procurement of food transport helicopters

There are many variations, so it is difficult to give an exact list of qualifications. From birth onwards, there is a quality of assembly. You’re looking for a device that lasts a long time and doesn’t collapse after a few laps. If you want to use these things in real life instead of having them hidden on a shelf, they should be easy to install and use. This facility should extend to one of the most difficult tests for one of these mills: cleaning. In order to guarantee food safety, you must be able to clean your vegetarian mill with reasonable effort. Look for devices that do not have many strange angles and cracks that require careful cleaning. Finally, a good vegetarian mill should be easy to store. Look for manufacturers that minimize the number of small, easily captured parts and make your device compact and discreet in volume.

Note that none of the last paragraphs were about the actual function of the vegetarian helicopter. To do this, you need to take a good look at the kind of work your helicopter has to do, and then look at the individual reports to see how well each helicopter has done its job. In general, you want to see clean cuts that cook all dishes at once and don’t need extra attention to the hand.

Kitchen testing methods

Diced onions

Onions diced with vegetarian chops.

We used combine harvesters and combine harvesters to dice half the onions. After preparing the sheet according to the instructions, let it go through the machines. We are looking for durable bones without extra effort or cost.

Tomatoes, diced

Tomatoes diced with vegetable slicer

Where onions have tested our choppers’ ability to eat through a hard vegetable, the tomatoes test if they can dice the delicate vegetable without destroying it. Again: We are looking for durable bones without too many problems.

Sliced tomatoes

Tomato slices with vegetarian chops

For this test we took mandolins that were 5 mm too short for half of the tomatoes (or the nearest equivalent). We’re looking for clean plates, even if they don’t do any damage.

Julienne potatoes

Julianized potatoes with vegetarian grating

We added Julienne knives to the mandolins and tried peeled potatoes like Ruset. We’re looking for good, even fries without too much trouble. While we were looking for safety issues in every test, problems arose at this stage.

Chopped garlic

Crushed garlic with vegetable slicers

This measure was intended only for food processors. We knocked over three cloves of peeled garlic each and tried to get an even texture.

We wanted to do two more tests and grind the tea and coriander for our salsa with these mills, but at that moment we were satisfied that we had learned enough and did it with a knife. It was a welcome relief.


Cleaning of vegetarian grinders

The hardest test was cleaning. We cleaned everything we used and evaluated the cleaning process for complexity and safety. We have written down all the particularly complex points.

BEST CHOPERS [Check. I’ve seen it.


1. Vegetarian Main Shop -★C8

Function : Food manufacturer’s guide
Other uses : Storage lid

Chef Vegetarian Shop Food Processing Guide

Buying in the Amazon

It sounded like a joke, but it really worked! I almost lost the words to describe something very good. The cook is smaller in dough than the other models, but it probably helps to hold the food to the knives. He works with an extendable wire, as if he wants to eject a lawnmower and then mow the vegetables.

No more vague praise. It took the cook about 8 movements to pass half of the arch, which is quite close to handicraft, although with a few large porters. He recycled the tomato, and although it was better than other hand-picked kitchens, it was not so good. Garlic is almost perfect. One small thing worth mentioning is that the progress was clearly good.

The cleaning was quite simple, although it was not easy to pass the small sheets safely. Anything but the machine can go in the dishwasher, so this might be the best way. All this material is stored in a compact way and seems to be well assembled. Traction requires a certain amount of power, so I doubt how much traction it has in life. Let’s look at that part.

The chef is really good, easy to clean and store and cheap. The only disadvantage is the lack of capacity. I recommend it for small jobs.

2. Full glass onion chopper – ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ¢

Function : Document shredders (¼, ½ or ¼×2)
Other accessories : Cleaning room, drip tray, storage cover

Shredder with a solid glass piston lifting device

Buying in the Amazon

Where another star tries to be versatile. They do very clever things with drawings that I would very much like. The trap is an ordinary glass baking dish that can be used in the oven. Instead of putting rubber feet on the pot to get lost, it contains a small non-slip silicone mat. I love the drip basket that nestles in the glass container – the idea is that you cut the vegetables in the basket and then drop the basket into the pan without maneuvering anything. All this stuff is kept in the garbage and everything seems solid and as close as possible to the walrus and me.

Onion grinding test on a star crusher

Tomato grinding test on a glass breaker

The onion could be cut quite easily without much effort and came out quite evenly. There were some normal oversized pieces at the edges, but it worked just as well as any other piece in the test. When they cut the tomatoes, they poured the juice on my side, but the parts that weren’t crushed were diced and there wasn’t too much loss.

chopped onions, tested with a Fullstar glass onion chopper.

sliced tomatoes, tested with a Fullstar glass onion cutter

Problems arose during the cleaning process. Like other shredders, cleaning the screens is a disappointing exercise. With so many surfaces, there’s a lot of laundry, and it looks like there’s always another waste on the grid, no matter how often you wash it. Fingers on the printing plate, again the biggest problem. The bulbs are between the fingers and should be carefully picked up with a cleaning comb. The manual says that the appliance can be put in the dishwasher for the top shelf, so it is the right solution, but I think it still needs too much preparation.

All in all, it’s probably the best gauze shredder there is. It does its job, and the price is fair, especially since the mould is included. I find cleaning very difficult, so I don’t keep it to myself.

3. Once and for all – ★ ☆

Function : Mandolin (ish)
Other uses : Cleaning brush

Once and for all, mandolin breakers.

Buying in the Amazon

Because security issues are associated with a standard mandolin, I was happy to try a modern secure version once and for all. Where a normal mandolin needs to move the feed to a fixed knife, this device places the feed in the feed chute and then pushes the knife through the feed with a spring loaded plunger. The adjustment discs on the back allow cuts from 0.5 mm to 8 mm thick and two sets of Julienne knives for fine and thick cuts.

Test - tomato slices - with pizza for pure vegetarian customers.

Tests - cutting potatoes - with tweezers for the pure vegetarian bunker.

The first problem occurred when loading the tomatoes to be cut. They are limited by the size of the trough, about 2.75 × 3.5, so you will even have to cut relatively medium sized vegetables. Even half the tomato we started with had to be trimmed a bit. But as soon as this happened, the tomato was neatly sliced. It took longer to load the potatoes. Because it has to take a long time, we can only make short-haired fries for everyone at once. But wow, what fries! Thanks to the knives, the potatoes can be easily pierced, resulting in perfect fries. I swear, it was the culmination of a whole day of testing.

sliced tomatoes, tested with a link to the website.

Potato slices tested and sent in a pure vegetarian dish.

Maybe the bottom line was cleaning up this mess. To reach the blades, partially press the piston against the spring and enter with the other hand with a cleaning brush. It’s not pretty. And there are many parts that need to be cleaned, most of which require the mechanism to be manoeuvrable during washing. The (excellent) manual indicates that the main unit is not dishwasher safe.

So, how do we put it all together? It cuts so well, but cleans so badly. As someone who normally gets injured in our test kitchen, I appreciate the safety measures taken during grinding, but he doesn’t feel safe when he is cleaning. The fries were the best part of the test day, and the other day I was thinking of hitting Once for Life again for another race. Then I remembered the cleaning and decided to use only a knife. I think that says it all.

4. Müller Mandolin – ★ ★

functions: Mandolin (straight blade, chopping knife, size 3 grater)
Other sprayers : Storage container for the blade

Müller mandolin grinder

Buying in the Amazon

We dropped a special mandolin as a control group for All-in-One. I had high hopes for this. Installation is easy: One button is used to control the thickness and the other two to adjust the spacing between the julienne plates. The main unit can be folded and all knives are in a pocket for easy storage. The quality of the construction is solid.

Test - tomato slices - Müller-Mandoline.

Test - Cutting of potatoes - Müller-Mandolina.

The tomato is easily and effortlessly sliced into nice slices. The markings on the slopes kept the tomatoes flat and light. Potatoes are the closest thing to a malaise in my daily life. It took a lot of effort to get the potatoes through the Julienne’s knives, and the nails on her hands were not enough to get a good grip. Eventually the potatoes got stuck and I tried to figure out how to get my hand in the knife area to get them out. I had to pull the julienne blades through the incisions to get him out. It was pretty ugly, although the chips were first-class.

sliced tomato, tested by Mueller-Mandolin.

sliced potatoes, tested by Mueller-Mandolin.

The cleaning was not unimportant. The main blade is very sharp, but light enough to reach and treat with care. Julien knives require special attention and are difficult to reach safely. I think if you had, you’d want to keep your toothbrush with your cleaning machine to get in and clean the knives.

In general, Mueller wasn’t good enough for the money. He wasn’t significantly better than the competition, but he wasn’t that good. I know there are really good mandolins, but they don’t exist.

5. Master Full Star – ★ C8

Function : Shredder (¼ or ½), mandolin (5 mm, 2 mm, grater, julienne), spiral (size 2)
Other sprayers: egg slicer, egg separator, juice extractor, cleaner, combine harvester, knife holder, safety glove

Main grid mincer with a fixed star

Buying in the Amazon

So, here’s the car, okay. To store everything, fill the collection basket and use the entire organization compartment, with extra pieces to hang on the sides, but it will fit. I’m impressed with Fullstar’s attention to detail, but it feels like a physical embodiment. And that’s not all! All pieces seem to be well stacked and fit together nicely and tightly.

Test the potential of the mandolin with an asterisk.

We started with a ¼ grid on the bow. I had to put on a little weight to get onions, but he did well. The fundamental weakness of these lattice mills is that they only cut in two dimensions, so there are a few long pieces outside the arch, but everything else is beautifully sawn. Then a tomato appeared on a ½ inch grid, and while I was spraying tomato juice, the end of the cut was hard.

After changing the lid of the shredder for the lid of the mandolin I tried slices of tomato. I appreciate that a plastic protector and a protective glove are included. The knife is not designed to cut tomato slices. They tore more than they cut, leaving a pile of torn tomato slices. When I went over to Julien’s knife, I tried potatoes. Although I would describe the cut as a shoe grater instead of a fried potato, the result was pretty good. It took a lot of strength to get the potatoes through with control, and I can’t say it was worth it.

chopped potatoes, tested with a Full Star Master Mandolina lid

When it comes to cleaning, it seems the parts are never ready. The inserts are better cleaned than most and provide sufficient space for safe storage without having to lie directly on the blade. The scissors in the mesh breaker are difficult to clean. Every time we thought the grid was ready, we found another piece of tomato on one of the many surfaces. The fingers on the pressure plate were the worst. Even if we carefully picked them up with a cleaning comb, we always came across large chunks of onions stuck in them. The dishwasher is safe for the top shelf, but you’ll need to cook a lot of these power packs to make them dishwasher safe.

So, is it worth it? I’d say not. Too many things, and they don’t work well enough to justify a clean-up. By the time you have finished cleaning the tractor’s onion, you have wasted all the time and effort that could have been saved by hand glazing. However, the gaashredder does what he claims, even though the mandolin is not so good.

6. Ultra Chef Express Food Copper – ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ¢

Function : Kitchen manual, mandolin (disk, julienne, grater)
Other accessories : Juice extractor, washing machine knife, egg separator.

Ultra-cooked express guide and mandolin cutter

Buying in the Amazon

It’s a strange combination. The Ultra-Chef is built around a main bowl with handle. One lid has a crank for the robot, the other contains several discs. And there’s a third for the centrifuge. It’s not spinning, it’s just an extension above the bowl. Let’s start with the most obvious problem – the storage of this stuff is not taken into account. You will have to take it apart and store it in a box or buy a separate carrying bag to keep it on your own shelf. Actually, he’s unstable.

Tests - Cutting of tomatoes with Ultra Chef Express Food - Use of the mandolin .

Trials - Potato slices - with ultra-multi-man lid - express food use - mandolin .

It works like a portable food processor, just like the other models, which is not very good. The onions were hard to start, but once I set the knives in motion, they cut pretty well. I liked the handgrip, which makes it easy to keep the camera in the right position so it doesn’t escape when the pendulum rotates. The onion he produced was pretty good. They were relatively uniform in size, with few cuts and uncut pieces. The tomato was not so good, which resulted in a mixture of large unbroken slices, small fragments and mashed potatoes. The garlic was slightly better, but there were still huge pieces in it, mixed with small stuffed animals.

When I switched to a slicer, I was surprised it worked pretty well. The tomatoes weren’t perfectly sliced, but they were pretty good. But I really had to work for the fries. Even with a guard I had to use a lot of force besides the many knives to get the right cut. The result is an excellent shoe spawn. One of the problems was removing the disc cover from the bowl. It is clear that there is no way to do it that is not essentially catching a few sheets. Finally I took out a disc and used the receiver to remove the lid.

Sliced tomato with Ultra Chef Express Food-Chopper mandolin cover .

sliced potatoes tested with the Ultra Chef Express foods used in the mandolin

Cleaning was a bit difficult, with some delicate stains on the mandolin slide. Slice and Julienne inserts are difficult to hold when cleaning because they are a bit small and contain a lot of sharp pieces. Cleaning the processor blade is also a bit tedious and requires maneuvering the cloth between the parts of the blade. Moreover, the overall quality of the construction is quite schematic, and I don’t think it can be trusted for long.

In short, Ultra Chef Express is good enough as a slicer, not as good as a food processor and not as good as a general product. It’s not terrible, but there’s no room in my kitchen, even if I could store it.

7. OXO Good handles on vegetable and anion grinders – ★

Function : Grid-Chopper ⅜
Other applications : Cleaning network

OXO Good Handling on the Vegetable and Onion Chopper

Buying in the Amazon

How can I get so many good things from OXO, but see so many bad things? Every time I go to the test kitchen, my opinion of her goes down. Here OXO is trying to produce a simple and efficient version of the mesh crusher. The grate is integrated in the shredding mechanism and is located above the plastic collector. The drip tray has an open bottom, so the idea is to be able to chop it into the bin and throw it directly into the bowl or pan.

Test - chopping of ions - vegetable tongs - chopping of vegetables and anions.

Test - Tomato chop - Vegetable bag and onions.

The problems start with cutting the onions. I had to put all my weight (and a considerable weight) on the stem to chop the onions. It was easy, but not easy at all. The onions came out normally, but there were a lot of slices on 1¼, mixed with well cut dice. Tomatoes are easy to cut, even if only a few cubic centimetres go in the bin. Some pieces were shattered and thrown aside. The other pieces remained in the grate. The pieces that were cut well looked good.

Chopped Onions with OXO-Good-Grips-Vegetable and Onion-Chopper Test .

sliced tomatoes - with vegetable slicers - vegetable slicers and onions.

The best function of the OXO is the cleaning grid. You see, the hardest part to clean on all these grate breakers is your fingers on the sliding plate. OXO has a plastic net that fits between your fingers when you cut. When you’re done, take out the fillet that removes the vegetarian pieces at macro level. Thanks to this function, cleaning was quite easy. The best thing is that it is dishwasher safe. So you can remove the rack to start and finish in the dishwasher.

OXO solves the safety problems of vegetarian shredders with an unsatisfactory solution: They don’t use sharp knives. I can’t see the difference between the top and bottom of the OXO blade, so it’s no wonder I have to use too much force. The overall quality of the construction is good, but I doubt if the plastic hinges can withstand the strength this thing needs. No foreign parts, easy to install and easy to store.

In general, RNA does a lot of things well. It is simple, well thought out and easy to clean. If he was really good at chopping vegetables, he could win this test kitchen. Anyway, I don’t recommend it.

8. Heavy Mueller grinder/cutter – ★

Function : Food manufacturer’s guide
Other uses : Egg separator, washing machine knives.

Müeller Ultra Heavy Duty Hand Shredder and Slicer

Buying in the Amazon

Mueller is certainly well built and has many ideas to make his work run smoothly. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work so well. The Mueller undercarriage is attached to the worktop with four powerful suction cups and then clicks the workbench into place. The blade works with a crank on top of the lid.

Mueller drove straight through the arch with reasonable difficulty, but the results were very uneven, with many large pieces mixed with otherwise good ones. The tomato was more or less the same, but with more processed slices that were made into pulp. There seem to be parts of the bowl where things go away from the knives and never come back. The stable base allows the pendulum to run smoothly, but it damages the consistency of the cut and prevents the food from being lifted in the cutting area. Garlic was not the worst part of the dough, but it gave the tomato a good appearance. The sticky garlic came out of the leaves immediately and almost undamaged.

The cleaning was quite simple, with the same treacherous knife part as other manual kitchens. The quality of the assembly is very good and the handle is removable so that it can easily be stored in one piece in the container.

In general Mueller doesn’t work well enough to be harassed. A good design does not overcome poor performance.

9. Letter Tones Food Shredder Express – ★ ☆

Function : Food manufacturer’s guide
Other uses : No

Brieftons Express chopper

Buying in the Amazon

In this test with all the devices that try to be all at the same time, a device that is just trying to do one thing well has something promising. Too bad she can’t keep her promise.

To start with, I think the pump motor on the wrieftons is the best motor for all these portable kitchen combinations. When you press the pump, it pushes the bowl onto the sink, keeping it stable. It is robust and the pump is removable to fit the bowl, so everything is in one unit. It is easy to clean, with a small warning that a cloth hitting the blades will not automatically produce a cover.

And now the bad part: cutting the vegetables. The onion came out as a big pile of too big pieces mixed with too small pieces. Absolutely no orders. The tomato was even worse, most of it was reduced to cellulose and the rest remained intact. The garlic is sprayed all over the bowl to get away from the knives and is usually successful, most garlic is in large chunks.

Designing a wallet is worthwhile, but that doesn’t apply to cutting vegetables. Skip the procedure safely.

10. Black and Decker Electric Food Shredder – ★ ☆

Function : Electrical equipment for the food industry Other applications : No

Electric black food shredder

Buying in the Amazon

I switch to a full combine when I have to cut a lot of vegetables. That’s why I had placed my hopes in this cheap mini-model, as if it could do the same job on a smaller scale and at a lower cost. We tested a 1.5 cubic meter model, but they also have a 3 cubic meter version that looks the same, but higher.

He certainly worked on our bow and reduced it to a small detail faster than expected. I was better at chopping tomatoes, but it didn’t help. Some parts were completely destroyed, while others remained intact. The blade only covers a fairly small part of the container, so Black and Decker really needs a good circulation for his work. The tomato slices only hung on the outside walls and never reached the knives. The garlic mill was an event for Blacks and Deckers, but it didn’t even shine. The garlic could escape from the leaves, but perfectly, so that some well chopped pieces of garlic stuck to the walls with large chunks.

The cleaning was easy, but this knife is seriously sharp and deserves your respect. The quality of the construction is a little doubtful. The engine has a real zipper, but it starts by pushing the lid lock. It is very easy to accidentally start it when the lid is only partially closed. I also strongly doubt the oil holes in the top. Theoretically you can use these small openings to put oil in the bandage, but I can’t even imagine how you could do that without making a huge mess of it.

In general, Black and Decker is an easy and cheap way to do nothing of value. Forget it, and put the money on a real kitchen combination.

11. Sediment 23 in 1 vegetable slicer – ★

functions: Gauze mill (¾, ½, ¼, 2 ×¼), mandolin (5 mm, julienne, coarse mill, fine mill, potato reader (?), spiral (size 3)
Other nozzles : Cleaner, combine harvester, cleaning brush.

23 in 1 Vegetable mincer

Buying in the Amazon

So here’s Fulstar’s competitor, like a car that goes everywhere. It has many of the same functions and concepts, but lacks attention to detail. With a perfect packaging, all parts really fit in the bin, making them a little more tidy, but you get the impression that there are sharp parts sticking out everywhere. Sedhoom achieves a high degree of compactness by reducing the inserts to achieve a much wider cutting edge and less hand space. The quality of the meeting is not very good. There’s a good fold in all these pieces, and I don’t think they’ll last much longer.

Testing the progeny with the Sedhum 23 in 1 Mandolin vegetable mill

Starting with the grid helicopter, we had an onion problem. This grid is smaller in the dough than the other models, so I had to cut a small piece on the side to fit the grid. It took a lot of force to cut the bow, and I heard something crack when I squeezed it. The top layer of the onion stuck to the fillet, but the part that was really crushed came out normal, with the usual differences in size. You also had to cut half of the tomatoes before you put them in the crusher, and then you got the same amount of tomato juice as the tomato cubes, usually fed from all sides. Half of the tomato is stuck to the leaves. The small part that was actually launched was acceptable.

It’s even worse if you go to the mandolin cover. What he did with the tomato isn’t even considered a cut. The transition to Julien’s blade was rather hairy, because there was nowhere to take a small plate from the blade. Once I put it on, it was hard to cut fries. The overtaking table wasn’t long enough to hold the potatoes, so I had to effortlessly pick up the front of the potatoes while the back was still cutting. The protector is also small and does not protect the heel of the hand, which is dangerously close to the blades. After going through all this, we finally got some quality fries.

Vegetable lid of the mandolin shredder

The cleaning was terrible. It is very difficult to clean discs and julienne boards because there is no place to store them safely during washing. The tomato managed to paint the plate from the disc. Given the minor importance attached to the disc, I think the judges have scored 10-8 per tomato for this round. A huge amount of food stuck to the rust wanted to stay there, and it was difficult to wash it away. The fingers of the slide left more food behind than in one of the pulp mills, and it took a lot of work with the comb to clean it.

Sedhouk has almost no redeeming properties, except for the cleaner, which was sufficient.


I spent 5000 words trying to be reasonable and see vegetarian sharpeners at their best, but now it’s time to switch to copper shirts. Unless you have a special need, there is no reason to buy a vegetarian mill if you have a great knife. If you don’t have a perfect knife, you can read our article on knife sets. That’s where the big problem lies.


Problem 1: Vegetablesmust be prepared first.

This is a total offense to me. To dice an onion or cut it in one of these machines, take a knife and a chopping board, cut off the ends and half of the onion and clean it. Right now you already have a knife in your hand. Why don’t you just finish it? Almost all the vegetables you want to chop have to be prepared with the knife, so the chopper provides more time and clutter without having to change the work of the knife. Why would you do that?

Problem #2: Cleaning – coarse

I don’t think I spent more than a minute cleaning the knife. It’s easy, and there’s a good pen you can hold while you wash it. However, these vegetarian sharpeners are very painful to clean. There are many parts, most of which require laborious cleaning, sometimes with special tools. To make the wound even worse, according to Problem 1 the knife must also be washed! Speaking of injuries, there are many ways to clean these machines with knives.

Problem #3: You do not gain time.

Compared to a knife, the preparation time is counted as laundry, because you have to do it anyway. It doesn’t take long to dice the onion, saving about 30 seconds per onion by helicopter. Add extra washing time to the shredder and you need to produce a truckload of vegetables to really save time when shredding by hand.

Problem #4: Storage

I don’t have room for small hand tools in the kitchen drawer, let alone a large all-in-one set that takes up two places in the cupboard. These things have to be big to earn their place, and they’re not even good.


I don’t want to be negative here. Do you know what a really good herbal remedy looks like? What about the OXO garlic press? You don’t have to make garlic, just throw it in your skin. For ready-to-eat garlic, press the handles together and tighten the skins from behind. A pressure plate on the back of the press cuts holes in the press so that it can be rubbed quickly. It saves time, is easy to store and clean, and is much more efficient than a knife.

So I guess it’s a matter of perfecting your knife skills. I don’t want to be a snob (I always feel like I can), but the knife works. There are some really good videos on YouTube that will get you moving, so it’s just a matter of practice. I think cooking vegetables has a meditative quality that I like very much.


By the way, no worries? OK.

Cleaning once and for all is limited and painful, but it is super effective. If you want perfect (but relatively small) cuts, this device is for you. If you want to carry out a preparation task with a food processor, the cook is quite efficient, even if his skills are limited. When you have your heart on a net to shred, the full star glass of the onion cutter is the best of all and you get a cooking bowl and an anti-slip mat in your hand to hold after shredding.

It was a long day in the test kitchen to get here, but I waved with ten intact fingers. You’ll be safe there, too.

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