Spicy doughnuts? What kind of world do we live in? Halloween at Dunkin’ is getting weird and scary, and we’re watching.

Dunkin describes a spicy Ghost Pepper Doughnut as… :

The first donut packed with peppers in the whole country brings warmth with a strawberry glaze, with a strong mix of cayenne pepper and phantom pepper.

It seems that a wave of spicy food and drink started in strange places a few years ago when Starburst and Skittles released spicy food and drink and continues to this day in the form of Atomic Pumpkin Bear of New Belgium. In honor of Halloween and to create a general buzz in the stagnant market, Dunkin decided that spicy doughnuts were worth a try.

After seeing a lot of national noise from the press agencies we decided to go outside and try something we found very strange and maybe disgusting.

Since Dunkin’s doughnuts have been so in the spotlight lately that they have even been removed from their official name, it would be a small surprise for them if they would go for these kind of doughnuts, but anything to get a few cigarette butts on the seats.

With only $1.19 it was perhaps the lowest investment of recent times to try the last world trip. The donut consists of a standard duck yeast donut with the well-known strawberry acid and is covered with a shiny, sparkling litter, which actually consists of cayenne (a spice used in the Nashville Hot Chicken) and ghost peppers, most of which are the hottest things in the world.

The donut certainly didn’t look sharp, to be honest he could have fooled a stranger and annoyed him if he thought it was just an old, round, sweet candy. The funny thing about this donut is that it doesn’t really look like it has anything to do with Halloween, and it even looks a little glamorous and elitist.

Enough with the lottery, let’s get on with the flavor. If you bite into a donut, don’t fry it immediately with herbs, but it has the original standard strawberry flavour of a donut. However, the herb comes in waves and after burning it takes until the end.

Normally I am a fan of spicy things and for me it was about 5-6 on the level of herbs. Phantom peppers are therefore used sparingly in all cases, otherwise the donut may cause slight disturbances of the heart rhythm. So you have a large, ordinary donut, and you come into its hypocritical harmony with a daring, hastily peppery feeling.

It’s a little weird and a little uncomfortable for me. I understand the feeling that you have to try something new to discover new favorites, but who asked for it? I’ve never sat in my life, made coffee or wondered out loud why they didn’t invent spicy doughnuts.

Dunkin’s Spicy Pepper Donut is what you expected. A very peppery and tired laryngeal donut that offers a combination that many people do not want to try after their first experiences. I just didn’t like it, that’s all. That’s really the answer to a question nobody asked.

Dunkin’s Spicy Ghost Pepper Donut: 2.5/10

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