The popularity of Kettles has skyrocketed in recent years. In fact, as a nation, we now have more Kettles in use than ever before. However, what is it exactly about them that makes them so popular? Is it the convenience of one-handed operation, the speed of work, or the fact that they can make boiling water so easily? You can boil water faster than ever with the aid of a Kettle. Your microwave will boil water just as fast, but you can only boil water with the use of a microwave oven.

The kettle is something that is found in many homes, and has become an almost integral part of our everyday routine. It’s a standby for boiling and heating water, and for tea and coffee lovers it’s the way to get a hot cuppa without having to turn on the oven.

Have you heard of Kettles? They’re tiny kitchen appliances that attach to the side of your sink and make a clanky noise when they boil water. They’re also a very popular gift for new parents, and have been for a while. It’s not surprising that, by the time the baby’s a few months old, the water in the baby’s bottle is already warm. Why? Because the kettle was plugged in, waiting for a turn. So, should you buy one?

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What is the meaning of Fellow?

With a younger face added to this increasing trend of home brewing with coffee and tea, tea kettles are very popular on the market these days. This article will show you how to brew tea using Fellow Tea Kettles, the newest child on the market.

Jake Miller founder of fellow

For those who don’t know, Jake Miller launched Fellow in 2013 as a consequence of a Kickstarter effort. The Stagg Pour-over Kettle, which made its public debut in 2016 at the Design Debut exhibition, was their first invention. Since then, they’ve continued to introduce additional kettles, all of which are designed for use with pour-over and tea brewing techniques.

Their kettles are available in two styles, both of which may be warmed on their ergonomic heating pad or on a normal cooktop. A San Francisco-based team of prototype engineers developed the designs. The kettles are then produced in China and transported back to the United States, where they are sold in a variety of stores. Keep in mind that they specialize in producing hot water kettles, which is exactly what consumers want when it comes to quality.

Is it True That Fellow Kettles Are Good?

fellow kettle on wood table

According to Amazon customer ratings and YouTube testing review sites, Fellow kettles score remarkably highly. Their build quality and design are excellent, and they include built-in features that make brewing tea or warming water for tea easier than with many other kettle manufacturers. The counterweighted handle and the thermometer are two characteristics that keep popping up.

Handle with a Counterweight

The ergonomic handles on the Stagg, Corvo, and Raven all assist counterbalance the carafe as you pour the water. These handles are usually black, although they are also available in Walnut. If your handle breaks for whatever reason, they even offer new handles. The only drawback is that you’ll still need to use an additional finger or two to pour from the kettle’s leading edge. If you’re not cautious, this may result in burnt fingertips.


A thermometer that goes into the lid of your kettle is a fantastic addition. This is shown by indicators that indicate the ideal temperature for brewing straight immediately. This thermometer’s cover can be removed for cleaning, so you’re not trapped with a clumsy design. The greatest aspect is that you don’t have to worry about the temperature since the designated colors indicate when your water is at its optimum.

How About a Cup of Tea?

A man making tea with fellow kettle on wood table

Unless you want to invest in a specialized tea maker, any of the Fellow kettles will suffice for brewing tea. The Raven model is your best option for this task since it has a convenient tea filter that fits directly into the carafe. When you buy the Duo coffee steeper, you may also get a tea seeper, which is a separate tea filter. This comes as a standard attachment with the Raven kettle, allowing you to make tea or coffee at any time.

The tea filter in this type is made of stainless steel and the holes are etched rather than punched, which is a lovely touch. This provides great filtering without introducing tea leaf fragments into your drink. Because it cannot be washed in the dishwasher, all you need to do is clean it in the sink with warm soapy water.

Because all of Fellow’s kettles are intended to perform a single function, any of their designs are ideal for brewing tea. A tea seeper connected to a pour-over tea brewing pot is all you need. In any event, they leave the rest to your imagination when it comes to making your favorite tea. If you’re looking for a classic kettle, go over to our whistling tea kettle review.

The Kettle Is Called “Black”

fellow kettle matt black with books on wood surface

Fellow kettles and accessories are finished in a beautiful powder black finish that looks great in any kitchen. They also offer a matt white option, which is lovely but may be troublesome if you spill tea or coffee on it. Nonetheless, anyone’s style will benefit from its matt black finish. But, unless you take a closer look at the Fellow mission statement, that should be the end of the tale.

We’ve discovered that many Chinese-made goods may be hit or miss. Fellow kettles are well-made and have excellent ratings, but they fall short in their effort to appeal to a tiny but vocal segment of the tea and coffee market. Fellow seems to be in the race for stormy seas, if you’ve heard the phrase Get woke- Go Broke.

peoples drinking coffee and supporting BIPOC initiatives

They’ve made recent statements that they’re fighting white supremacy and supporting BIPOC initiatives. Honestly, how much more diverse and inclusive does making tea need to be? Employees of their company now are submitted to anti-bias training, checking privilege and awareness of bias whiteness, in addition to mandatory company-wide training and programs focused on BIPOC issues.

We’d like to believe that people who like tea and coffee are also aware of their history. Tea was invented in China in the third century and was first consumed there. Tea was introduced into Europe in the 1600s thanks to Dutch merchants, and by 1650, it had made its way to England. They discovered a viable trading route in India, where tea manufacturing expanded to offset the Chinese monopoly issue, since tea was part of a vast business that became popular in England.

Tea isn’t inherently racist; but, since the Chinese had such a grip on the tea trade, they increased prices to profit because they controlled the commodity. That’s just coercing a supply chain into ensuring that every unique product enjoys exclusivity while it’s available. Every innovative product that hasn’t been replicated, such as the Impossible Burger and the social media center Twitter, exemplifies this.

Despite their rules and procedures, both of them are focused on having complete control over their product access. Only time will tell how these goods eventually fade away; nevertheless, tea and coffee have been enjoyed for ages by everyone who enjoys the flavor of these products. Fellow kettles, we hope, will be able to withstand a comparable storm.

Who are Kettles, and what are they all about? Well, I’ll tell you. “Kettles” are a type of coffee pot that has been around since the late 17th Century. They came about because the basic design of a stove (the “grate”) was the same as a kettle (the “pot” from which coffee is made).. Read more about fellow corvo ekg electric kettle and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a fellow kettle worth it?

A kettle is a device used to boil water. It is worth it if you want to boil water.

Why are fellow kettles so expensive?

I am not sure what you mean by fellow kettles but they are expensive because they are made with high quality materials.

Who owns fellow coffee?

The coffee company owns the coffee.

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