If you want to know everything there is to know about growing ghost peppers, you’ve come to the right place. Ghost peppers (bhutjolokia) are among the favourite peppers we grow. We enjoy the landing of the ghost peppers every season. They are relatively easy to grow, very hot and taste delicious in a homemade hot sauce.

Ghost pepper harvest

Phantom pepper or Bhut Jolika is known for its scorching heat and unique wrinkled shape. With about 1,000,000 SHU on the Scoville scale, this pepper will certainly add a little spice to your garden. This guide explains how to grow ghost peppers from seed.

If you want to prevent phantom peppers from entering the house, you can buy a plant for your garden. Some garden centres sell ghost pepper plants or you can look for Etsy.

Perhaps one of the greatest moments in horticulture is buying seeds! We like to look at seed varieties and decide which one to plant. One of our favorite ghost peppers is Peach Ghost. The capsules ripen to a beautiful peach color and give our garden a unique color. We recommend that you keep it interesting and choose different types. Browse our list of favorite retailers to buy pepper seeds online.

Peach with seed pepper

Once you’ve decided which ghost peppers to plant, it’s time to choose the soil and fertilizer.

If you turn your phantom pepper inside out, you have to use the seed-dissolving mixture. You can find them in any garden shop or online at Amazon. The seed starter mixture is much lighter than soil and creates ideal germination conditions.

Approximately 3-4 weeks after germination you will transfer your plants to another soil substrate. Don’t think about the soil you have to use to grow your phantom pepper. We recommend an organic and clayey pot mixture.

At this stage you want to avoid the use of dirt in the soil. This soil is too heavy for pot plants and does not allow adequate drainage. You can find the right mix of pots in any garden shop or buy online.

Before you start growing ghost peppers, you should first think about how much space you need to grow them. Make sure you have enough space for your seedlings and for larger plants that may not be ready to hatch.

When should you start growing ghost peppers 8 weeks before your plants are transported to their last outdoor enclosure? Phantom peppers grow best in a climate higher than 75-80 degrees.

It should be noted that ghost peppers germinate for a long time. Like other super hot breeds they are very persistent and can germinate for about 35 days. If you use phantom peppers indoors, we strongly recommend using a heating mat for the seeds to keep the floor at an ideal temperature of 80 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Seed coating Dome Humidity

Sieve the phantom pepper to a depth of 2.5 cm in the pre-moistened first mixture. We recommend Bootstrap Farmer seed trays. They are of high quality and can easily be reused every year. They also sell excellent seed launchers. Now that your seeds have been sown, it’s time to put them on the sowing mat and wait!

Keep the seed trays moist and water them when the soil is dry. They want the soil to be moist, but not wet.

Once your seedlings have germinated, it is time to place them under the light of your plants. If you’re new to pepper cultivation, you don’t have to invest in something beautiful. Discover our guidelines for cultivated lighting and choose the light that suits your room and budget.

If you have a sun threshold, you can also grow pepper. Where we live, we always use the culture of light to get the best results.

The use of fertilizers is one of the most confusing issues for new pepper growers. You will want to start fertilizing ghost pepper plants as soon as they form the first set of real leaves (about 2 weeks after germination). If the seedlings are young, start with the 1/4-1/2 feeding mode. The correct proportions must be indicated in the fertilisation instructions.

To keep it simple, we like to use the Fox Breeding Trio. This trio provides the nutrients needed for the entire growth cycle of phantom peppers.

Before you know it, your ghost plants will be transplanted into larger pots. You know that your plants are ready when the roots reach the end of the seed tray. At this point the height of the attachment will be about 3 inches.

We have a complete transplant manual here. At this point you no longer use the seed start mix. At this point, move your phantom peppers into an organic jar.

Transplanting peppers

If you plan to transplant sweet pepper plants into the ground, make sure that there is no risk of frost. It will destroy your ghost plant and wipe out all the work and time you have invested in germinating the seeds.

Phantom peppers like space for placement and growth, so don’t forget to leave a few meters of space between the plants. If your phantom peppers stay in the jar during the season, your last jar should contain at least 3 litres.

Before you take your plants out, you want to harden them for a few weeks. See our complete guide to curing paprika plants.

Phantom peppers have a long growing season – (up to 150 days between planting and harvest!) The sticks can ripen for a long time and change colour. We like to see how the colours slowly change over the course of a few weeks.

The timing of the phantom pepper harvest depends on the variety grown. Pepper is ready to be harvested when it is hard to touch and has reached its final colour. Peach pepper ripens to a light peach colour, while some types of chocolate ghosts take on a dark brown hue.

Colored pepper ghost grows

After you’ve harvested the phantom pepper, you can make a lot of it. We like to dry and powder them. You can also try adding ghost peppers to stir-fry or chili if you want it really hot. Add a few slices to the homemade cucumbers to give them a good boost. The possibilities are endless!

Are you planning on growing ghost peppers this year? Let us know which varieties you are going to grow and what you plan to do with your crop! We hope this guide has been a useful introduction to growing ghost peppers from seed.


Crystalyn loves spicy food and creativity in the kitchen. If she can’t find new ways to use hot sauce, she is very busy watching online videos with her cat.

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