In 2010, renowned bell pepper producer David Capiello developed the “7 Pot Brain Strain” pepper. The strain is said to have been created by selection, which allowed the seeds of desirable fruits to be preserved for several generations.

The goal was to choose a pepper whose superfolded surface resembled a human brain. The original source was a 7-legged pepper from Trinidad, so it is not surprising that the pepper was named “7 Pots Brain.” 7 peppers to stretch your brain.

These peppers are very hot and are the hottest in the world. This is not surprising, since the brain stem shares many of its genetics with the former world record holder, the Trinidadian scorpion Moruga.

In this article, I will cover the basics of the 7 Pot Brain Strain pepper, from its origin to its Scoville heat score to its flavor and much more. Let’s get started!

7 pot distortion of the origin of the brain

In 2010, through careful selection, David Capello developed the shape, heat and flavor of the Brain Strain pepper variety. The first pepper variety he used was Trinidad 7, a famous Caribbean variety.

Breeding is an ancient method of improving crops. This process is quite simple and differs from crossing peppers.

Basically, plants are grown and the ideal fruits are selected for seed preservation. Peppers with the right characteristics are selected and then used for the next generation of plants.

Over many growing seasons, natural genetic selection causes new traits to stabilize over time. This process is less scientific than crossbreeding, where flowers are emancipated and two plants are crossed.

The original plant originated from seeds from Trinidad, where many of the region’s hottest pepper varieties come from. The 7 Pot Pepper from Trinidad also contributed to the development of the 7 Pot Primo and Carolina Reaper!

7 Preventing brain malformation in the jar

The seven pickled peppers all look menacing, but the goal in making the “Brain Warp” was to go further. Some peppers have more wrinkles than others, but the “brain warp” is just lumpy!

This pepper immediately enters the mind of the human brain, hence the name. It also looks like molten lava, which perfectly reflects the heat it contains.

Its shape is very similar to that of the Moruga scorpion, although it does not have a distinct tail. Instead, the tip of the flower is usually flat, and any tail present is incorporated into the fruit.

7 Pot Brain Strain Pepper

The eccentric, molten and bumpy look is appealing to chiliheads and s. The crazier, the better!

7 Scale for the spiral deformation of the brain of the jar

It’s no surprise that Brain Strain pepper has an extremely high heat content. It comes from one of the hottest peppers in the world and still retains much of its spiciness!

In short, the 7 Pot Brain Strain pepper is sold at about 1,200,000 units on the Scoville scale. This puts the brain strain at about 200,000 units above the Bhut Jolokia (phantom pepper)!

How the brain deformity burned me.

The first super hot pepper I tasted was a small piece of Brain Strain pepper. It was a hot summer day and I was at Chilifest in Sunderland, Massachusetts. They had samples of all kinds of unique peppers, so of course I was looking for the super hot ones.

“Brain deformity, ha! What a beautiful name, I’m going to try this baby,” said my naive and misinformed husband. “It’s the size of a peanut…”

Five minutes later, I was in total agony. Fortunately, I enjoyed the experience. Nothing could put out the fire, and my heat tolerance was ridiculously low, so I just ran from the pain.

After about 15 minutes, I was overcome by a feeling of euphoria like I had never experienced before – an endorphin rush!

I was shocked to see how powerful a little pepper can be, even without the placenta! Strain Brain Peppers are serious peppers that will amaze even the most ardent hot sauce lovers.

7 Brainstem flavor

In the short time I had to absorb the flavor profile, I remember Brain Strain pepper being quite tasty. It was fruity with a strong flavor, almost smoky.

I remember saying something like, “Why don’t they sell this in the store, it’s delicious! That was, of course, before the heat got in my face.

They are really delicious, and I said the same thing about the other Caribbean peppers. Scotch Bonnets, Scorpion Peppers, Goat Peppers and more. They really have a tropical fruity flavor that is perfect for making delicious hot sauces and salsas.

Grow 7 jars of peppers to stretch your brain

If you want to try these peppers, you may have to grow them yourself. There are online places where you can order fresh peppers, but they are usually only available during the main harvest season.

To grow Brain Strain peppers, follow our super-soft guide to growing peppers here.

Growing a Superplant differs only slightly from growing any other kind of chile. The main difference is the timing of the harvest. It can take 120 days or more for an outdoor plant to produce ripe peppers.

Like all peppers, they like warm temperatures, full sun, good drainage and plenty of nitrogen early in the plant’s growth. They are ideal for growing in pots or in a raised garden bed.

The plants can grow huge and under ideal growing conditions can easily reach 5′ or more in one season. Make sure you have room for a large, bushy plant!

I hope this article has helped you learn a little more about the 7 Pot Brain Strain pepper. It has become a cult classic in the super pepper range, and for good reason. Share your experiences with this pepper below!

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One of the original ones! When Calvin is not gardening or learning about peppers and botany, he is traveling to new places or making music.

Frequently asked questions

What is the temperature of the 7 peppers?

7 Douglas sweat is measured between 923,889 and 1,853,986 Scoville Heat Units (SHU), so it’s definitely spicy pepper. Jalapeño peppers measure between 2,500 and 8,000 Scoville Units and habanero peppers are around 300,000, so you should have a good idea of overall spiciness.

What is pepper in pot?


Which pepper has the highest Scoville units?

Carolina Reaper got the Guinness World Record for the strongest chili pepper in the world with 1.4 to 2.2 million Scovies. Dragon’s breath is said to be even hotter, as it can reach up to 2.4 million Scovies.

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