Looking for a tasty sauce that you can easily have on your kitchen table day after day? The Classic Hot sauce (the first one we tried) is perfect. It’s a simple hot sauce, incredibly versatile and just spicy enough. How does it taste? And how balanced is this heat really? Before you start the 300. In our second episode of Hot Ones, we’re going to dissect the classic hot sauce and see what it’s all about!


The ingredient list of a classic hot sauce includes a double dose of vinegar that slaps you in the face. They are added just after the peppers, which are a favorite here: Organic Arbol peppers, organic apple cider vinegar, organic rice vinegar, water, organic garlic, organic turmeric and salt.

The classic takes you on a journey of taste. These vinegars come on quickly with lots of classic hot sauce, followed by a delicious nutty flavor and the heat of arbol peppers. Again, there is a bit of haze that goes away after a few bites.

Enjoy the classic Hot Ones hot sauce with the first spoonful.

Then, at the end, you get a touch of spicy earth from the garlic and turmeric. You can even see bits of fresh garlic floating in the sauce. Overall, it is a complete product in terms of taste. It’s a classic, but not an everyday classic. These organic ingredients really shine here.

Sodium: This classic is impressive for its low sodium content. It contains only 20 milligrams per teaspoon, or 1% of the daily dose. It’s impressive how deep the flavor is, and the salt is not a major ingredient. And if you’re watching your sodium intake, this is a good low-sodium hot sauce to stock up on.

Heat balance

The Chili de Arbol is a medium pepper with a heat of between 15,000 and 30,000 grains. It is sharper than jalapeño (2,500 to 8,000 SHU) but generally milder than cayenne (30,000 to 50,000 SHU).

But of course, with any hot sauce, dilution works. Hot Ones’ classic is just under mild jalapeño (1,800 SHU), with the addition of fresh bell pepper (1,000 to 1,500 SHU). Or, compared to other hot sauces, the Sriracha level (1000-2500 SHU.) In short: If you can handle the Sriracha, you can handle the Classic from Hot Ones.

This heat is not too intense or persistent. The heat you will feel for the longest time is a little heat on your tongue, like after eating a lot of pepper. You will feel a slight bump on the back of your head, but it will quickly disappear.

Balanced in flavors, I’d say it’s close to perfection. It may be a little spicier, but Arbol’s Chili is as much about the delicious nutty, smoky flavor as it is about the spiciness.


You know the versatility is better when you call it Classic. And it is: It’s the #1 Hot Ones sauce for a reason. You can use it with anything and everything, making it a great hot sauce for the table, alongside Sriracha and Tabasco’s original red sauce.

The classic sauce is a hot sauce that you can prepare without too much effort, except you can use a bottle during the week). The heat is low enough that you can pour it and enjoy the volume.

It’s great on the Hot Ones go-to (wings), but that’s just the beginning of the list of delicious use cases: Sandwiches, soups, vegetables, pork, steaks, eggs, mashed potatoes, rice, you name it. In my opinion, there is no wrong way to use this sauce.

I also recommend using it with any dish that contains garlic. In fact, the Classic goes well with garlic paste. It gives a nice tangy flavor and a hint of vinegar and complements the garlic perfectly.


Of course, for anyone who watches the Hot Ones, this is an absolute collector’s item. I mean, who wouldn’t want to compare themselves to Scarlett Johansson’s hot sauce reaction? But for those who haven’t seen the series, this classic is a good talking point.

And the label. It features the classic red and yellow colors, as well as the Heat with Heart quote from Heatonist. Their fire screaming chicken logo is perfect for the Hot Ones series (wings and hot sauce, from mild to wacky!).

Some people complain about the price of the Classic, but I think it’s definitely worth it. It’s just a complete package – a stacking sauce that will keep you coming back for more.


The Classic Hot Sauce is very pleasant in the mouth (spicy, nutty, earthy and a hint of smoky) with a very pleasant spiciness. It is very versatile and absolutely fun! A 100% classic and a must-have for any hot sauce collection.

General taste 5
Thermal equilibrium 4.5
Sociability 5
Collectable 5
X-Factor 4.5

On a scale of 1 (lowest value) to 5 (highest value).

frequently asked questions

What is the best hot sauce of all hot sauces?

The hottest sauces.

What happens if you eat hot sauce every day?

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What is the number one hot sauce in Mexico?

Mexican products, the best in the world….

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