Ava pettina dadojanam, a creamy curdled rice pudding flavored with mustard, tempered with Indian spices and transformed into a great festive dish for Ugadi.

ava pettina daddojanam or mustard-flavoured curdled rice pettina

Ava pettina daddojanam is a classic endhra-style curdled rice pudding flavoured with raw mustard porridge. A very popular refreshing stew that the Telugu people love. Ava pettina means mustard sauce in English and padogianam means rice pudding. During festivals like Ugadi, many home cooks prepare rice pudding as one of the festive dishes offered to God. I love rice pudding or sadam shot served in temples like the ones in Tirupati and Tamil Nadu. The taste of temple curd is extremely difficult to reproduce at home.

Rice pudding is an integral part of South Indian cuisine. In Andhra, Perugu Annam or Daddojanam is a comfort food for babies, children, adults and the elderly. It is very popular because it is light on the stomach, easily digestible, fresh, healthy and delicious. During the hot summer months, pumpkin or yogurt rice makes a great bowl dish. I grew up eating rice pudding, and my meals are not complete without it. A bowl of cottage cheese with a side of pickles is enough for me for lunch during the hot summer months. Comforting, creamy and melt-in-your-mouth foods at their best!

how to make rice pudding

There are variations of the basic Andhra Daddojanam recipe that call for a simple tempering of mustard seeds, split gram dal, green chilli and asafoetida topped with fresh coriander. A popular variation on the basic candy is to add chopped cucumber and/or grated carrots. Another popular option is to add chopped fruit like mango, grape or pomegranate. l

Ava pettina daddojanam’s recipe is a simple, no-frills dish that is incredibly delicious. The soaked mustard seeds are crushed into a coarse paste in a mortar pestle and added to a recipe for finely seasoned ricotta rice. Cook for a perfect meal with rice in a lunch box. Serve it with a cucumber, roasted chili or fries of your choice and you get a tasty, simple but nutritious dish.

ava pettina dadojanam ugadi

How to prepare rice pudding or avapettina dadojana?

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