Growing hydroponic plants is easier than you think. Yes, this requires special water-soluble nutrients, but with just a few inputs you can quickly get started with a simple system.

In this article we show you how to build a hydroponic installation of the type Ball, a glass vessel that you can assemble yourself! It’s easy, it’s fun, and it looks pretty cool when it’s done.

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To make your own hydroponic container, you need some basic accessories. These are exactly the basic elements you need to build your own system.

  • Bullet case, lid and seal. You can buy pitchers online at Amazon or at much lower prices at most local hardware stores. They are also available in department stores. We use a quarter of the cans, but you can use smaller or larger cans, depending on the space you need to grow.
  • Clean the pots. Clean pots are used to hang the plants in a container above the water. They are available online at low prices, or you can sometimes find them in kindergartens. They are available in 2-inch and 3-inch jars. The 3-inch pots fit perfectly in a box with balls in the mouth, but they are larger than most plants need. We use 2″, but 3″ certainly makes it easier for us!
  • Replacement plastic (optional). If you use clean 2 inch pots, you need some thin plastic to make the ring. She hangs a gauze jar and closes it firmly under the rings on the lid of the box. This can be an empty food container or a similar container.
  • paint or opaque paper. To prevent algae growth in the tank, the ball must be covered. Black spray paint is ideal for blocking the light itself. For aesthetic reasons we used a layer of black, then a layer of gold and yellow. We used this type of spray paint.
  • Rock wool and hydroton. They are only needed when you are ready to start growing plants in a balloon can. Rockwool is a popular aid for germinating seeds. Although this is natural, rock wool should be handled with care as it can irritate the skin and lungs. Hydroton is just a dehydrated clayey rock. Wash and dry thoroughly before use.
  • Pump, hose and air stone (optional). Because we mainly grow pepper, we opted for the water cultivation method, which consists of pumping air bubbles to the bottom of the water. Bubbles float on the surface of the water and create a moist environment in which the root system remains moist and collects oxygen. Another method is called letters, which we’ll talk about later.

Hydroponic cover for spherical dishes Basic hydroponic culture feed for spherical dishes.

Manufacture of a container with a hydroponic ball

With all the necessary accessories at hand, you are ready to assemble your hydroponic ball pit! If you paint a can, the process can take a day or two to dry completely. Otherwise, you can set up the bank in about an hour.


  1. Paint the box.

When drawing a tin, start with the rim where the lid screws are attached. This part does not need to be deleted. Take the cans out and place them on cardboard or paper bags by turning them over. Apply as many coats as necessary and allow to dry.

If you don’t intend to paint a tin can, you should cover it with something opaque, like brown paper. Be creative! As long as the light doesn’t go through the cans, you’re good. Some people use rubber bands or tape to keep the floor in place.

  1. Cut the plastic ring.

If you use 3-inch pots, they should fit perfectly in a box with a wide opening in the shape of a ball. If you have 2-inch gauze jars, draw 2 circles on a flat piece of plastic. For larger circles, use a gasket on the ball joint cover. Then use the ring of the mesh pot to follow the second bend in the ring to the middle.

First cut out the centre circle by cutting it from the side too small, not too big. If the circle is too big, the gauze pot just falls out. Test the gauze pot to make sure it fits and then cut out the outer circle. At the end of the operation, the ring must be placed firmly under the lid of the ball body. Ball head cover pulled

  1. Make a hole in the ring.

If you use an air pump, you will need space for the pipes to get into the boxes. Most standard pipe is 1/4 inch, which means that a standard perforator will do the job. Drill a hole in the plastic ring so that it is accessible when the plugs are screwed in.

  1. Install the pump and the air stone.

If you use the Deep Water Cultivation (DWC) method, cut the length of the hose and make sure the non-return valve is between the pump and your tank. Connect the air stone and place it on the bottom of the box by inserting the pipe through the punching hole. Air pump hose for hydroponic ball container

  1. Get the banks.

As soon as the paint dries and your mesh pots are in place, your spherical container is ready! All that remains is to germinate the seeds and provide nutrient-rich water under certain growth lights. Bullet glass with clean tank

DWC vs. Cratsk method

If you are unsure which hydroponic method to use, consider the pros and cons of each method. Here are the basics.

DWC method (deep water culture)

The hydroponics method involves injecting air through an air stone into your nutrient solution. Air stone is a porous piece of rock that creates small air bubbles when air passes through it.

Air bubbles serve two purposes. One of them is the oxygen supply to the roots. The other is to keep the roots moist during growth. Roots that are not immersed in water can dry out without the air pump releasing constant air bubbles.

Air stone Hydroponics The air stone forms the smallest air bubbles when connected to an air pump.

Your pump is likely to operate 24 hours a day when using the DWC and usually has more settings. However, it has been shown to produce more robust plants, especially fruit crops such as peppers and tomatoes.

If you only grow green leaves or herbs, Kratka should be fine.

The benefits:

  • marked expansion
  • Healthier root systems

The holes:

  • More installation and delivery is needed
  • More services
  • Can lead to algae growth

Scraping method

The short hydroponic method is much easier. The idea is to leave enough space between the roots of your plant and the waterline, so that the roots can absorb the necessary oxygen. As the plants grow, the water level drops and the roots have more room to breathe.

If you plan to grow lettuce, spinach, basil or other leaf products, Kratka should work well. If you plan to grow peppers or tomatoes, the use of DWC is recommended.

The benefits:

  • Easy to set up
  • No power for the air pump

The holes:

  • Slow plant growth (normal)

It has been proven that each of these methods produces healthy plants, but you have to choose your method carefully based on the fact that you plan to grow hydroponics.

Other points for attention

This article is dedicated to the creation of a plant cultivation system. For more information about the actual start of your landing, you can use these means.

Lighting – Discover the lighting possibilities for the extension.

Nutrients – We use granular nutrients from general hydroponics and follow the nutritional instructions.

Cultivation of peppers – We specialize in the cultivation of peppers. If you want to grow the peppers, check out our growing guide here.

I hope you enjoy this project as much as I do. Follow our YouTube channel to see our hands on video, especially if you like pepper!

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