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Indian 15 day food plan with pantry, for self-isolation, quarantine, coronavirus blockade situation. These quarantine resources help you prepare meals at home during a lockdown or curfew related to coronavirus. Here is a list of healthy Indian dishes, breakfasts, snacks, pastries, desserts, lunches and dinners that you can prepare in this second wave of the pandemic.

I love meal planning (How to Start Meal Planning) and sharing my cooking/seasoning tips with you all, but something I never thought I’d share is a 15-day quarantine meal plan. But here I am, writing this Indian menu and shopping list in case you decide to quarantine yourself to be safe from the coronavirus.

If someone asked me what the most important thing I learned as an Air Force officer’s wife was, it was to live as best you can with limited resources and prepare for the worst. Meal planning is something I’ve had to learn as a survival technique, for better or worse.

Instead of leaving the house for your daily needs, stock up on kitchen ingredients.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a meal planner and a meal preparer, because that’s how I’ve lived my life. Because I lived in a remote neighborhood and depended on our food supply, including milk and groceries that arrived every two weeks, it was part of my life to plan meals and use available food supplies.

And not only that: Ask any military wife and she’ll tell you how to throw a great party in no time with those limited resources. Yes! I am proud to be married to a man in uniform and proud of what military life has taught us and passed on.

But I never thought that we would ever experience such a day, when the whole world is trying to fight this terrible coronavirus Covid-19, and the WHO has already declared it a pandemic. We lost it in 2020 and now in 2021 we have a second wave that seems to be more viral and spreading like wildfire in India.

Living with a pandemic in 2021

Mumbai has been closed for 15 days and Delhi has a weekend closure this week. Hopefully all basic services will be available. But we plan to lock in and prepare like we did last year. Fortunately, we all have jobs that can be done as work-at-home jobs.

I think at this point, like everyone else, they are talking: Prevention is the best measure. This means self-quarantine, social isolation or maintaining social distance. I think the 21 days of isolation in India will help us limit the spread. Last year, in 2020, we went through a self-imposed isolation. March of the house.

This year, in 2021, we started the insulation process in the first week.

Since I have decided not to go to public places or shop until next month. This means that I can make these Indian recipes for this 21 days isolation in India.  I am sharing with you a monthly list of Indian dry foods with the main cooking ingredients that can be used for this menu plan. These 15-day Indian meal recipes are prepared with most of the basic foods found in our kitchens.

This 15-day meal plan is based on this list of foods for a month and the list of fresh/green foods for two weeks.

IMPORTANT : Read this first

  • Because we don’t distinguish between lunch and dinner recipes, because our dishes are different from WEST, which distinguishes between main and side dishes.
  • In our Indian dishes, every ingredient is different and what we eat for lunch can easily be adapted for dinner. You can customize any of these meal combinations for lunch or dinner.
  • You can change or substitute ingredients depending on your taste and availability of ingredients. You can prepare the masala paste or dal tadka for 3 weeks and keep it in separate portions in the refrigerator, which makes it easier to prepare.
  • Just cook the dal and mix the cooked tempeh/tadka or mix the chopped vegetables with the cooked masala.
  • If you can’t find anything to garnish, leave it out.
  • Herbs like coriander and mint don’t keep long in the fridge, so just buy them, chop them up and freeze them if you think they’re essential. For most dishes, I have shared these flavor enhancers, so if they run out for a few days, it’s not a big deal.

Be prepared to replace and change your plan

  • depending on what’s available. Be flexible in the choices you have, let your imagination run wild and experiment.
  • You can use regular ingredients in all recipes. This will help you be efficient and creative with what you have in your pantry.

You can also check out my regular weekly meal plans and meal prep ideas.

More eclipse sources for you

15 Day Recipes Dinner and Lunch

Given the situation we are in now with the coronavirus, one of the most common problems is overstocking our pantry and what to keep in the fridge and pantry.

I’ve already shared a list of food for the quarantine. If not, don’t worry! In Indian households, most of us tend to stock up for a month.

It is a 15-day Indian meal plan with recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. These recipes are very practical, especially when fresh ingredients are hard to find.

With the amount of recipes I’ve included, you can easily prepare them for the 21 days of confinement in India.

15 Indian daily meals – LUNCH and DINNER

You can customize them to fit your pantry. So no details on lunch or dinner. It’s a matter of ingredient availability.  Here are some of the best Indian recipes you can make when you’re locked up. This is mainly due to the use of readily available ingredients.

Palak Paneer – How to prepare Palak Paneer?

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Meals comprising a main course and a side dish

  1. Kala chana + baigan tamatar multani style + and roti/paratha
  2. Kashmiri dum aloo + raita + mixed vegetables
  3. Paneer tikka masala, Lacha Paratha
  4. Sabut Moon Dal Tadka + Khatte Aloo + Green Salad
  5. Matar Paneer + Aloo Gobi Achari + Rice/Quinoa
  6. Matar mushroom, fries, roti.
  7. Punjabi Kadhi Pakode Wali + Chawal + simple Indian green salad
  8. Malai Soya Chaap + Sabut Masur Dal + Roti
  9. Vegetarian pine kima + roti or other flatbread
  10. Roasted mushrooms and bell pepper + beet raita and chapati or paratha.
  11. Aloo matar + Raita of your choice + rice or roti.
  12. Soy Bhurji + Dahi + Pea Salad + Chapati/Paratha

If you like stuffed parathas, you can have them for lunch or dinner.


You really shouldn’t rely on cereal for these 15 days. If you stay home, I suggest you make the most of it and prepare a hot breakfast every day. If a hot breakfast is not for you, skip the list below and have cereal as usual.

This instant breakfast mix allows you to make 3 recipes with the same mix, so you can choose 3 of the 15 breakfast dishes.

Except you can try.

Spicy vegetarian pancakes that we love.

If you like eggs for breakfast, you can choose 3-4 breakfasts from this list or buy more eggs than the ones mentioned and enjoy these egg dishes for a month without getting bored, because I have plenty of variations of egg recipes for breakfast.

You can try three recipes with vermicelli.

You can try these breakfast sandwich recipes with bread.

3-4 days, you can have sweet or savory oatmeal for breakfast.


  • When I developed this meal plan, I had a few of these things in mind.
  • It’s not exactly what you’d call a gourmet meal.
  • These are simple but healthy meals that are quick and easy to prepare.
  • I call it survival food in adversity, because that’s what I learned in my life as a military wife: to get by and survive according to the circumstances of the moment. From lavish parties to surviving on dal hihdi, this is how we lived.
  • I assume you have at least a basic supply of flour, lentils, rice, etc.
  • If you were an early restaurateur and stocked up during the three week quarantine according to my rough food list, you could do all that plus some side dishes.
  • If you like nature-based meal planning, you probably have some frozen vegetables like corn, peas, etc. If you haven’t started meal planning yet, it’s time to read my chapter on Indian meal plans and get started, it makes life a little easier.
  • You don’t want to spend all day cooking and all day washing dishes. It also takes longer to prepare these pantries because it is an uncertain time.

I hope you find this meal plan helpful.

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