The Manchurian recipe for mushrooms, a popular Indian-Chinese restaurant-style appetizer that is simply delicious.

Manchurian foam

Mushroom Manchurian is my favorite among Indian and Chinese mushroom snacks. Manchurian is the most popular Indian dish among Indo-Chinese and no Indo-Chinese dish is ever complete without it, whether Manchurian is wet or dry. All over India, you will find most Indian street restaurants or restaurants with their Manchu variants, such as the very popular Manchu Gobi, Vegetable Manchu, Chicken Manchu, Idli Manchu, Corn Manchu and Corn Manchu. Also in Andhra, you will find at least one Indian-Chinese street vendor on almost every corner, and they tend to prepare this fancy food spicier than usual, because Telugu-speaking people like spicy food. I’ve even blogged several Manchurian recipes since we eat Indian Chinese every other week.

I keep getting requests for step-by-step instructions for Indian recipes that I publish on my food blog. I do my best to post step by step pictures, especially for novice cooks. A machurina with dried mushrooms recipe is easy to make, with minimal cooking time and ingredients. It’s a time-consuming but worthwhile bake, not to mention the end result. The crust of the baked mushroom dumplings is toasty and crispy, while the inside is soft.


Ingredients of Manchurian Mushrooms – Mushrooms dipped in batter

The recipe for Dry Manchurian Mushroom Manchuria is prepared on the same principle as other Manchurian dishes. You can add green peppers because they add color, crunch and flavor. Don’t let the mushrooms sit in the dough for more than a few seconds, as they tend to leave a lot of water behind. The dough should be a little thick, so that the mushrooms are well greased before they are fried in hot oil. Fried mushroom dumplings should not be left too long after draining the hot oil, or they will become soft.


Manchurian fried mushroom dumplings – Manchurian mushroom preparation

These fried mushroom dumplings are mixed with an exotic sauce consisting of green onion whites, sugar, soy sauce, green chili sauce and tomato sauce. It is this sauce that gives Manchuria its refined and robust flavor. Add a side dish of baby onion scapes and fresh cilantro and you have one of the best Manchu-style mushroom dishes.

Recipe for Manchurian mushrooms

how to make Manchurian mushrooms at home.

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