The recipe for Chitranna mavinakaya, a Karnataka style raw mango rice dish, with a tangy, sweet and sour taste that is delicate on the lips.

Mavinakayi Chitranna

Our lunch consisted of steamed rice, roasted pumpkin, charu, raw plantain pulusu, mavinakayi chitranna, pacha avakai, telaga pindi vadiyam and yogurt.

Mavinakayi chitranna is a tasty concoction made from raw mango rice on the same principle as chitranna, pulihora or puliogare. Here the acid is raw green mango instead of tamarind pulp. It’s a South Indian rice recipe that you can’t go wrong with. A dear friend visited me over the weekend and I prepared a lunch of pumpkin shoots, plantains and raw mangoes. It is a pleasure to cook with local products. The lunch menu consisted of peakaya vpudu (fried pumpkin), charu, aratikaya pulusu (plantain stew), mavinakaya chitranna with steamed rice, pacha avakai (mango yellow pepper pickle), telagapindi vadiyam and yogurt.

My blog is full of mango recipes because my garden is literally overflowing with mangoes. I’m done picking mangoes for this year. Yes, I just made some awakai, a vegetable made from mango and andhra. Although I give cans of mangoes to my family and friends, I still have a lot of raw mangoes that have yet to ripen.

I wanted to share the recipe for chitrana mavinakaya because it is one of our favorites. The spices it contains give the dish a wonderful aroma and flavor. This rice dish takes a lot of time because the spices have to be fried one by one. But it’s really worth it.


mavinakayi chitranna guju roasted spices – powdered spices

Let me tell you from the beginning that you should not omit or omit the ingredients required for the preparation of Chitran Masala powder. You should also patiently dry each herb or ingredient on a low heat until a flavor is released into the kitchen. A slow, dry roast is necessary. Do not let the spices burn, as it will affect the taste of the masala powder. Try this recipe only if you have access to all the ingredients mentioned in Mawinkayi Chiranna’s recipe. If you want to enjoy the authentic taste of this traditional mango rice dish, follow recipe T.

Raw mangoes are most effective, but mangoes that are just beginning to turn a light yellow are also effective. The mango should have a sour taste.


Mavinakayi chitranna guju – Raw mango rice in Karnataka style.

Steamed rice should be soft to the touch, but should retain its shape, i.e. each grain should be separate. Grated mango is obtained by adding spices like mustard seed and hana dal as well as chitranna masala powder, jagré and salt. Chitranna gaiju (gaiju is the term for a thick sauce) should be cooked until the oil stabilizes. Sesame oil is the most effective, but you can use any cooking oil. The recipe below will give you enough gujju or puliogar mixture for 450-500 g of uncooked rice. If you are using 250 g of paddy, use only half of the cooked gojiu. The remaining goju can be recharged and used as needed.

mavinacaya chitrana recipe

The flavors blend well after a few hours, making this special Karnataka rice dish perfect for on-the-go or lunch. Mavinakayi Chitrana is a dish rich in mangoes and spices that will brighten up your meal. So you can prepare an easy, warming and nutritious meal with a bowl of yogurt, chips like papadam or apadam. A foodstuff that is absolutely beneficial for body and mind.

How to make a recipe for Raw Mango Rice Chitrana Mavinakaya or Karnataka style.

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