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In this test kitchen we tried out the best teapots on the market to find the best kettle. We were looking for the best value, starting at $15 million. Coffee up to $100 – All-Clad wants to see if you can buy the best tea with more money Click here to access our tests and evaluations for each kettle.

A good cup of tea is a very good thing. This process is also part of the experience. It is an opportunity to slow down the pace and make the small movements of the tea party work. All parts are equally important. Do you like tea bags? All the tea in the brew? Rejected? Do you make a whole pot and enjoy the change while it’s spinning? One cup and you’re gone? A good cup of tea has something meditative, and the kettle should be part of that experience.

In this test kitchen we have searched hard and tenaciously for the fourteen best teapots on the market to find those that fit your life best. If you never thought too much about your teapot, there’d be two of us. It is surprising how many variants there are on the market and how few of them are included in the price tag. Read on and learn more about the perfect teapot than you ever wanted to know.


Why use a kettle on a tabletop

Boil water for tea! Or a coffee in the French press, or a cockroach. Besides drinks, a quick and easy source of boiling water is needed in the kitchen. A kettle with boiling water is perfect for preparing couscous or rice noodles. When I make pasta, I speed up the process by preparing half of the water in the kettle and the other half in the kettle and then emptying the kettle into the pasta pot – two burners work faster than one. If you fancy an instant frame instead of cooking, fill the kettle to the brim and prepare lunch and a cup of tea at the same time.

Kettle vs. kettle

The electric kettles are also very good. I have one at work to make coffee because I can’t really put a stove in my office. In Europe people usually use more powerful 240-volt boilers, but here in the United States the stove provides more power.

Pots are as simple as they are. I’m shy to say indestructible, because any little child can prove me wrong, but a good cauldron can last a lifetime with you. The electric models are hardly disposable, but I had to replace mine several times because the heating elements were broken.

Of course, it’s a matter of taste, but I think a good kettle with a stove looks much better in your kitchen. It is also easier to store than an electric kettle when not in use. Pots and pans with a single heater fit easily with the rest of the pots and pans, while the electrical system almost forever takes up a part of the sink.

What must be observed in boiler?

Outlet cover

The kettle (or pot) boils faster when it is covered. The lid catches the heat in the container, so that the water keeps warm and does not circulate to the rest of the kitchen. All our test pots close the spout with a whistle cover for faster heating (and whistling). In order to be able to pour water out of the spout, the spout cover must be removed.

Three styles

Our test boilers have three basic classes of mechanism, and our tests show that a mechanism you don’t like can be a crusher.

  1. The simplest (and my favorite) is the one-lever lid. It opens and closes by pressing the lever. Once it’s open, it stays open. These mechanisms always heat up when standing next to a steam-filled nozzle, but as soon as they open, there is no need to squeak at all. You can also just boil the kettle with the lid open if you don’t want the whistle to sound (good choice for early birds!).
  2. A spring-loaded lever adds an additional hinge to place the opening control under the lever as if it were an unlocking button. The idea is that your hand rests naturally on the lever and holds it open while you pour. Manufacturers also hope that the lever you touch is far enough away from the hot parts to keep it cool. Our tests give these two statements some secondary attention. With these levers you have to hold the cauldron in a very specific way, which I didn’t think was necessarily appropriate. Strictly speaking, these levers are colder than simple levers, but the spring mechanism requires you to keep your finger on them during the casting process and not just for a second.
  3. The third style hides a mechanism in the handle and gives you a button. Some are resilient and require constant pressure, while others lock as soon as you press a button. They differ in their usability depending on the place where the knob is located in relation to the place where the hand has to go in order to effectively pour out of the kettle.

We recommend that you try out different mechanisms yourself to find your personal preferences. If it’s not on the table for you, the simple lever style is easiest, and although you might be happier with something else, I can safely say that you won’t hate it.

Capacity and weight

How much water do you want to boil? Every kettle in our province can make a kettle, but if you want to make a water bath for your cheesecake, for example, you can do much more. Our tests show that large boilers boil the same amount of water slightly slower than small ones, but not to the extent that they actually influence the decision. A lighter kettle is certainly easier to move, and although heavier kettles cook a little faster, we prefer something handy.

It should be noted that producers significantly overestimated the capacity of their kettles.

Each boiler has a maximum filling line or instructions to fill only the outlet, but some manufacturers indicate the maximum amount of water the boiler can handle. Our worst culprit claims to have a capacity of 3 liters, but can only cook 1.5 liters safely. Don’t rely on checkboxes – check individual comments for current information.

Cooking time

Nobody wants to wait for the teapot. The cooking time per litre varies from just under 5 minutes to almost 6½. When filling the max, the difference is even greater, even if the amount of water consumed is taken into account.


The quietest whistles in the dough are barely audible in the whole room, while the loudest whistles can wake up the whole house. If you like a good steam whistle to announce that the water is ready, take a look at our volume measurements, maybe something medium. We also noticed everything that we found particularly unpleasant.

Easy to use

It’s the biggest thing we were looking for in our test. If you want to use it every morning, it should be easy to use and hold.


A good kettle should be easy to fill from any source. Some pens have interfered. We like kettles that have a handle that can be folded back or that leave at least enough space above the opening for easy filling.


You want a cauldron that pours by hand in a controlled way, in a comfortable and natural position, and is easy to grip. The worst cauldrons are the ones that make your hand uncomfortable or try to burn you by placing the hot parts exactly where you want your hand.

As tested

On some test days we do a whole series of tests in which we prepare three or four meals a day. For kettles there is nothing else to do but boil water and drink from every kettle. The first test consisted of boiling a flat electric plate up to the maximum filling. The second is to boil 1 litre of water on the stove. With each test we measured the boiling time of the water. After cooking, we poured water into the kettle to obtain a handle for easy operation. In a test on a gas stove we measured the volume of the pipe with an A-weighted decibel meter on a tripod at a distance of one meter.

In general, there was no significant difference between the characteristics of electrical ranges and gas ranges. We did this test because my ancestors had an old copper boiler that became useless when they got a flat plate. It has a flange that keeps the bottom of the boiler away from the burner, so it is only available for inspection. All modern manufacturers seem to have designed their models to work on a flat lid, but you should keep this in mind when looking at older boilers.

We didn’t get much data on pens getting hotter than others. On the electric stove all the handles were comfortable, and on the gas stove none was cold enough to be grasped with bare hands. I’m sure there’s a sore spot on the gas burner where there’s a difference between one boiler and another, but we only mark the places where something was particularly good or bad.

[Tested, reviewed and evaluated]

Best Boiler Research
1. Zen boiler Le Creuset – ★ Best overall score

Le Creuset Zen kettle for tea and coffee

Buying in the Amazon

Weight of energyElectric absorption gas Price

1.5 Litas 40.5 Oz
87 dBA ★★

The declared capacity represents the actual capacity that has not been declared as such. The electric boil test was carried out by filling each boiler to full capacity, while the gas boil test was carried out by filling each boiler with 1 litre of water. The cooking time is displayed in minutes and seconds.

Le Creuset Zen kettle filled with water for tea and coffee

Water from Le Creuset Zen pot for tea and coffee.

One of our most important questions for this test: With more money you can buy a better kettle? In the case of Le Cruise, the answer is yes. This kettle is very good, and I think everyone would be happy to have it in the kitchen. Is it worth $80? Maybe not, but there’s something you can say. The Crucible is a kind of bent knee with a round folding handle. The look is a bit French and a bit exotic. It is available in different quiet colours, including Caribbean (turquoise), cherry (red), indigo, sea (medium blue), Marseille (light blue), oyster (grey), palm (green), salt (yellow) and white. The handle and the simple lid of the lever spout are made of black plastic.

The foldable handle and wide opening make filling very easy. The kettle boils quickly and I noticed that the loud whistling was more pleasant than usual.

The padding was very smooth and the simple handle ensured a good grip in all positions where a padding is needed. The shape of the kettle makes filling easier, as it leads the water to the drain when tilted. Many other kettles have a shape that encloses the water under the spout.

I don’t know if Le Creuset is worth a lot of money, but it’s very good. It is attractive, cooks fast, whistles loud and pours well and good. This is your choice for Cadillac teapots.

2. Cuisinart Aura – ★★★★ Best price forelectric ovens

Cuisinart Aura teapot and coffee maker

Buying in the Amazon

Weight of energyElectric absorption gas Price

1.7 litres ★★★★
23,3 Oz

66 dBA ★★★–-Tested-Ranked.jpg–-Tested-Ranked.jpg

Kitchen Aura is a sustainable kettle for a reasonable price. The design is simple and attractive to fit into a modern kitchen. The boiler housing is available in silver, red metal or copper. The handle is a large sturdy black plastic buckle. The spout cover is designed as a push button and the locks open when the button is pressed.

The appearance of Cuisinart is pleasant to use, but certainly better for an electric heater. The hinges of the handles are positioned high enough in relation to the pouring opening for easy filling of each tap. A small filling problem is that the maximum filling line is printed on the outside of the boiler so that you cannot see the water in front of the line.

The bottom of the boiler is a bit small, so the gas cooker was super hot. The mechanism of the spout’s cover button works well and is comfortably positioned, although my hand squeezes the cover button when I put my hand through the towel. The hilt is well shaped and makes it possible to change the hilt depending on the weight of the water in the kettle. The drain flows well and in a controlled way.

In general, this is an excellent kettle for people who have an electric stove and don’t mind whistling loudly. For people who own a gas stove, it’s still pretty good and a good value.

3. Mueller – ★ Best price for gas stoves

Mueller tea and coffee kettle

Buying in the Amazon

Weight of energyElectric absorption gas Price

1,9 Litas
46.6 Oz

73 dBA ★★★

Tea bottling tunnel and kettle

Toilet bowl with running water

Muller is a cauldron for universal use, of which the most remarkable feature is the particularly broad base. The good and bad qualities of Müller are inextricably linked to this base. It is not difficult to recommend this boiler, especially for people with a gas stove, but it is better to use electricity. The boiler is made of industrial-style stainless steel with a spring-loaded spout cover and contains an infusion.

Filling the cutter is easy, because there is an appropriate distance between the handle and the filling opening. The wide base allows a relatively large amount of heat to be used on the gas stove without having to worry about rubbing the flames on the sides.

The handle was the coldest in the dough, but the spout lever had the usual problem of being connected directly to the steam source, so I always needed a towel to handle it directly from the stove. We have set the oven to full power for all kettles, so a reasonable amount of heat will probably give you a cool handle. The filling was extremely smooth, the second best after All-Clad. I especially appreciate the fact that the handle is in the right place to make the casting easier. The only disadvantage of watering is that a very wide base makes a large amount of water almost inaccessible. You have to turn it almost upside down to get all the water out, and it’s not easy.

Despite a few small hiccups, it’s a very nice kettle.  The design of the writing instrument is excellent and the price is good. Although the test is performed with faster and noisier kettles, the ease of use of the Mueller is at the top of the list, especially for gas stoves.

4. Mr. Claredale Coffee – ★ Best victory

Mr. Claredale's coffee maker for tea and coffee.

Buying in the Amazon

Weight of energyElectric absorption gas Price

1,9 Litas
18,0 Oz


83 dBA ★★★★★

fill Mr. Clairedale's coffee pot with water.

Claredale's coffee maker.

Can the cheapest boiler in our district compete with a boiler that is five times more expensive? Yeah! Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! Mr. Coffee is not the best kettle, but its low and affordable price makes it an unbeatable offer. Available in brushed or red stainless steel (with stainless steel impregnation in different places), both versions have a large black plastic handle with finger grip. The spout cover is designed as a button on the front of the handle.

Under Mr. Coffee, there’s plenty of room to fill up easily. If you check this kettle, it is clear that it is lighter than the other kettles in the test. All the metal is very thin, and I don’t expect to get over it for years. The whistling is pleasant and loud, but sounds a bit unpleasant when it comes to cooking.

Mr. Coffee’s casting is pretty solid. The handle is in exactly the right place for easy casting and although the thin metal emits a lot of heat to the handle, it is easy to reach the towel. The real casting mechanics can do better – the spout is wide and short, so casting is sloppy and requires finesse that shouldn’t be.

All the bad things I’ve said in the last few paragraphs are paltry compared to the price. For $15-20, depending on the color, Mr. Coffee is a lot. It is a reliable kitchen appliance at an incredible price.

5. OXO – ★

OXO boiler for tea and coffee

Buying in the Amazon

Weight of energyElectric absorption gas Price

2.3 litres

38,0 Oz


80 dBA ★★

Filling the Oxo kettle

Boiler water Oxo

At the beginning of this article I looked at three different types of spout covers you see on most kettles. OXO had his own idea, and it’s a good idea. When you grasp the handle and lift the boiler, the ingenious lever automatically opens the lid. There is no hot lever to press or button/lever to dictate the position of the hands during casting. OXO sculpts an interesting figure in the kitchen with interesting curves that go back and forth to form the grip mechanism. The entire boiler is made of stainless steel with black plastic handles.

Filling UXO could be more effective. There is no maximum filling line, so I estimated it to be just under a litre, which is a bit too much – 2 litres is probably the best filling level. The angled lid provides a good opening for any faucet, although the handle slides a little too deeply to my taste.

The automatic handle works perfectly during filling. He was on the hot side, but the simplicity makes it easy to use a towel. Although the watering started well, it was difficult to pour all the water. Not long enough to tilt the OXO comfortably to the last half litre. I’m worried about the durability of the hand mechanism. It should keep the weight of a full cauldron moving every time you lift it.

In general, it comes down to a source (which is very good) and a price (which is high). It’s a nice kettle you’ll like, but I think it’s better to have Le Creuset for a little more money, or Müller for half the price. However, this pen is very good.

6. Chief’s secret – ★CC8

The secret of the kettle for tea and coffee.

Buying in the Amazon

Weight of energyElectric absorption gas Price

1,9 Litas
34,3 Oz
81 dBA ★★★

Fill the cook's secret cauldron with water.

to empty the water from the chef's secret boiler.

The cook’s secret is so secret that there is no seal on the kettle itself, but it is a secret worth exploring. This stainless steel kettle looks very similar to the other two as far as the dough is concerned, but is much lighter and has a slightly different shape. The spout cover is designed as a spring-loaded lever.

The design comes incredibly close to that of Muller and Willow & Everett, and the padding is about the same. The large space between the handle and the filling opening provides sufficient space for the tap. The Chief’s Secret doesn’t have a maximum filling line, so you’re stuck at the bottom of the spout. The secret of the wide base chef is that he captures the intense heat of the gas flame, but the lighter material makes the handle warmer.

The casting was pretty good, but with some problems. In the beginning the beak became extremely hot, and even thirty seconds after it was taken out of the fire, it was too hot to hold without a towel. As with the Mueller, the wide bottom means that a wide pouring angle is needed to empty the kettle, and if the handle is in the right place, the position that the index finger must take to keep the spout open is unfavourable when the pouring angle becomes high.

In general I prefer Muller over the chef’s secret because of the temperature of the output handle, but it’s a fairly small difference. The chef’s secret is a wise choice.

7. Yves and Everett – ★ C8

Willow & Everett Teapot and Coffee Machine

Buying in the Amazon

Weight of energyElectric absorption gas Price

1.5 Litas 39,6 Oz

92 dBA

Fill the kettle of Willow & Everett with water.

running water from the Willow and Everett kettle.

This is our third Mueller teapot and the chef’s secret. It has the same wide base, but shrinks faster than the other two, which means it has less capacity. Speaking of possibilities, this is our worst criminal, exaggerating his possibilities. The box and pitch take 3 liters, but we measured 1.5 liters. Like other models, Willow & Everett has an industrial design in stainless steel with black handles and a sprung spout cover. It includes an infusion of tea.

Just like Muller’s Secret and the Chef’s Secret, Willow & Everett is easy to fill under a high curved handle. There is no maximum filling line, but the bottom of the beak is fairly easy to see. The whistle of this model is the loudest in the test – the lawnmower is noisy, as some graphs on the internet show.

Unfortunately Willow & Everett does not match Müller’s heat dissipation properties. The handle and spout were pretty hot when they came out of the stove. The hilt is well placed and although this kettle has a common problem with water sticking to the bottom, it pours quite well. I still don’t like the way the spring-loaded spout lever forces my hand to stay in one position.

This kettle is perfect, but I prefer Mueller for two thirds of the price.

8. Secura – ★ C8

Secura kettle for tea and coffee

Buying in the Amazon

Weight of energyElectric absorption gas Price

2.1 liter 37.1 Oz

88 dBA ★★★

Filling the Secura boiler with water

Secura Boiler

Secura bravely tries to get the freshest feather in the dough, and she almost succeeds. Tasting: one of the slowest brews of dough. It is another modern look, available in red or metallic blue, which has a visibly high profile. A silicone holder and a tea infusion are included. The spout cover is a spring-loaded lever.

The handle is stuck, but it sticks out of the pot for easy filling. The height of the kettle probably contributes to slow cooking, but we are faced with another problem that doesn’t help. Compared to other pasta teapots, the lid is loosened slightly and steam escapes from the lid during cooking.

The casting was almost perfect. The high handle with its comfortable silicone handle was cool enough to operate even a powerful gas heater, but the spout was too hot for the hand. The spring-loaded lever design requires you to keep your finger in constant contact with the lever so that it cannot be fully retracted for the perfect cooling grip. The strong grip led to another problem. Although pouring was generally easy and smooth, you need a boiler that is heavy enough, long enough to take out the last half litre of water. Because you can’t change the position of your hands because of the spout lever, it takes more force than I try to apply to drinking coffee.

After all, I appreciate the manufacturer’s efforts to make the Secura cool, but I prefer a lighter kettle that cooks faster.

9. RockUrWok – ★

RockUrWok kettle for tea and coffee

Buying in the Amazon

Weight of energyElectric absorption gas Price

1.4 Litas 26.3 Oz

71 dBA ★★★

Filling a RockUrWok kettle with water

Boiler water RockUrWok

The RockUrWok kettle is a small kettle that didn’t work as well as we would have liked. It has some positive features, such as an attractive mid-century teapot design (available in white, honey pink or blue) and some negative features, such as an ugly handle and slow cooking time. The spout cover is made like a simple lever, from the same fake bakelite as the handle.

In RockUrWok, there’s a feature I liked in our test – a foldable handle. When filling, the best thing your pen can do is get out of the way, which has made filling super easy. The hilt is slightly shifted, because there is no maximum filling line on this model.

This cauldron has a small reason to hurt him repeatedly. First of all, it can’t use all the power of a large burner, and much of the heat escapes just by floating. On the contrary, you also feel pain at the gas stove because everything gets very hot, even the ugly handle and the spout cover. The spout is easy to pour with good control and as long as the handle works well, you may wonder when the pouring starts and when it reaches the bottom of the kettle. You have to lift the back of the kettle high enough, but because of the plastic part of the handle you can’t move it backwards, which makes it difficult to tilt your hand.

In short, RockUrWok is not that big. You can buy it because you like aesthetics, ugly imitation wood and all that.

10. Kitchen accessories 2.0 Quartz boiler with C-handle – ★

KitchenAid 2.0 quartz boiler with C-handle for tea and coffee

Buying in the Amazon

Weight of energyElectric absorption gas Price

1.8 Lt 34,4 Oz

91 dBA

Fill the KitchenAid boiler with water.

KitchenHelp boiler water

KitchenAid is a fairly average kettle that has one fatal flaw: the price. The appearance is modern and an interesting handle makes a pleasant visual difference. The available colors are cameo blue, lemon blue, doulton blue, empire red, mandarin orange, onyx black, pyrite, stainless steel, lime and white (what, they couldn’t find the name of the color graceful for white?) The spout and single lid are made of plain stainless steel in all color variations.

It’s good that the C-pen looks cool, because it can work better. It is large and relatively low in relation to the lid, so it is a small obstacle for filling. There is also no filling line, so the 1.8 liter value is measured just below the start of the spout.

When pouring, the handle is comfortable enough to put your hand in the right position. If you pour or refuse water, there must be sufficient intention, otherwise it will not come out well enough or too much at once. I don’t know why, but the lever on the spout lid was one of the hottest things in the whole dough.

The whistling of this kettle is strikingly loud and somewhat unpleasant. Personally I’m looking for a friendly memory instead of an alarm clock, but this alarm clock will reach you anywhere in the house. In general, KitchenAid is a fairly ordinary kettle with a price tag.

11. Polyviar – ★

Coffee and tea machine

Buying in the Amazon

Weight of energyElectric absorption gas Price

2.3 litres
22.9 Oz

64 dBA ★★★

Filling the kettle

Polyvinyl boiler water

In this test, Poliviar captures the mass of super labels: the slowest cooking time, the quietest whistling, the fake materials and the ugliest overall aesthetics. It’s not that bad. The knob-shaped spout cover works easily and the awful handle is pleasantly shaped. It is difficult to give style to this kettle, because the body is in fake grey stone (or in matt black, silver, aqua, black, seabed or other silver), the handle and lid are in super fake wood and the spout is in stainless steel.

Filling the Poliviar is quite simple and the high handle is not disturbing. There is no maximum filling line, but it is quite easy to see the level of the spout. The shape of the kettle doesn’t help. The base is too narrow, so that the advantages of the large electric burner cannot be fully exploited. The gas stove not only spreads the flame everywhere, but also heats the handle.

With the exception of the extremely hot gas cooker handle. A towel makes it acceptable, but a towel does not hold the output knob in the correct position.

In general, Polyviar is not great, but extremely ugly. I wouldn’t want it in my kitchen, especially not on the electric stove.

12. Fully closed – ★

Tea and coffee kettle with all accessories

Buying in the Amazon

Weight of energyElectric absorption gas Price

1,9 Litas

49,0 Oz


85 dBA

Filling the kettle

Tap water from the All-Clad boiler

The All-Clad is a pretty good kettle, but it can’t justify its incredible price. In a parallel comparison, we estimate it at 20% of the price, which is only slightly better than Mr. Coffee. It is solidly built in an attractive industrial style that exudes professional seriousness. The spout cover is a simple lever made of the same stainless steel as the rest of the boiler.

The handle, which is covered on all sides, protrudes over the pouring opening so that it can easily be filled with any type of mixer. The maximum filling line is very visible when filling, which I can tell you about very few of these teapots.

The handle is good for pouring and makes it easy to loosen a warm towel or pillow. The spout is excellent, with a very regular and controlled filling. The big problem with casting is the extreme weight. At full load, the All-Clad weighs just over 7 pounds, which is essential for a comfortable torque.

All-Clad products are premium quality pots and pans in which the finest metals are used in a carefully studied combination to ensure the most even heating possible and perfect control of the cooking process. I think if for some reason I wanted to search one of these boilers, All-Clad would be excellent and others would be identified as inferior cookware. But we’re here to judge the boilers, and they don’t need that kind of refinement. They don’t burn water, not even in the cheapest boiler. He’s not worth 100 bucks.

13. Pikal – ★

Pikalka kettle for tea and coffee

Buying in the Amazon

Weight of energyElectric absorption gas Price

2.3 litres
33,4 Oz

66 dBA ★★★

Filling the Pikalka teapot

Boiler water Pikalka

With some design solutions, you wonder how someone might have thought it was a good idea. In the case of Pikal, a spring-loaded push-button cover. Someone was very afraid that the lid would open and someone would pull the water out, so they put a super strong spring on the button, which was already in the wrong place. It should be noted that Pykal is a modern stainless steel boiler with black plastic handles. It comes with two tea ingredients.

The handle of the pick is very high, so that each tap can easily be filled. The handle is so high that even on the gas stove it remains relatively cold.

During casting, everything comes down to this button. It is located at the very top of the front of the handle, so you have to inflate the kettle on a very long lever arm with your hand in front of the middle of the mass. It is in the wrong place and requires a real effort to move it forward. Once it’s poured, the beak is pretty good.

This fountain cover is a fragile element. That stuff doesn’t work, twice, for people with small hands.

14. Round – ★

Zirconia teapot for tea and coffee

Buying in the Amazon

Weight of energyElectric absorption gas Price

2.2 litres

36,0 Oz

90 dBA

Filling with water

Boiler water Cirkulon

The Circulon looks cool, but it knows how to ruin everything. I came to this test and wondered how much I could love or hate the teapot, but this scale model blew the scale wide open. The zircon has an attractive, modern mid-century look and is available in eight colours (black, turquoise, chocolate, kiwi green, mandarin orange, yellow, mustard, red and red rhubarb (about one shade darker than normal red)). The special thing about the Zirculon is the handle, which is stretched flat over the front of the kettle. The handle also contains a lid with springy eyes.

The starfish is there, to a measurable extent, but all the bad things are yet to come. Filling is quite easy, except that there is no maximum filling line, and the dark inside of our chocolate kettle makes it extremely difficult to find the right filling level, even with a flashlight. The maximum filling volume should be about 2 litres, because at 2.2 it allows a small amount of water to pass through.

The problem is casting. First, the handle points in the wrong direction. You should be able to return to grip while filling to maintain a reasonable wrist angle, and Circulon will terminate grip almost immediately. Worse, the end of the handle is a metal ring that heats up until it stops, and you need to get your hands on it. The weight distribution is also poor and exerts strong pressure on the wrist during casting. The sink is as bad as a waterfall on the rocks.

I can’t recommend Circulon.


I came here to wonder if there are enough differences between teapots to make reasonable recommendations, and after three days of testing I can say that there are real winners. Our best choices are Cuisinart Aura for electric stoves and Mueller for gas stoves. Both options are affordable and easy to use, but the basic shape should be different for different types of ovens. The best choice is Le Creuset. The price is high, but in principle it is perfect for a good cup of tea. The best offer is from Mr. Coffee: a good kettle for an incredible price. It won’t take forever, but take one for the summer rental and you’ll be more than satisfied.

I think it’s time for another cup of tea.

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