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18 festive cocktails

18 festive cocktails

18 festive cocktails

Holidays require many cocktails, for family gatherings, working groups and entertainment in general. After watching the festive cocktails in this post, you don’t have to search for cocktail ideas anymore.

We have put together 18 of the most delicious and festive cocktails on this list. You will find classics such as sangria and punch, martinis, cider cocktails and festive classics.

Many of these recipes come from our other cocktail bloggers. To see the full recipe, click on the link below each entry.

You can also take a look at these autumn cocktails.

Pumpkin punch with sparkling taste

Slightly spicy, this light pumpkin hump is a crowd pleaser! This light champagne punch recipe is perfect for crowds and is filled with all the scents of autumn. It’s just festive!

>> See the recipe

Pumpkin and gingerbread Martini

This pumpkin spice martini has all the autumnal flavor you would expect from a creamy, decadent martini made with vodka and pumpkin herbs.

>> See the recipe

Hard Cider Cocktail

This cocktail of rye and Hard Apple Cider is a drink that will cheer you up in the fall.

>> See the recipe

Rum with hot oil

At this time of year there is nothing better than to sip hot toddy, also known as hot rum and butter. A rich oily scent mixed with spices and warming rum… …is the perfect winter elixir.

>> See the recipe

Fireball Whiskey Cocktail

Fireball, orange whisky cocktails, cinnamon, cloves and cider. Serve this fireball whiskey for match days, brunches, autumn holidays and Thanksgiving! Surprisingly refreshing and tastes like red whiskey and cinnamon….. delicious.

>> See the recipe

Cranberry, orange and ginger Bourbon Fizz

Delicious cranberry ginger with orange bourbon. The perfect autumn cocktail for your meeting this season.

>> See the recipe

Traditional German mulch wine

Traditional German mulled wine with a touch of modernity. Very easy to prepare and always delicious. Combination of red wine, herbs, fruit and other liqueurs. In winter warm and traditional dishes are served here.

>> See the recipe

Maple and Whiskey Cocktail

Enjoy the cooler months with this maple cocktail inspired by the classic Sazerac. In just three minutes, you can drink this fall inspired whisky cocktail!

>> See the recipe

Apple cocktail for the buffet

Apple Sidecar is a seasonal and delicious version of the classic cocktail, with delicious orange, apple, sage and nutmeg flavors.

>> See the recipe

Cranberry punch with cranberry vodka

Cranberry punch is an excellent recipe for dinners and festive gatherings. It can also be replaced by mulled wine!

>> See the recipe

Avocado Party Cocktail

Nothing like an eggnog cocktail. This alcoholic eggnog cocktail will be a hit at your party.

>> See the recipe

Traditional Norwegian Throat Formula

Bunker wine with Scandinavian raisins. This traditional and warm wine recipe is designed to warm your mind and soothe your taste buds. Take the pan out and make this excellent recipe for your guests this holiday season or take a sip by the fire.

>> See the recipe

Puerto Rico: coconut rum cocktail

This coconut-rum cocktail, which corresponds to the Puerto Rican lawyer, is a unique drink to toast and drink. Perfect for any holiday.

>> See the recipe


Fall sangria recipe filled with apples, pears and cinnamon sticks in Malbec base wine with the right amount of cognac!

>> See the recipe

Sangria sparkling cider

Use your favourite wine for this sparkling, cheerful and perfect autumn sangria made with cider! With its fresh honey apples, pomegranates, fresh sparkling cider, cinnamon, citrus splashes and high alcohol content, apple cider sangria is the perfect drink for your autumn evenings and festive dinners.

>> See the recipe

Cranberry punch

If you need a nice drink for your next party, try this recipe for Pomegranate Cranberry Punch. This wonderfully clear and festive holiday punch is very easy to prepare (and drink)!  A super light and festive punch, perfectly sour and a little sweet.

>> See the recipe

Cider Margarita

The cider margarita is a big change from the traditional margaritas and is ideal for the cold months (Hellooooo Fall !!!). This tequila cocktail is sweet with warm aromas of cinnamon and apple. But when served cold, it’s fresh and refreshing.

>> See the recipe

Belarusian Pryanik

This White Russian gingerbread is the perfect holiday cocktail, with a rich aroma of coffee mixed with sweet molasses. Say hello!

>> See the recipe


Fill the festive atmosphere with these festive cocktails! There’s something for everyone on the list. What kind of cocktail are you gonna make this season?

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