Because Thanksgiving is not far away, we decided to take a look at the fast food offer for turkeys. No other restaurant dares to serve turkey, so we went to the local Arby’s to try their Deep Roast Turkey Club.

Arby describes the fried turkey club on his website as

Deep-fried turkey breast*, natural cheddar cheese, bacon with pepper, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise on a roll toasted with a star This is not your aunt’s Thanksgiving turkey dinner, but it could be a good thing.

In the course of the year, Arby is expanding the boundaries of what it will supply with fast food meat. With beef and lamb breast on the set menu, Arby has real meat. At this time of year, in addition to the club we have tried, there is even a fried turkey with various sandwiches, including a fried turkey cranberry sandwich and a wrap.

Frozen turkey roasts have become increasingly popular in recent decades, with the added benefits of crispy skin and super moist meat, and only with a small caveat that can burn down your home. Honestly, I’ve never tasted turkey roast before, so I may not be the best judge of his confession. But come on.

For me, Arby is the most classic and qualitative fast food chain. It can be defined as expensive, but very well defined. This sandwich is a good example, available in my area alone for almost 6 dollars per sandwich. It’s pretty close to price fixing.

After the presentation of a sandwich, which in the 9th was not only dressed in a box, but also in a paper cape, I should have said that the total size of the sandwich was somewhat underestimated. All of Arby’s promotional material gives sandwiches a large pile of meat that a sandwich can hardly contain. That sandwich looked really tame and homemade.

Even though all the elements of the sandwich were present, what really distinguished me was the flatness and the relatively sterile feeling of the bacon pepper. Of course he was peppery and had raisins, but I couldn’t believe he was run over by a tractor-trailer on his way to a sandwich. Moreover, the quantity of mayonnaise is not allowed. It seemed that Arby’s worker had seasoned it with a mop and not a knife.

If you look at the cross-section, there was a good pile of fried turkey as a gift. It was thick, juicy and had a very moist and fragrant taste. Usually I think white turkey meat is pretty soft and dry unless you put gravy on it. But that bite clearly showed me how good it is to roast your bird.

All in all, I feel like that sandwich didn’t work. The sandwich was pretty small, about six bucks apiece. The bacon and turkey, although tasty, looked much smaller than on the promotional photos. The mayonnaise was too rich and suppressed the taste profile. You Indians were definitely the star of the show here. Deep fried turkey is the right solution, but for reasons of value it is better to do it on the road at your lonely family reunion.

Deep-fried Arby’s Turkey Club: 5/10

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