The upma of cracked wheat, a simple, easy to make, healthy, nutritious and delicious recipe for breakfast or dinner, with a minimum of ingredients.

Grated wheat and pickled tomato

Crushed wheat upma is the easiest breakfast in South India. It’s my favorite breakfast when I’m in a hurry and need a healthy but nutritious meal to get through the day. This high fiber dish makes an excellent evening tiffin or a light meal when my fridge is almost empty (one of those rare occasions) :).

In Andhra we call a finer version of the godhuma nooka or samba rava made of crushed wheat and is popular among Telugu speakers. Her name is Dalia in Hindi and Godhumai ravai in Tamil. At our house, I usually use crushed wheat to make dalia khichdi, kheer, vegetable hara bani, godhuma rava apma on tomato base and other varieties of apma. Most people disapprove, but I like to serve it hot, off the stove.

godin rava upma recipe

Wheat flour is very easy to prepare with a minimum of ingredients. I dry cracked wheat in a little ghee, use cinnamon and cloves for flavor, and use a combination of ghee and cooking oil. These three steps are necessary to improve the taste of the humble mess. Sometimes I add chopped carrots and beans for extra nutrients. This pure diabetic grain requires more water to cook than regular semolina or apma rava. For one cup of a finer version of shredded wheat, add two and one-quarter cups of water to bring the grain to a good boil. The result is a loose, dry texture. For sticky, glutinous wheat, add 2 1/2 to 2 3/4 cups water to 1 cup grated wheat.

In the archive you will find many variations of Indian or tiffin breakfasts that can be prepared quickly.

How to make a grated wheat upma recipe

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