McDonald’s have been coming and going with cookies for breakfast for years, but now they’re back from the trio we tried. Read on to see how apple pancakes, blueberry muffin and cinnamon foil are piling up.

To accommodate three different objects, we exchange places and offer you three minifilms, starting with the blueberry muffin.

McDonalds describes his blueberry muffin as… :

A soft, fluffy muffin, baked with real blueberries and topped with a hint of french fries that goes perfectly with the roasted superior coffee.

A blueberry cupcake with its above-average brown baking-substrate label certainly looks like a premium cupcake that is dressed at night. It’s like sitting in a big bakery, trying to look like a Starbucks or Panera Bread cupcake, but there really aren’t enough markings when you throw it in a plastic box.

McDonald’s is obviously trying to get people to buy coffee with these pastries, so I can understand why they throw the sweets on these delicacies, starting with the rich and abundant blueberry muffin fries.

The blueberry muffin had a nice moist texture and was relatively abundant. The cupcake was certainly fractionated in size and reached the upper limit that a man without a hangover could eat. McDonald’s seems to have overheated the cupcake a little, causing the grainy lines at the top of the cupcake to melt a little. Due to this lack of texture, the overall impression of the work as a whole reached an average level.

McDonald’s blueberry muffin: 6/10

McDonald’s describes his Apple Fritter as… :

Classic cinnamon and apple pancakes roasted in fine gold and covered with a sweet glaze.

The Apple Fritter was the only one of the three products on the market in the style of a bakery with sleeves and not in a plastic box. This look is certainly classifying, but since the McDonald’s employees heated the pancake to oblivion, I had trouble getting the batter out of my sleeve because all available surfaces are thickened.

The apple was crunchy. If the NHL starts over one day, they can use them as pucks to help offset costs. Like the blueberry muffin, Fritter was big enough to share if you could cut him.

Is fritter just a nice way to say donut? It seems that this is the purpose of this article, only the taste was too sweet to justify 510 calories. The cinnamon was there, but the apple taste came out during lunch. The local McDonald’s that makes these items seems to have been launched for the hinge that someone actually ordered, so I’m pretty sure their preparation may have been manipulated along the way. Anyway, a tasteless fry is a waste of calories, even for me.

McDonald’s apple fritters: 3/10

McDonald’s describes his role as a chestnut:

It is served hot and filled with cinnamon, it is covered with a buttery puff pastry and covered with a delicious ice cream cheese.

Although they weren’t very popular with the masses, I remember eating my share of Cinnamon McDonald’s Rolls in my early years. I even remember strange brains like the appearance of the SinniMelts. At least McDonald’s has logical experiments around a cinnamon bun.

Cinnamon Roll, here’s been a clear winner for me. Exactly as described, the luxurious taste of butter mixed with the dough. There was a generous portion of cream cheese with icing, which was a great compliment to the sandwich. The cinnamon bread was great and it was a lonely bakery that I would consider a Hanking Down and a 560 calories room.

I don’t know if this is due to previous experience or if the cinnamon roll was the hardest to spoil in terms of preparation work, but it’s a guarantee. Like other things from the McCafe bakery, this stuff is big and can easily be shared with your roommate, maybe even thrown at your cousin. Of the three, it receives the FFG quality mark.

McDonald’s cinnamon roll: 8/10

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