McDonald’s recently revamped its line of crispy chicken sandwiches to join the war against fried chicken sandwiches. Let’s see how they did.

That’s how McDonald’s describes its crispy chicken sandwich:

This southern fried chicken sandwich is crispy, juicy and tender. It is garnished with chopped pickles and served on a new toasted potato roll with butter. The crispy chicken sandwich has 470 calories.

McDonald’s has also released a tasty and luxurious version of this sandwich. The spicy version adds a brand new hot pepper sauce, while the deluxe version adds lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise. We took OG and Spicy to test them.

You may notice that the 1. The Second World War of fried chicken sandwiches began with two combatants, Chick Fil A (the defending champion) and challenger Popeye (the unflappable sandwich). In the past six months, Wendy’s, McDonald’s, and KFC have revamped, revitalized, and remixed their offerings to provide what they consider worthy competition.

We tested the new Wendy’s Chicken Classic in late October. The rolls themselves were old and sad, but the chicken itself was definitely an improvement. Coming soon, reviews of KFC and Popeye’s offerings.

No matter what you think of the Golden Arches, it’s always good news when a ginger clown comes into the picture. The ingredients of Chick-fil-A’s standard crispy chicken sandwich reflect that. No sauce, no pizza, no Riff Raff, just chicken, pickles and a potato roll. You have to have an appetite for it, because a boring chicken is hard to hide without being accompanied by accomplishments.

When you open the sandwiches and top them, you’ll notice that McDonald’s Sandwiches had originally decided that the pickles should be placed on top of the chicken, rather than on the usual lower Chick-fil-a bun. The cucumbers are significantly larger, thicker and have a more ribbed appearance than the usual flat, sticky underside.

The rolls are also extremely toasty. The almost black, baked appearance of the buns gives the impression that they were finished with a blowtorch rather than being properly buttered and then lightly toasted.

The small collection of spicy sauce on the sandwich was bland at best. Since this is the only differentiator between the two sandwiches, you can expect a good amount of sauce. What was in it was really spicy. Spicy to the point you want to avoid it if you don’t like spice. It’s a good sauce, it’s just that it’s almost lacking.

The chicken breast itself was crispy, tasty, but nothing profound. It looked pretty rough and prefabricated, the chicken didn’t look freshly fried at all. The classic feeling that comes to mind is that it was just high. If you want to get the king, you better not bomb him.

Overall, the usual crispy chicken sandwich screamed for sauce, even the standard mayonnaise that Popeye’s and KFC offer on their original varieties. The filter chicken comes without sauce because the chicken is very firm due to the preparation and spices, there was no sauce with it. The savory version was much better, thanks to the addition of the sauce and spices (if you like those).

McDonald’s offerings are new, but they’re nothing special. Wendy’s and McDonald’s are still far below the level of Chick-fil-A. Soon, we’ll see KFC and Popeye emerge.

McDonald’s Crispy Chicken Sandwich: 4/10

McDonald’s Spicy Crispy Chicken Sandwich: 6/10

McDonald’s New Crispy Chicken Tenderloin: 6/10

frequently asked questions

Is McDonald’s crispy chicken sandwich good?

First of all, okay: The fried chicken breast was really crispy, as the title of the menu suggests, but not so crispy that it was an embarrassing bite in the library. The meat itself was tender and juicy inside, as advertised. But the sandwich stops where it matters most: the taste.

Chicken sandwich from McDonald’s – real chicken?

Learn more about our chicken and sandwiches. All chickens served at McDonald’s restaurants come from American farms, and all chickens served at McDonald’s come from chickens that are not treated with antibiotics that are important for human medicine.

Who has the best crispy chicken sandwich?

News The best fast food restaurants in the country…

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