From homely to classic. Wendy has updated her original fried chicken sandwich to warm up with fried chicken sandwiches for the ongoing wars, and we’ve put the new chicken sandwich in the spotlight.

Wendy describes her new classic as… :

A juicy, lightly breaded chicken breast with crispy lettuce, tomatoes, mayonnaise and a perfect cucumber, all on a fried bun.

Although various types of pretzel ads are still on the menu, Wendy’s has discreetly introduced a new fried chicken breast for her home fillet. The classic chicken sandwich replaces it with announced improvements, including a crispy crust, juicer and more flavour. This is almost everything you see in a roast chicken, so this is a complete facelift.

In recent years, wars over fried chicken sandwiches have caught the public’s attention, while Chick Fil A and Popeye struck out and dragged heavyweights onto the field. While these sandwiches are simple, as can only be done with buns, gherkins, sauce (in the case of papaya) and roast chicken, Wendy’s offers more of her classic mix of lettuce, tomatoes and a new addition to this pickle sandwich.

First of all, I have to say that when I ordered a sandwich at the local canteen along the way, I was warned by a wet sign that due to problems with the salad suppliers there wasn’t enough, so the salad didn’t participate in the sandwich offer anymore.

This subtraction was not very daunting, because lettuce probably shouldn’t be on it, especially when the silky, moist lettuce only increases the slush factor to get out of fast food.

When I opened the sandwich, I couldn’t help but say it looked a little uncomfortable. With the exception of the premium sandwich, the sandwich does not really carry the ratings of the fast food pizza bloggers, for which you normally wake up. But the real star of the show is the chicken, so that’s what we’re gonna focus on.

Since the open side of this sandwich consisted of three small cucumbers, a tomato that looked like it had been stolen on its way to the sandwich shop, and a mayonnaise that was so small that it was not even visible, it would have been easy to focus only on the chicken.

It’s been a while since I’ve had a homemade classic Wendy’s fillet, but if I remember correctly, it was more of a fine, spicy hatch that didn’t give much crunch, but was more focused on the juicy subtext of the chicken. Although the bread is decent and the cross-section of this chicken is pure white as you would like it to be, the actual size and height of the chicken does not cry out for victory.

After taking a bite, I would like to say that the fillet, despite its appearance, was surprisingly crispy and crunchy. He had that crispy factor you look for in a fried chicken sandwich. The chicken itself was juicy and certainly tasted like a bird when it was released for a walk.

Chicken is not terribly spicy and depends entirely on the crispness of the crust and the quality of the chicken to taste. Personally, I prefer the southern herb and the spicy character of Chick Fil A chicken here. Wendy’s chicken strives for a strong sauce to enhance the experience here, because the mayonnaise point on my sandwich was a sad joke.

The general chicken here is an improvement over what it replaces, but there are still a few nuances underneath the spicy chicken on Wendy’s and the original chicken suggestions on the Chicken A film. My sandwich experience here was also a limp sauce of the highest quality.

Wendy’s original chicken sandwich: 4/10

Wendy’s new chicken breast: 6/10

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