A traditional Indian dessert recipe that’s easy to make with candied milk, mango puree and spicy saffron and is bursting with fruity summer flavors.

Rabbi’s Mango Recipe

The rabbit with mango recipe is a simple dish with minimum ingredients and great flavor value. A commercial Indian dessert, rich, creamy and fruity, with a soft and creamy texture. A heavenly combination of creamy throat, fruity mango and fragrant saffron.

I have a lot of ripe mangoes waiting to be processed. This morning I made mango puree to make summer desserts like mango lassi, milkshake and smoothie. While preparing the puree, the milk simmered in rabbit. It’s a mango-based dish that takes time, but is worth it because it’s a dessert worthy of a king.

A light and summery dessert that showcases the best fruits of the season. The traditional rabbinical cooking method takes time, as the milk must be boiled over low heat until it is reduced to one-third of its original amount and has become a thick paste. Mango puree mixed with reduced milk gives an impressive texture. Rabri is versatile because you can add different fruit flavors as an addition. Mango Rabbi has just the right amount of sweetness, a creamy color with notes of fragrant mango, and offers the comforting goodness that only the king of fruits can provide. He makes a mango dessert with shaved almonds, chopped pistachios and chopped mangoes. The perfect party dessert.

aam ki rabbi

You can take a faster route to make a stewed aam ki with condensed milk that is just as delicious. Rather use good quality sweet mangoes than sweet and sour mangoes. Because mangoes are sweet, the use of sugar is minimal. I do not recommend using canned mango pulp. Use freshly cooked mangoes. I like it fresh, so the longer it sits in the fridge, the better it tastes.

Mango Ravdi

A radiant and tropical mango dessert that will make you smile. Try Rabbi’s Mango Recipe this summer and share your comments here.

How to make a mango rabri or aam ki rabri

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