The tents range from top of the line to inexpensive and functional. Mars Hydro seems to be somewhere in the middle, offering a wide range of growing tent sizes.

From the small 2’x2′ tent to the small 8’x8′ tent for large indoor height. In this article we will test and research the 2’x4′ Mars Hydro Grow Tent in detail.

We grow peppers in our tent, but this test will help us assess whether the tent is suitable for growing any type of plant. We will focus on the complexity of the installation, the size of the tents, the quality of the construction and the overall functionality.

Disclaimer : The links in this article are affiliate links – we can earn a commission on products purchased through our links. Mars Hydro provided us with a grow tent for our test. The opinions expressed in this study remain unbiased as we test many crop products from different companies.

Mars hydrogen tent – Elements and construction

Each Mars Hydro is delivered with all components required for commissioning. The kit also includes a hanging tent basket, some stickers and instructions.

What’s in the box?

Here you can see everything that happens in the Mars Hydro 2x4x6′ garden tent:

Mars Hydro Tent accessories 2×4′.

Most materials are awnings made of mesh fabric. The red elements are the structural metal bars, the metal corner pieces, the hanging bag and the manual.

Roger that:

  • Reflective fabric for the tent shell
  • Installation of a floor covering for a tent
  • Structural metal bars
  • Metal corner pieces
  • Hanging bag
  • Instruction booklet
  • Sticker

Orientation and implementation

The instructions are relatively easy to follow. Each design element is clearly marked with a letter for easy identification.

Mars Hydro grows tents.

Spring loaded latches make adjustment very easy. You don’t need a screwdriver to set up the tent, just a little organization. Fortunately, the instructions included visuals to help.

From unpacking to full installation, the installation took about 30 minutes. As an experienced Ikea furniture maker, however, it was a breeze.

Partially assembled Mars Hydro tent.

The hardest part was finding a large, bulky piece of fabric to place around the tent cage. The manual says not to force the tent fabric around the poles and be careful not to damage the zipper or vents.

With a little coercion, the tent was ready and we could easily move it to its final location. Because the metal is hollow, the assembled tent was quite light, about 20 pounds.

Properties of the Mars hydrogenation tent

In the customization of the structure, you will find some important features available for your growing needs. From the viewing window to the various openings and exits, this tent has everything you need to start growing peppers from day one.

Mars Hydro Grow tent partially open.

Initially, we decided to use our tent for half of the available growing space and the other side for supplies (nutrients, tools, soil, etc.). The tent is almost like a closet for our growing supplies.

The main feature of this tent is that it remains light when closed. Instead of the blinding light in our office, it is completely covered by the opaque tent fabric.

However, if we want to take a quick look at the plants, the tent has a Velcro-type viewing window:

Mars Hydro Grow Tent Observation Window.

If desired, this window can be kept open or closed to prevent 100% light ingress. It can also be used as an air intake for better ventilation.

Speaking of ventilation: The tent has several exits. Two of them are on the sides, near the top (normally used for the fan). The third outlet is located on the ceiling for the optional active carbon filter.

As for the weight of the outboard, the tent claims to have a 110 pound capacity, but I have not experienced that. Our supplemental lighting poses no problem for the suspension rod.

We also have a recirculation fan mounted on a hanging rod. We hung a second lantern on the other side and the poles had no problem with the extra weight. But since the bar is empty, I wouldn’t set it up.

Hanging rods for lamps, fans, etc.

There are several other exits in the grow tent. Two of them are in the lower area. They are designed to bring carbon dioxide-rich air to your plants through a top drain.

Low ventilation.

Finally, there are two small holes to lead electrical cables out of the grow tent. They are in the back of the tent about 1/3 and 2/3 of the way up.

Another more obvious feature is the reflective material covering the interior. They say it will bounce extra light off your plants. This is certainly very thoughtful, although we can’t know how much it actually helps improve useful plant lighting.

Finally, a hanging bag is included in the tent for storing small items. We don’t really use it because access is difficult. However, I imagine it could be useful for a bottle of spritzer, minor nutrients or similar items.

Mars HydroGrow Tent Hanging Cover.

I will say that even though it is not very useful, it is a nice touch that it is also made of reflective material.

Quality of the hydrogenation tents on Mars

So, with the basic features covered, what is the quality of a grow tent?

Considering the price, I didn’t expect exceptional construction. As mentioned above, the structural beams are hollow, which makes the structure more vulnerable. The advantage of their cutout is a much lighter frame for easy mobility.

Zippers are by far the most common item in a grow tent, and they look sturdy. There are two sturdy zipper handles that can be opened from the bottom or top, depending on your preference.

Mars Hydro grows tent lightning.

The fabric of the tent is made of Mylar, which blocks all light and odor. This means that all the light produced by the crop is contained and any odours created in the tent can be dissipated through the tubes.

The plastic of the tent looks very cheap, but is also quite thick. I’m sure this tent will last several years with regular use.

The quality is generally good. That’s not surprising, but it’s good for the intended daily use of the tent. We open the zippers several times a day and they still look brand new.

Mars Hydro Tent – Is it worth it?

So, Mars Hydro is growing a tent that costs money? Priced at just over $100, this practical tent is well worth it. There are drawbacks, but I think the benefits outweigh the drawbacks. If you are looking for an entry level grow tent, the Mars Hydro is an excellent option.


  • Affordable
  • Versatile design with multiple outputs
  • Viewport
  • solid zippers


  • Hollow construction tubes
  • Plastic seems cheap.
  • Trusses should be stable and not hollow (carrying capacity for lanterns, fans, etc.).

My only complaint about this grow tent is the weakness of the cross bars for hanging lights and other accessories. They were no problem, but when you pull them, they bend easily. This does not inspire confidence in their validity.

If you are planning to grow multiple plants with just 1 or 2 bulbs, this grow tent will fit you perfectly! Just don’t overload it with heavy hanging objects.

Where to buy?

You can get the Mars Hydro 2×4′ tent on their website here. They have the best prices available and delivery is fast, discreet and free.

Other call options :

I hope this review of the Mars Hydro Grow Tent will help you decide how to set up your indoor garden. We are very happy with our grow tent and will continue to update it as we go along. Stay on task!


One of the original s! When Calvin isn’t gardening or learning about peppers and botany, he might be traveling to new places or making music.

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