A couple of weeks ago, I started craving something that made me think of my grandmothers. I wanted something sweet for my birthday, but I really didn’t want to go out buying a cake for this special day. So, I decided to make a birthday cake that was her favorite. I made this cake last week, and it turned out so yummy! I hope you enjoy it, too.

Do you know someone who is celebrating a birthday soon? Have you ever wanted to make a birthday cake for them but don’t really know where to start? If you answered yes to either of those questions, then this post is here to help. The Birthday Present Sandwich Cake was inspired by a cake I made for my friend a couple of years ago – which we had a lot of fun with. I used a simple birthday present to make it easy for my friend to place the cake on his birthday cake shelf.

Birthday party time is here, and you’re probably feeling a bit stressed out about what to get. But don’t fret—we’ve got the perfect recipe for you. This delicious cake recipe will help you make a cute and easy-to-serve birthday cake, that is perfect for kids! Let’s get started.. Read more about cookist recipes and let us know what you think.If you’ve always loved savory more than sweet, you’ll love this sandwich cake birthday gift! This is the perfect gift for anyone who loves salt. Now you can have your cake for lunch…. and eat it too! A sandwich pastry is a giant version of a traditional sandwich. Instead of a cake, there are layers of tramezzino bread, and instead of a sweet glaze, there is a creamy, salty spread with salmon, tuna, eggs and vegetables. This layered cake originates from Sweden and is known by several names: smorgastrata, voileivatort, voileipakku and brauoterta. Sandwich cake is always served cold, cut and served as a cake. From the outside it looks like a regular birthday cake, but when you open it up, you see all those delicious fillings. You get all kinds of textures from different ingredients, and this dish tastes great. word-image-11920

Tips for making the best layer cake

– A layer cake can be decorated beautifully, so be creative. Use salmon-colored roses to create the height of the cake, or even a layer of light-colored peas to add a green hue between layers. – To make the dish vegetarian, you can omit the tuna and salmon and add more vegetables. Make your cake more colorful by adding beets or peas to the cream cheese mixture. Blend cooked vegetables with cream cheese in a food processor to make a creamy, colorful spread. – Sand Pie A birthday present is wonderful in itself. It can also be served with a fresh garden salad or even a hearty soup. Because it is a fresh dish, it also goes well with grilled meat.

How to save a shortbread as a birthday present

A shortbread can be made in 24 hours. Store the cake in the refrigerator and decorate just before serving. This tiered cake is eaten the same day it is made. It is not suitable for freezing.

How to make a sand cake as a birthday present

word-image-11921 1. Position: Place two slices of tramezzino bread together, cover with a layer of cream cheese and arrange the smoked salmon on top. word-image-11922 Put a row of iceberg lettuce. word-image-11923 Place a layer of cream cheese slices on top. word-image-11924 2. Position: Mix 150 g cream cheese and tuna. word-image-11925 Sliced hard-boiled eggs. word-image-11926 Place two slices of tramezzino bread on the iceberg, cover the bread with the prepared cream cheese and tuna mixture. word-image-11927 Arrange the slices of hard-boiled eggs. word-image-11928 Rearrange the row of iceberg lettuce. word-image-11929 3. Position: Mix 150 g of fresh cheese with the olives cut into small rings. word-image-11930 Place two slices of tramezzino bread on top, spread with the cream cheese-olive mixture and top with another row of iceberg lettuce. word-image-11931 Top with two more slices of tramezzino bread. word-image-11932 Cover the entire crust with cream cheese. word-image-11933 Cut medium-sized slices of the carrot with a paring knife. word-image-11934 Make a gift bow from carrot strips. Spread the carrot strips with the cream cheese. Let the cake cool and enjoy its deliciously rich flavor.


Don’t leave out the cream cheese, as it creates a barrier between the bread and the wet ingredients, so the bread doesn’t get sticky.It’s time to give your girlfriend or wife the best birthday present ever: a homemade birthday cake! What better way to celebrate a birthday than with a cake decorated in the likeness of the birthday-giver’s favorite food? Why not create a cake that looks like a sandwich?. Read more about small vanilla cake recipe and let us know what you think.

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