Jay’s Peach Ghost Scorpion is a hybrid pepper produced by Jay Weaver of Pennsylvania. This pepper, commonly known as JPGS, is the result of crossing an ordinary ghost pepper with a Trinidad Scorpio.

The pepper looks angry, with a very crumpled texture and long curls at the end. Also unique is the colour, which goes from light green to peach. JPGS plants will certainly boost your garden!

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Jay Phantom Scorpion Pepper Pair of JPGS peppers.

About the Fisherman’s Ghost Scorpion Pepper

Scoville thermal units: ~1 000 000 SHU
diameter : 0.5 – 1.5 inch length
: 2 – 3.5 inch
color : View from the green to the peach
: Buy capsikum seeds from China: RareSeeds

This pepper variety was randomly crossed on the Meadow View farm in Pennsylvania. Paprika plants are easy to move with insects, so large paprika nurseries often have unusual varieties for years.

Who’s Jay?

Around 2010 Jay Weaver saw a strange looking pepper growing in a ghost field. He decided to save the seeds and stabilize the strain, which led to what is now Jay’s Peach’s Phantom Scorpion.

Jay Weaver is a humble superstar behind the infamous fishing spirit, the scorpion. Meadow View Farm is located in Bowers, Pennsylvania, where Bhut Jolokia was accidentally crossed with scorpion pepper.

Video with Jay!

Jay clearly has a passion for pepper and we appreciate his hard work. His family is really old-fashioned and has been growing pepperoni since 1994 or earlier!

The spirit of Jay The spirit of the paprika scorpion Scoville

Jay Scorpio’s Persian capsules are very sharp. They are about the same level as the standard Jolokia hat, the former world record holder for hot chillies.

Simply put: Jay’s Peach’s Phantom Scorpion has a Scoville value of approximately 1,000,000 SHU. This means that JPGS pepper is about 200 times hotter than jalapeno pepper.

Many capsules also have long piercing points at the ends, which is probably due to the genetics of the Trinidad Scorpio. It makes him angry.

Phantom Peach Pepper JPGS Pepper.

JPGS Paprika flavour

If you’re hot, JPGS pepper is delicious. Fruity and slightly floury, the unique taste is excellent in powder or homemade hot sauce.

The combination of Trinidadian Caribbean scorpion and phantom pepper gives JPGS a delicious taste profile. However, a burn can be detected quickly and the air is flooded with great heat.

This pepper comes from two types of chin, which have a certain similarity in taste. The plants are also tall and bushy, and in the case of Jay’s Peach Ghost Scorpion, very productive!

Other jays

Jay Weaver has also stabilized Jay’s Red Ghost Scorpion, a variant of the same cross. Paprika looks a lot like peach, but it’s bright red.

Jay has also released Lightning Habanero, a lesser-known breed. These are long, twisty habanero chillies, but not as bumpy as ghost scorpions.

James grew Blitzgabanero in five colors: Red, yellow, brown, mustard and peach! Unfortunately, the seeds are hard to find…

Ghost Jay Scorpio Pepper seed

Since Jay’s pepper has become popular, the seeds are easier to find. We received our JPGS seeds from Semillas.de, but they are also available on RareSeeds.

Super Hot Pepper Trinidad Moruga, Moruga chocolate, JPGS chili.

We love Jay’s Phantom Scorpion Pepper for his performance, warmth and good looks. We only wish that the official seed can be bought directly at the Meadow View farm!

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