Dustin Poirier, a professional MMA fighter, was born in Louisiana. So it’s not surprising that he chose the booming hot sauce sector. Working with the Heartbeat Hot Sauce Company of Canada, Mr. Poirier has developed a new sauce that reinterprets a classic Louisiana-style recipe.

In this article, we share our thoughts on Louisiana Poirier-style hot sauce. We look at flavor profile, texture, usage, and heat level. Let’s go!

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The heat: 1/5 – Easy to use for almost everyone.

The taste: 4.5/5 – Buffalo wing vibes, spicy vinegar, a hint of celery, YUM!

Value: 3/5 – A bit expensive, especially considering how easy it is to get through.

General Assessment : 4/5 – A surprisingly fresh classic recipe.

Pear treeResearch and taste of hot sauce

Suddenly I knew I was going to love this sauce. A classic old cayenne and a little celery, and I felt like I was in a bar enjoying a fresh plate of crispy buffalo wings.

I always like a short ingredient list, and this sauce has one. Only 7 natural ingredients give this sauce a vibrant and sparkling flavor. The spiciness is mild, but enough to excite the palate in just the right way.


  • Buffalo Sauce
  • Celery and garlic
  • Rich in flexibility

How to use it…

  • Do it on your wings.
  • Sandwiches or omelettes for breakfast
  • Mexican cuisine

Simple ingredients make happy. The contents of this sauce are reminiscent of Frank’s or Cholula, with an emphasis on aged hot peppers and vinegar.

However, this sauce differs from the classic Louisiana sauce with red habanero, celery and butter. The celery brings familiar flavors associated with buffalo wings, and the oil adds an addictive buttery finish.

If you’ve ever made your own buffalo sauce, you know that melted butter is the key ingredient. I think a little touch of canola oil gives the Poirier sauce an equally rich finish that Frank alone cannot give.

Pear skewer with spicy sauce classified

With the added cayenne and red habaneros, this sauce seems to have a little more spice than Frank’s classic RedHot. However, there are not many problems to solve.

Long story short: Louisiana style pear sauce sells for about 2,000 SHU on the Scoville scale. This puts this sauce on the same level as Frank’s or Tabasco sauces. Although the official ranking was not provided, this score is based on other hot sauces with similar ingredients.

With this sauce, you don’t have to worry about a thing. This is enough to give you a warm and tingly feeling in your mouth, but not enough to make you reach for the cold milk.

If you’re looking for a hot sauce, check out the hottest sauces we’ve tested here.

Consistency of hot pear sauce

This sauce is pretty thin, so you can spread it on anything. Generally, I prefer sauces that have a little more substance. But the one exception? Louisiana style sauces.

After decades of using Frank’s sauce, Tabasco, Cholula and many others, I developed a love for these diluted sauces. The intense, concentrated flavor splashes onto your food and instantly enhances the overall dining experience.

Squeeze bottle

A good Louisiana-style sauce goes with just about anything. This sauce is made to be used quickly in the Heartbeat squeeze bottle.

This may put off some hot sauce lovers, but make no mistake, this sauce is very old. You can easily see the stains of fresh ingredients floating in a light sauce.

If this sauce ended up in an open bottle, it would be too easy to throw away. Instead, there’s enough viscosity to stay in the bottle until you squeeze it, so you can easily adjust the fill level.

Dustin Poirier has made a name for himself in the MMA community and now among hot sauce fans. The Heartbeat sauce is an instant favorite here, and we highly recommend you try it!

Have you tried the Louisiana style pearwood hot sauce yet? Let us know what you think in the comments below!


One of the original ones! When Calvin is not gardening or learning about peppers and botany, he is traveling to new places or making music.

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