If you like the taste of Tikk Sauce masala, but want to give it a kick, you’ve found what you need in Hot Sauce Inner Beauty. The mustard base, the spices and the tropical taste will make your taste buds shine. But what is the purpose of this special sauce? And the warmth matches the exotic taste in the bottle? Let’s dig into the inner sauce of beauty and see what treasures it contains.

Total Flavours

The internal list of ingredients for the hot sauce is seriously full of good stuff and is what you would expect from a delicious Caribbean-style hot sauce: Mustard, brandy vinegar, whisky pepper, papaya juice, pineapple juice, sugar, orange juice, mango, vegetable oil, honey, molasses, spices.

Mustard, which forms the basis of Inner Beauty, is a white wine mustard because one of its ingredients is listed as Chardonnay. Yeah, of course, we can even put chardonnay in the sauce. Because mustard is the dominant ingredient, it is much tastier for connoisseurs than simple hot yellow mustard. And landed a little less than the brown mustard.

The mustard beats you immediately, followed by the sweet tropical taste of citrus and tropical fruits and the sweet bite of these scotches. Don’t be discouraged by the sound of the caps on the tape, because it certainly won’t hit you on the buttocks with some kind of warmth (and more on what follows). And Scottish hoods have a delicious Caribbean sweetness that always goes perfectly with tropical fruit.

And some more herbs. The vague ingredient here doesn’t taste like barrels. Of course turmeric is present, just like mustard, but there is so much more. All culinary experiences are exotic, as if you create a Caribbean dish by simply adding an inner beauty. It’s spicy, fragrant and doesn’t just focus on heat.

In terms of sodium, this sauce keeps things pretty lean – 15 mg per serving or 1% of your daily intake. It is nice to see that the good taste of this sauce is controlled by other strong herbs.

Heat balance

Scottish fume cupboards are in an ultra-high range, from 100,000 to 350,000 on the Scoville Scale. But inner beauty doesn’t come close to these heights at all.

The heat is moderate, it heats the tongue quickly and after a few bites it penetrates the back of the throat. It builds up over time, so it’s easier to check the number of spades you want to take out. Of course you use them more for the spicy flavor they bring on the table, so you have a heavier hand than with other spicy sauces. But in the acute danger zone, he won’t go too far.

Think fresh serrano/cayenne pepper somewhere. For that range we assume 15,000 to 35,000 SHU. For most people, this is certainly a very edible area.

Ease of use

Sauces based on mustard are hard. You won’t be looking for Inner Beauty as a sauce for your daily hot driver, but you’ll be surprised how far Inner Beauty will go with a few cooling experiments.

It goes very well with vegetables, chicken and steak. I also tried it as a salad mixer with my balm and I liked the combination. But I’m a mustard fan, so if you’re not a complete stranger to mustard (yes, I already said that), you might want to skip that sauce.

I also like tikka masala sauce, and it’s a spicy version for me. It’s a very complex taste, so much so that most dishes become something special. The herbs are strong and they have the ability to endure a dish with their own taste, but I do not find it completely overwhelming. Think of it as an application sauce. If you use it, it can’t be ignored.

This spout is for a bottle about an inch thick, so it’s a good indication that you’ll probably use a few tablespoons when you open the bottle.

Collection capacity

I love the Inner Beauty tiki vibe that stands out from the label. I feel like I’m getting a homemade Caribbean sauce. And since the sauce tastes really good, so do the glasses. This is a truly unique dining experience. It won’t be for everyone, but for lovers it’s definitely cool to talk about it in a collection.


Hot Sauce Inner Beauty – Caribbean style sauce – focuses mainly on spices and flavor. It is a mustard-based sauce, so the user-friendliness is somewhat limited. But the style and perfume contribute to the freshness of the collection. (Amazon)

General Taste 4.5
Heat balance 4
Usability 3
Possibility of registration 4.5
X Factor 4

On a scale of 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest).

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