The artisanal hot sauce industry is booming. We owe it to shows like Hot and all the emergency calls. The result is thousands of new hot sauces. Today we are going to talk about some of the best (and spiciest) Carolina Reaper hot sauces you need to know.

First of all, a pepper talk behind all those sauces. Caroline’s reaper. The official king of chilli, the Grim Reaper, is now recognized as the world’s hottest chilli. There are arguments for that, but chili is always very hot.

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This means that any hot sauce producer who wants to brag about having super hot sauce should have sauce with Carolina Reapers on their list of ingredients. So there are tons of mower sauces to choose from.

Some have weird names that refer to the Grim Reaper, others are finer. But they all have one thing in common: They’re hot.

Carolina Reeper Hot Sauce:

Hot: Designer

It’s hot: 10/10
Taste : Pepper, hot, rich
Price: $$$$.

Constrictor Hot Ones Sauce.

Hot Ones has teamed up with Ed Kerry of Puckerbutt Pepper Co. to make one of the strangest hot sauces we’ve ever tasted. Constrictor is just Carolina Riper’s pepper and vinegar.

There is also a product called Caroline Riper pepper distillate, which we assume is just a strange name for a natural extract. Curiously, the hetonist describes this substance as more beneficial to the blood. Anyway, this sauce is a big hit.

Each bottle should contain about 36 Carolina Reaper peppers, the heat being equalized using diagrams. Even a small drop of this sauce will send you into a world of pain.

Constrictor was also presented as the hottest sauce in the first season of the Hot Ones the Game Show. The reaction of the participants was not overwhelming.

All new Last Dab Apollo have the same recipe as The Constrictor, but with Ed Curries Apollo pepper instead of Reapers. We’ve tried both, and the compressor’s hotter.

Beware of the heat, but also the price. Right now you can get $30 for this sauce for just 5 ounces. Although fresh, it’s also the hottest natural sauce we’ve ever tasted.

Dragon blood Elixir: Don’t be afraid of the mower

It’s hot: 8/10
flavor: Poivré, sucré, piquant
Prix : $$

No fear of the Grim Reaper - hot sauce from the Grim Reaper Caroline.

Simplicity. This word comes to mind when you try this spicy Carolina Reaper sauce from Dragon’s Blood Elixir. The heat is high, but the amount of ingredients is low. Just harvesters, apple syrup and vinegar.

If you are looking for the Faucheuse hot sauce, which gives you a good impression of the taste of pepper, this is your sauce. Unfortunately, this sauce is usually exhausted with a limited amount of fresh local ingredients.

Fortunately, Dragon’s Blood offers a wide range of other hot sauces, including many super hot chillies. One of our favourites is the wild elephant deterrent sauce with a spicy sauce.

Instead of Not Fear the Reaper there is another limited edition with a super hot sauce. Look at another one that’s very similar. Here we are crying again.

Last draw: Caroline Reaper number

It’s hot: 9/10
flavor: Cumin, Indian cuisine, pepper
Price: $$$$.

During the years of Hot Ones, The Last Dab went through several iterations. With the exception of the latest edition of Apollo, there is none sharper than the Carolina Grim Reaper.

Unfortunately, this sauce is no longer produced and has become expensive on the secondary market. Instead, all Puckerbutt collaborations now use the mysterious Pepper X and Apollo species instead of Reapers.

This version of The Last Dab is delicious and spicy, while the new edition takes up most of the flavour. We are grateful to have an open bottle in the fridge at the right time.

Sliced Reaper peppers are mixed with spicy cumin, fresh ginger and dry mustard to create a truly unique flavour. Fortunately, these sauces last a long time (unless you’re a chili). But we will have our bottles of various final samples for many years to come!

Bring the current Last Dab Triple X sauce.

Look at our assessment of the last smear.

Heat Hunt: Pineango

It’s hot: 7/10
flavor: Fruit, sweet, exciting
Price: $$$$.

Johnny Scoville pinango hot sauce

That sauce was a total surprise. I often enjoy watching Johnny Scovill eat a ridiculous amount of super hot fresh chillies on his YouTube channel. Eventually he published his first signed hot sauce: Pineango.

This sauce tastes very sweet, almost like liquid candy. But all the ingredients are natural. For example, mangos and pineapples, lime juice, Vidalius onions and yes, Caroline Ripers.

In fact, the harvesters are the only source of heat in this sauce, simply by adding an ingredient to everyone’s taste profile. The chili is the nine. Ingredient of the sauce that makes it possible to obtain medium to high temperatures.

I liked that sauce, but if you don’t like sweet sauces, it won’t be good. Lovers of hot sauce even say they do well with ice cream. We didn’t get a chance to try, but our bottle didn’t last long.

We just want this sauce to be available from Amazon or with free shipping. Anyway, we’ll be back for more Pineango Johnny and, hopefully, his two. KTG sauce.

Read our full presentation of Pineango here.

Phakelonos sauce: The mower of evil

It’s hot: 8/10
flavor: Black pepper, garlic, super hot pepper Price: $$$ Black pepper, garlic, super hot pepper Price: $$$ Black pepper, garlic, super hot pepper 0A10

The torchbearer produces some of the most unique hot sauces, both in taste and decoration. Reaper Evil is one of their hottest sauces. If the first ingredient is a reaper, you know it’s serious.

The sauce is spicier than sweet, with garlic, onions and black pepper as the main seasoning. It is an excellent addition to meat or rice dishes.

If you are looking for something spicy, respectable and (in our opinion) tasty, try the Zombie torchbearer Apocalypse here. That’s one of Kristleen’s favorites!

Gourmet lake fire – Cutting sauce

It’s hot: 7/10
flavor: Barbecue, Sweet, Mild
Price: $$

SeaFire Gourmet Reaper Hot Sauce

All Carolina Reaper hot sauces don’t have to be too spicy. SeaFire Gourmet Reaper Sauce is quite spicy and tastes great.

Think of the sweet and spicy barbecue sauce and you have an idea of what it tastes like. The rich, thick sauce is poured almost like honey and is full of paprika slices.

It immediately became a favourite in our house, perfect for chicken or something else on the grill.

Hellfire – Fear this.

It’s hot: 10/10
Taste : Pepperoni, called
Price: $$$.

Save the worst burn for last. Hellfire makes very spicy sauces, and fear is no exception. Full of the world’s hottest peppers, this sauce wasn’t too scary to taste.

Take this if you want something complicated. Dried tomatoes, tomato, curry powder, black pepper, lime juice, ginger and others. He had good taste, but they seemed to exaggerate. He was stocky, but too spicy for our taste.

Watch us on our YouTube channel and try to be scared.

Have you found the right Carolina Reaper hot sauce for your needs? This is by no means an exhaustive list of all available sauces. However, these are some of my favorites.

I’ll keep this list over time and if we try other Carolina Reaper sauces. Don’t forget to let me know what your favorite corn sauces are so we can find new ones to try.

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