Summer is a great time to find low-carb deals on burgers. Whether you’re in the market for a meatball burger, beef burger, turkey burger, or even cheese burger, this list has you covered. Since the keto diet is all about eating with little-to-no carbs, low-carb burgers are a great option for vegetarians.

Did you know that many of the most popular fast food restaurants offer keto-friendly items? Over the past several years, keto products have become widespread, and many restaurant chains have added them to their menus. On the keto diet, you consume a lot of fat, and fats are typically higher in the foods you eat. While it is possible to eat a keto diet without a lot of fast food restaurants, there are still some options that allow you to enjoy high-fat foods.

I love juicy keto burgers!

If you love burgers, check out these restaurants that offer free and cheap keto burger deals just by signing up for their email club, downloading their mobile app, or celebrating an anniversary (a purchase may be required)! We’ve also included some handy tips on how to order a keto burger at any restaurant!

Sign up for the Back Yard Burgers e-newsletter and be the first to know about new menus and the latest offers. Plus, you’ll receive a free Back Yard Classic Burger with every purchase just for signing up! Find a Back Yard Burgers restaurant near you.

How to order the Back Yard Keto Burger

I’ll have the Back Yard Classic Burger, please, no ketchup and no bun.

Go to and join MyCulver’s (or convert your eClub account to a MyCulver’s account) to potentially receive a coupon for a free value-added shopping cart with the purchase of a value-added shopping cart. The Value Basket includes a butter burger or other favorite, a classic side dish and a plain drink!

By signing up for MyCulver’s, you’ll also receive special offers, coupons, new menu information, and news from your local Culver’s restaurant! Find a Culver’s store near you.

An idea of how to order your Culver’s Value basket:

I’ll have the burger with cheddar and bacon, extra lettuce and no bun, please. I want to switch to a salad with a side dish of my choice without breadcrumbs and a diet drink.

You want a barbecue? Famous Dave’s will give you a free burger or sandwich (with a side dish) if you download their rewards app or sign up for their email club and fill out your profile (cost up to $12).

On your birthday you can also choose a free dish from the delicious menu! This offer varies from place to place, so you can call to find out what the offer entails. At participating branches, the offer is available in the week before and the week after your birthday. Find a Famous Dave’s restaurant near you.

How to order your Keto Burger at Famous Dave’s

I’ll have Dave’s favorite burger, sans bun and Rich & Sassy sauce. I use fresh steamed broccoli as a side dish.

Celebrating your birthday? If you sign up for CharClub, you’ll get an offer for a free cheeseburger on your birthday! The free burger offer arrives in your inbox a week before your birthday and is valid for one month. This offer is valid in AZ, CA, FL, ID, MD, NJ, NV, PA, UT, VA and WA. Find your nearest Habit Burger Grill location here.

How to order the Habit Grill Keto Burger

When you sign up for Rocket E-Club, you’ll get a free burger with the purchase of a meal and a drink or cocktail – just show the coupon you receive in your inbox. You will also be the first to know about local offers, temporary promotions and social events. Find the nearest Johnny Rockets restaurant.

An idea to order Johnny Rockets keto burgers

I would like a bacon cheddar burger with extra lettuce, no special sauce and no bun, please.

Celebrating your birthday? Red Robin will serve you a free burger with a salad to celebrate your big day! This free burger can be used on any day of ANY month of your birthday!

Plus, if you join the Red Robin Royalty program, you’ll get additional benefits, like $20 off your 6th purchase. Visit (within first 5 weeks of membership), discounts for military personnel, every 10 visits. Free items, a free burger with every purchase at the Gourmet Burger Bar, and other exclusive surprises! That’s a lot of free hamburgers. Find your nearest Red Robin store here.

An idea of how to order your Red Robin Keto Burger

I’ll have the pepper and smoke burger without the pepper and smoke ketchup and brioche bun, please. I’ll have a salad with it.

If you’re celebrating a birthday, you can get a free burger or Garden Bar menu (value up to $11) just by joining Ruby Tuesday’s SoConnected Club! You can enjoy this free service 5 days before and 9 days after your birthday! Find a Ruby Tuesday restaurant near you.

How to Order Ruby Tuesday Keto Burgers

I’d like a classic cheeseburger with no ketchup and no bun, and a salad instead of fries.

Sign up for SmashClub or via the free Smashburger app (iOS or Android) and receive a coupon for a free Smashburger meal (up to a $7.79 value) with the purchase of a side dish and a drink. If you register online, you will see your offer in the drop-down menu shortly after you register. Once you’ve signed in through the app, click Redeem Offers to see the coupon.

In addition, Rewards members receive a free birthday supplement or shake and numerous other offers throughout the year. Good. Find a Smashburger store in your area.

How to order your Keto Smashburger

I would like a buffalo burger with blue cheese, no ketchup, and no egg roll.

Join the Steak ‘n Shake e-Club and receive a free Original Double ‘n Cheese steakburger and fries with every purchase, just for signing up! Find a Steak ‘n Shake restaurant in your area.

How to order your Steak ‘n Shake Keto Burger

I want the original double cheese steak burger with no ketchup, no sauce and no bun, please. I would love to replace the fries with a garden salad without dressing (for an additional charge).

Thigh tip: If you’re a fan of other burger restaurants not listed above, sign up for their email club or download their app to see if they have any exclusive deals!

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